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US admonishes Pakistan on terrorism

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    US admonishes Pakistan on terrorism

    Looks like Pakistan will be put on the list of countires that sponor terrorism.
    US Report Admonishes Pakistan on Terror

    WASHINGTON :A State Department report on terrorist activities worldwide urges Pakistan to curb armed groups fighting India for control of the disputed territory of Kashmir.

    The admonition is contained in the department's annual report on terrorism, due to be released Monday.

    While Pakistan is not on the list of countries that sponsor terrorism, a State Department official said the report notes that Pakistan is being watched. ``They need to do better,'' said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. Pakistan and Afghanistan are accused of providing safe havens and support to international terrorist groups.

    The world faces greater threats from ''loose networks'' of Pakistani and Afghan groups and individuals motivated more by religion and ideology than by politics and financed increasingly by drug trafficking, crime and illegal trade.

    The New York Times, saying it had obtained the full 107-page report, reported in Sunday editions that in addition to Pakistan, the latest report is especially critical of Afghanistan for providing safe haven and support to international terrorist groups.

    The congressionally mandated report, issued each spring, largely mirrors the comments on Pakistan made by President Clinton when he visited that country on March 25.

    Clinton pressed Gen. Pervez Musharraf, the Pakistani leader, to ease tensions with India and restrain Islamic militants from moving across a cease-fire that divides Kashmir between the two countries.

    Clinton said Pakistan must ``create conditions that will allow dialogue to succeed'' in resolving the Kashmir dispute, which nearly sparked a war between the two South Asian rivals last summer.

    The Times said the report cites Afghanistan as a ``major terrorist threat'' by, among other things, continuing to shelter the Saudi exile Osama bin Laden, who is wanted in the 1998 bombings of two U.S. embassies in Africa.

    Overall, it said, the report concludes that the threat of terrorism now comes less from state-sponsored attacks than from ``loose networks'' of groups and individuals motivated more by religion or ideology by politics and financed increasingly by drug trafficking, crime and illegal trade.

    The Times said the report also notes that the weapons of choice are moving away from car and truck bombs and other explosives and more toward biological, nuclear, chemical and other ``weapons of mass destruction,'' as well as ``cyber-terrorism.''

    So what - this issue has been discussed on and off for 10 years in Pakistan, and most Pakistani's don't give a damn anymore - and I don't think the government of Pakistan gives a damn anymore.

    Iran, Libya and Syria are on this state department list of terrorist-supporting countries, but it has not stopped the USA talking to these countries - was it not Clinton who met Assad of Syria last month in Geneva?? Was it not alleged that Libya blew up the Pan-Am airliner over Scotland in 1989 - but now the USA is talking to this 'international terrorist state', and lets not forget how Iran kept the danda up America's ass for 20 years, but now America is apologising for its previous interference in Iran's affairs???

    The government in Pakistan in the last seven months has started to tackle the issues that most affect the Pakistani people - getting rid of arms, tackling smuggling, improving the tax-base, improving human rights, reforming the bureaucracy, documenting the economy, building national confidence and cohesion by giving the samller units more representation etc etc etc . This government has started on an impressive array of programs in such a short time, AND IT REFUSES TO BE DISTRACTED BY FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS DEMANDING ELECTION DEADLINES, SIGNATURES TO TREATIES (THAT EVEN CERTAIN GOVERNMNENTS HAVE NOT RATIFIED), CRACKDOWN ON SO-CALLED 'TERRORIST OUTFITS'.!!


      If what you are saying about Pakistan government trying to curb internal terrorism is correct, its admirable....but I have my doubts.
      It takes a degree of intellectual sophistication , to understand and accept the policies that made pakistan teh wreck it is today. we have double standards in our understanding of terrorism , any thing that we do is jehad , anything that nayone else does is terorism...
      There is no denying the fact that pakistan is a safe haven for terrorist groups...Which is bad in itself, but on top of that , we dont even understand it as teh failure of law and order, instead we have rationalized these groups as Jehadi's....And not just small groups , we reflected terrorism as a legitimate recourse by doing what we did in Kargil...
      If an innocent( unarmed man / woman , children or older folks)die , its not jihad..plain and simple.....


        kmailik wrote:
        >> So what - this issue has been discussed on and off for 10 years in Pakistan, and most Pakistani's don't give a damn anymore - and I don't think the government of Pakistan gives a damn anymore. <<

        Well, a vary daring statement indeed!

        kmailik, you must understand that this is not the 18th century & you have serious troubles if you don't give a damn to others!!

        Thank god you are not the chief executive of would have been very very harder then!!!

        There is no way to happiness.
        Happiness is the way....


          I think America is right because jihadis are killing one million Americans everyday, a report said. Therefore, the US has to take a blitz action, and if not taken, then all Americans will be killed in less than an year. The report concluded.

          Hmmmmmmm, its quite disturbing to me.

          Sarfraz Khan


            really? I thought the it was 20 million a day.


