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Pakistani women pay for male 'honor '- Washington postng

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    Pakistani women pay for male 'honor '- Washington postng

    An article about honor killing.

    The article outlines the inhumane treatment meted out to Pakistani women by the men in their lives. The society they live in has so far refuse to protect women aganist this horrific crime and consider it women's fault if they are maimed or murdered by their husbands or other male relatives. In support of this statement read an excerpt from the article:

    Zahida Perveen's husband, a 40-year-old barber named Mahmoud Iqbal, does not deny that he carved up her face with his razor on the night of Dec. 28, 1998. His defense is based on the Islamic legal concept of ghairat, or uncontrollable actions in the face of extreme provocation in this case, suspicion that his wife was being unfaithful. He took no action against the brother-in-law with whom she was thought to be involved.

    "I did these things, but I was going out of my senses," said the stocky bearded man, shackled to a policeman with thick iron chains, as he stood on a balcony outside the Gujar Khan courtroom, about 20 miles from Rawalpindi, awaiting an evidence hearing in the case. "She was provoking me and ruining my life. What I did was wrong, but I am satisfied. I did it for my honor and prestige."

    As Iqbal was taken to a police wagon after the hearing, several male relatives and acquaintances approached and shook his manacled hand. Later, when journalists showed his wife's photographs to a group of middle-class men in Islamabad, several of them commented that she "must have deserved it" and that her husband "did what a man has to do."


    It seems that men who commit this kind of crimes are very insecure and desperate are trying to be somebody by controlling and killing women (weak section of the society).

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    [This message has been edited by Rani (edited May 09, 2000).]

    Islamic legal concept of ghairat, or uncontrollable actions in the face of extreme provocation

    Ghairat is an islamic legal concept?
    I did not know that
    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


      It doesn't take away from the fact that lot of women are being maimed and killed with no or very little consequence to the killer. Male dominated society sides with the culprit and blames women for their suffering.



        Whats wrong is wrong. These so called honour killings need to end and the government should see to it. But the sentence I argued with is incorrect and I wanted to point out the inaccuracy with that statement.

        The sentence being incorrect does not change the fact that this crime is widespread and even accepted by many people. Practices like these have gone on in most male dominated societies and flimsy reasons are always given and when all else fails some drummed up religous inference is made which is just a manner of justifying this act.

        The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


          It is terrible that such things happen, and it happens more too often. Part of the blame lies on ignorance and partly it is our male chauvinistic culture. In more cases than in not, it is the psychotic mindset of the culprit where the blame lies, and not entirely on our culture or faith. I think it is pretty obvious (to me at least) that this guy (Iqbal) suffers from Depression and Mental disorder. The society at large (mainly externalities) try to make situation worse than it is by blaming cultures for such atrocities and horrific crimes. Middle Class men in Islamabad are also an example of such an inward looking penchant.

          If I were a Lawyer, I will defend this culprit/murderer for him being insane and incapable of making choices. Killing people is not a matter of choice. One more thing is pretty obvious from these atrocities against women that all Culprits want to cover their sickness by taking a cover under Religion and Culture. How ironic. How often have you heard a 5 time prayer average Pakistani commit such an act? It mostly happens in communities with little literacy rates, and lack of education. Not to say that education is the answer, but there is an emphatic relation.


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              So what? at least the man is gonna go to jail and get executed. In jordan and other arab nations, if a man rapes a woman, the woman gets killed by her family, and the man goes free. At least in Pakistan the man doesn't go free.



                Thanks for trivializing and trying to deflect attention from such a serious subject. Needless to say I don't find your comments funny.


                  Funny ????????????????

                  whut you say funnny

                  oh ****ty(read it as shweety) ,oops I am saary, but this is not funny , it is tooru
                  0.100 % tooru

                  I love india, I love india more than every thing in the world, and want to make India as pak as my belove Pakistan,

                  Every body now with me say:

                  PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

                  serious subject duhhhhh

                  O BB, go back to your country, and find out how many cases like these are happining in a second,

                  btw, you are waisting your cheap time, and poor energy, by telling all of these.
                  Nothing gonna happen

                  btw, one more thing what is your comments, about cycle Rickshaw, in which people sits, and a poor man man pulls it, is that not against humanity, like millions of other thing happening in your beloved Kuuntry???


                    I am sure it was better than throwing a women in fire or burying her alive. I don't know, some peoples have their lives deticated to find stuff against Islam.
                    I am agree with Fraud., Now we have a new termnology ISLAMI GHAIRAT. How will we describe the same thing if happened in USA, christian GHAIRAT, or happened in India, Hindu GHAIRAT, or these things only happens with Muslims men or Women, Or this only exist in Islam.

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                      I have no problem in exposing ills of India. Indian women are fighting and have been fighting for their rights for a long time but I can assure we have come long -(under Indian law and constitution men and women are treated equally) although we have long way to go.

                      The question is not how Indians are treating their women it is - Is it okay to treat any human being in a manner described in the article? You should trying to change such inhumane treatment meted out to women instead of blaming others.

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                        Rani,you shallow behaviour is evident from the fact that you are trying to make a spectacle of this sad situation. Needless to say that India still leads the entire world in rampant abuses against women. Country where class system still prevails. Don't be so concerned about what's going on in Pakistan. Fix your own country's problems first.

                        Honour killing is a curse menacing through Pakistani society. We all agree, and I have posted some suggestions how these evil practices can be curbed.

                        NYA is dead right, these problem occur due to
                        a high illiracy rate.



                          the wordls "islamic concept of ghairat" are not Rani's but the newspapers. So we agree that the statement is incorrect.

                          But lets focus on the problem and not the way that it is presented in by this newspaper. Whether this is done in other countries or not dos not change the fact that it is wrong and should be stopped wherever it is practiced. whether it is Pakistan, India, China, Middle East or
                          the west.
                          The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                            Originally posted by Rani:
                            Indian women are fighting and have been fighting.........

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                              >>you shallow behaviour is evident from the fact that you are trying to make a spectacle of this sad situation<<

                              Has it occured to you that in this age of mass media and media scrutiny it is very hard to hide anything good or bad. If you have problem with the news you can write to Washington Post. If I were you I would put my energies in improving the situation rather then pointing figer at others. I am glad somebody is speaking for the victims