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    Proud Pakistan!

    Yesterday I was reading some quotes in paki milltary site and really made me feel proud.
    Here is a copy of the quotes.

    Man for man, unit for unit, Pakistan’s smaller Army is at a higher standard of training than the Indian Army. The present Indian intention was to scatter Pakistan’s smaller Army by making several other thrusts apart from the main fighting area in the Lahore sector. The intense air activity had prevented the mass movement of Indian troops by air.

    Report of B.B.C. commentary
    By Charles Douglas Home
    September 10, 1965

    The Pakistan-India conflict, in the Pentagon’s early assessment, pits tighter discipline, a higher morale, better training, and some superior
    equipment among the Pakistanis against considerably larger Indian
    land, air and sea forces.

    Washington sources see Pakistan aiming to humiliate Indian in a
    hsort conflict. They judge India as depending on its Juggernaut to
    crush the Pakistanis under sheer military weight…

    Armou #8B001A strength between the two forces is about equal but
    the Pakistani tanks are more modern…

    Christian Science Monitor
    September 10, 1965

    Pakistan has a somewhat more homogeneous army with less ethnic
    and religious frictions. Its soldiers have a high reputation for will to
    fight; and in Mohammad Ayub Khan, the head of state and
    Sandhurst-trained professional soldier, the army has always had a
    sympathetic supporter.

    The ‘New York Times’, Paris
    September 10, 1965

    "We fought for you last time," several Pakistanis told me, referring to
    their wartime service under British command. "But this time it is our
    war and we shall fight it to the finish…"

    Joe McGrown Jr.
    Washington Post
    September 10, 1965

    Nehru wasn’t worried much about aggression when India took Goa.
    But Shastri has plenty to worry about now, because he is facing penal
    and disciplinary action by one of the toughest and best trained armies
    in the world, excellently led, highly organized and totally dedicated.
    For himself he has a motley, disorganized, low-morale force of four
    time as many men as Pakistan, but they can’t or won’t fight. They
    only beg.

    The first Indian regiment that found itself face to face with the
    Pakistanis didn’t get clobbe #8B001A. They just turned and ran,
    leaving all of their equipment, artillery supplies and even extra
    clothing and supplies behind.

    The Pakistan military hardware, including tanks, planes, and
    ground-warfare equipment of every kind is far superior to that of
    Indians, and one long time expert of the Indian-Pakistan picture told
    me this afternoon that in his military opinion, there is little doubt but
    that the Pakistanis will lick the Indians in the long run, despite the
    fact that the Indian army outnumbers the Pakistan army four to one.

    This expert said, however, that there is great disparity between the
    quality of the two armies, not to mention the disparity in equipment.
    The Indian soldier is soft while the Pakistan soldier is tough and
    determined. The Indian leadership is vacillating and uncertain, while
    the Pakistan leadership is well trained, highly talented and decisive …

    The Indian air force is somewhat larger than the Pakistan Air Force in
    numbers of planes, but there is no organizational pattern to the way
    they have been acqui #8B001A or to what is on hand. It is a weird
    conglomeration of all sorts and conditions of aircraft from a variety of
    countries, even including France and the maintenance problem is
    staggering, even if adequate maintenance personnel were available.
    It means a vast stocking of replacement parts, because the different
    for virtually ever type of plane they have, while the Pakistan Air Force
    has been intelligent enough to standardize to a very high degree, and
    thus #8B001Auce their maintenance problem to a minimum. And this
    is vitally important as any war proceeds beyond the very first

    Furthermore, it began to develop today that the Indian claims of
    having shot down large numbers of Pakistan Air Force planes in the
    first days of conflict were highly exaggerated, and that the Pal losses
    have been virtually nil in this line.

    The Indian claims, frankly, were highly suspicious from the beginning
    because they are notably poor airmen and their equipment is
    antiquated and not at all a match for the modern jet equipment of the
    Pakistan Air Force. It just didn’t hold water to anyone who knew the
    details of the Indian air inventory as against the Pakistan air
    inventory, that any such victories could have been achieved by the

    ‘Top of the News’, Washington,
    September 6-10, 1965

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    "These muslims of Pakistan are natural fighters and they ask for no quarter and
    they give none. In any war, such as the one going on between India and Pakistan
    right now, the propoganda claims on either side are likely to be startling. But if I
    have to take bet today, my money would be on the Pakistan side."

    "The first Indian regiment that found itself face to face with pakistanis didn't get clobbered," said a report in Washington DC, America. "They just turned and ran, leving all of their equipment, artillery supplies and even extra clothing and supplies behind".

    I have been a journalist now for twenty years, 'reported American roadcasting Corporation's Roy Maloni, "and want to go on record that I have never seen a more confident and victoroius group of soldiers than thosefighting for Pakistan, right now.


      Gen. Ayub Khan, though professional, made the biggggest mistake; He signed the cease fire agreement. I think that was the biggest mistake. One of my teacher was a major in the army during 1965. He said that when we heard that cease fire has taken place, all the soldiers literally started crying. If there was not cease fire then "Na rahta baans aur na bajtey bansuri."
      The teacher used to show us a picture that came in the New york times during 1965 war that showed Pakistani soldiers entering a city in occupied Kashmir after getting rid of Indian soldiers from there. It was really cool.

      unity, faith, discipline
      Pakistan Zindabad


        Garam Masale,
        I better say this quickly (soon the indians will barge in here ).
        The one thoughtful lesson to be learnt from your post is to ask 'Is paksitan proud of us today???' What I mean to say is that"would our generation do pakistan proud as well??"
        Obviously this doesn't have to be in battlefield only but should reflect form our achievemnets in other fields and also our behaviour in daily lives.

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          I have read a few war analysis by third parties....
          Both Indian and pakistani armies had isolated instances of utter humuliation , and outstanding bravery.
          This account is that of indian army 35 yrs back...It was inefficient, and loosely organized then .The processs of restructuring that had begin after the 1962 war with china was still in embryonic stage. This however changed in 1971 when pakistan army along with huge political blunders , committed some equally big military ones..
          Indian army of today is much better equipped then before.They have two pretty efficient mechanized divisions that can penetrate and divide ( we have no depth, at places border is only 200 miles apart)us quickly. Air force and navy has similar stories.
          Its only a matter of economy...indians can afford teh technology which in recent years we havnt been able to..
          Thank you man.....What have we done to make us prod pakistanis...Nothing...
          Our students are not studying , our writers are not writing...
          This post can be a wakeup call for us , as it tells us how we have plunged over the years.

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