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Pakistan - The world's first failed nuclear state.

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    Pakistan - The world's first failed nuclear state.

    Here's an article by Mansoor Ijaz on Pakistan in International Herald Tribune on why Pakistan is a Failed State. Interesting reading.

    Paris, Thursday, May 4, 2000
    Stop Pakistan's Fall Into Nuclear-Armed Failure

    By Mansoor Ijaz International Herald Tribune
    NEW YORK - Pakistan is on the way to becoming the world's first failed nuclear state. On Saturday the ruling military junta postponed a crackdown on a multibillion-dollar illegal economy. Halting planned raids against illicit consumer goods warehouses, arms depots, heroin laboratories and the smuggling that enables billions in black trade to flow was the strongest sign yet that Islamabad's generals cannot take on the region's gangsters without risking civil war.

    This was sad news for a largely uneducated and malnourished population of 140 million, many of whom had put their final hope in a den of military thieves to right the country's many wrongs after last October's coup.

    Rather than take a hard line on tough issues to clean up Pakistan's mess, the junta feigns democratic attitudes to impress skeptical world capitals in order to secure long-term financial credits and mollify human rights critics. This elaborate ruse was designed to buy time. But Pakistan's lawlessness now has no state organ willing to combat it.

    General Pervez Musharraf, the junta's chief, is not a visionary but a bureaucratic front man. His colleague General Mohammed Aziz, the architect and commander of last year's Kashmir invasion and the operations commander during the October coup, is an Islamic hard-liner who sees little point in reining in an illegal economy that fuels his war against India.

    Corps commanders in Quetta and Peshawar, front-line cities along the Afghan border, have vested local interests that go far beyond any gains to be made from eradicating crime.

    The gangster clans that run frontier Pakistan are tightly knit and all but untouchable; laws of civilized society don't apply. Sharia laws already supersede Pakistan's battered constitution in remote northern villages.

    Warning signs of the international community's frustrations increased this week when the U.S. State Department classified nonindigenous Kashmiri separatism as terrorism, creating a link between official Pakistani military support for the ''freedom fighters'' and officially sanctioned safe harbor for terrorists.

    Crucial IMF support for Pakistan, on hold since the October coup, looked even more uncertain after Islamabad admitted last week that civilian governments had misstated important financial data to receive taxpayer-funded IMF loans. The picture of chaos and disarray emerging from an all-powerful military government that took over to set things right is deeply unsettling.

    Afghanistan's opium production to finance warfare throughout the region, coupled with Pakistan's willingness to look the other way for the right-sized bribe while arms are smuggled in to train imported religious zealots, are signs of the military junta's complicity, complacency and abandonment of international norms in running Pakistan.

    General Musharraf and his cronies need a rude wake-up call. He must tell his Islamist military colleagues in Quetta and Peshawar that Pakistan no longer can be complicit in the transport of arms, drugs or other goods that sustain the Taleban's damaging influence throughout Central Asia. He should fire the generals if they do not comply.

    The IMF should withhold loans until the promised crackdown on illegal trade is complete. No foreign taxpayer should be asked to fund a country committed to breeding forces of destruction, and then have to tolerate Pakistan's lies about where the money went.

    General Musharraf must take on Pakistan's drug czars by destroying their heroin labs. In a country now presumed to harbor the largest population of heroin addicts in the world, he has no reason to allow this segment of his black market economy to function one minute longer.

    And he must dismember Pakistan's radical groups. He hurts the cause of Kashmir by letting the world label its liberators as terrorists. Indian terrorism is no excuse for Pakistani terrorism.

    He should use the army's force to shut down the country's 4,000 or so radicalized religious schools where the roots of extremist behavior are set. This network should be replaced with normal schools that educate normal children.

    I am prepared to contribute substantially from my personal fortune and bring my friends in American government alongside the effort to create an endowment dedicated to stopping the spread of radicalism in Pakistan.

    The descent of Pakistan into the abyss of pariah status may be irreversible - unless General Musharraf finds the courage to stare down the bandits who have stolen the country's future.

    The writer, chairman of a New York investment bank and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, contributed this comment to the International Herald Tribune.

    Same old hogwosh - biased, and not reflective of the actual situation in Pakistan. The crackdown on smugglers has not bee delayed, in fact the government has come to an agreement with the smugglers, and is fine tuning the points at the moment.

    This government is not scared at all of smugglers or religious schools - in the absence of a democratic mandate it is seeking a broad consensus of the people. It is very interesting that this writer managed to connect the smuggling crackdown with religious schools, and the nuclear issue??

    It seems that carrying out worthy policies like cracking down on smuggling, improving human rights and freeing the press is seen as a threat by foreign detractors, because then, they (the detractors) would not have an excuse to condemn this government. 53 years of mismanagement is supposed to be corrected in seven months?? Patience my friends thats what we need - which I think the Pakistani people have, but the foreign doomsayers don't??

    Pity really because the more people like this living plush lives in D.C. criticise the Musharraf government, THE MORE I BELIEVE WE HAVE THE PERFECT PEOPLE IN POWER.


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      Hello Mansoor,

      I have talked to the CE about your concerns about nuclear Pakistan, a failing state. The CE said, there are millions of column writers who write everyday about Pakistan forgetting to take care of their own asses. Its pretty confusing to whom the CE should listen, so much life he doesn't have.

      Your prophecy among others about the civil war in Pakistan is amazing. So many people before you have said, but it hasn't happened yet. I'm still waiting for it! I was wondering why a crackdown against smugglers/traders should take place when the things can be solved peacefully through negotiations. I don't think a government is justified to take people's means of income away without providing them alternatives.

      'military thieves'...for this I think you should come to Pakistan, gather facts about military theft and present them in a court, if its possible. Merely writing accusations in a column is misuse of keyboard and your thoughts.

      Army teray baap ki noukar nahi hai...kay politicians pluck the fruits and army cleans the mess they create everytime again and again.

      Gen Aziz an islamic hardliner? What else he should be then in a country like Pakistan. A communist hardliner...LOL

      Do you have proofs that corps commanders of Quetta and Peshawar are engaged in black economy or you simply have vivid imaginations...why don't you come to Pakistan and prove that they are wrong.

      If the US labels Kashmiri freedom fighters as terrorists, thats their opinion and state of mind. Fine! We do what we have to do. We are different folk and not americans. Comprendo?

      Its ever perplexing to me that why we need loans from IMF, WB or some other financiers when we can do ourself. Under all conditions and circumstances, I can prove to any bank on planet earth that I don't need loans. Yes, yes...I'm extremely sure and I have done it so often.

      Dismember and ban radical groups and schools as you call them. I thought you were living a country where freedom of speech is unhindered.Hmmmmmm, its pretty funny...teaching us. Have you ever heard of neo-nazi and militia groups in Americas. Why don't you first correct yourself before advising others. Dumbo!

      Finally, I'd advise you to keep your personal fortune with you for your own bad times because the cookie of glorie doesn't last long. And keep your American government friends with you too because we already have much unemployment. Oh ya...another and your friends can go to Siberia because there is a lots of demand of genuises like you and your cronies. LOL

      Writer of this post is an Awaragard!


        Hmmmm the name of North Korea comes to mind
        The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


          Welcome back Atif Khan