              Pakistan & India - Global leaders in IT

              Posted By John Thimothy on May 01, 2000 at 09:16:03 in The Friday Times

              It is an amazing coincidence that both Pakistan & India are making rapid strides in IT. But alas India is doing so in 'Information Technology' & Pakistan is doing so in 'Islamic Terrorism'.
              U.S.: Terrorists shift to South Asia

              Terrorism report blasts Pakistan- ABC News
              State Dept. says new locus is Afghanistan and Pakistan


                I think colomn writers need some psychotherapy.

                Sarfraz Khan


                  Its amazing that US State Deaprtment cautions Pakistan to do better and not become a safe haven for Afghan terrisots. Is it the same US that sponsored and provided arms and support in war against Russia. After leaving a huge mess behind now they want us to clean it up. Ok, I know we should not have let the situation go out of control, but its really hypocritical to blame Pakistan for all the problems related to Afghan terriorist groups.

                  Just my humble opinion.

                  Weather forecast for tonight: dark.


                    First Pakis themselves let the US in. Now, handle the problems created by them yourselves.


                      Can anybody tell me if we should really take the American State Dept so seriously - WHY IS AFGHANISTAN NOT ON THIS LIST OF TERRORIST STATES? This report only goes on about the increasing danger of terrorism in South Asia, but it seems the American's do not have the courage to declare Afghanistan a terrorist state??


                        First it was Turkey who complained about cross border terrorism. The it was Phillipines and now Uzbekistan is pointing fingers at Pakistan and Afghanistan

                        The President of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov, has sharply criticised Pakistan and Afghanistan while on a visit to India.
                        Mr Karmov said Afghanistan along with Pakistan was now a major centre of international terrorism and Uzbekistan opposed terrorism and extremism in all forms.

                        The Uzbek president is meeting Indian leaders to discuss joint measures to combat terrorism and increase trade.

                        The two countries also signed a number of agreements on measures to tackle terrorism.

                        President Karimov said Pakistan and Afghanistan had become a training ground for international terrorism.

                        "Such activities are absolutely unacceptable to us," he said.

                        He also appeared to indirectly criticise Pakistan, one of only three countries to recognise the Taleban regime.

                        "We cannot accept the policies of certain countries in supporting the Taleban," Mr Karimov said.


                          Mohabbat - So why is Afghanistan not classed as a terrorist state by the state dept???


                            U classify it. WHy wait for State Department?


                              kmalik: Yes,The funny thing is that while the US agrees with the whole world that Pakistan and Afghanistan are the main sponsors of terrorism but both Pakistan and Afghanistan havent even been put into the US
                              blacklist of countries that sponsor terrorism. This is extremely hypocritical. The excuse that the State Departments made up, was that because the Afghani gov't is not recognized by the US, Afghan can't be put into the blacklist.

                              In my opinion, this is hogwash--Pakistan and Afghanistan isn't in the black list, because the US political elite is apprehensive about putting a former "loyal" Cold War ally into this list. If the Afghan Taliban regime or the military government are truly not recognized by the US, then the more the reason to put that terrorist regime into the list.
                              However, Albright is continuing to do business with the Taliban regime and Pakistan that oppresses women, and is world's
                              largest sponsor of terrorism. Both Afghanistan and Pakistan must be punished for all the heinous crimes against humanity that they have committed. A UN peacekeeping operation needs to be launched right away to annihilate these savage Islamic fundamentalist terrorists.

                              But TIME has published an excellent article on this.

                              The Politics Behind the U.S's Terror-Nation List

                              Why terrorist-packed Pakistan doesn't make the roster while relatively calm Cuba is branded as a pariah.

                              The United States' biannual list of countries alleged to sponsor terrorism is as much a practice in politics as it is in practicalities. The State Department's "Patterns in Global Terrorism" document released Monday emphasizes that most terrorist activity today emanates from groups independent of any state that can't easily be reined in by pressure on a government. Nonetheless, though the report focuses particularly on the upsurge in terrorist activity in Afghanistan and Pakistan and uses the mention as a means to pressure those countries it stops short of adding them to the official list of countries supporting terrorism.
                              For now the list of "official" sponsors of terrorism remains static Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea and Sudan although in many cases "qualifying" for the list (and the harsh sanctions that come with it) is somewhat of a stretch. "North Korea may have a couple of old-time Japanese Red Army terrorists from the '70s still kicking around there, but it's not considered an active sponsor of terrorism," says TIME Washington correspondent Massimo Calabresi. "But the U.S. is actively using North Korea's presence on that list as a bargaining chip in negotiations to get Pyongyang to back off on proliferating its missile systems." The State Department report suggests that North Korea might eventually be taken off the list, in light of its "positive statements condemning terrorism in all its forms" although most other countries on the list would likely be more than happy to endorse the same statements. While Cuba may be a retirement home for a handful of former Black Panthers and Latin American urban terrorists of the '70s, it's not generally regarded as an active sponsor of terrorist activities, and its continued presence on the list may be primarily designed to placate its critics in the U.S.

                              Pakistan, on the other hand, is an immediate problem area. It plays host to at least one group designated a terrorist organization by the State Department (the Kashmiri Harkat al Mujahedeen, implicated in last December's Indian Airlines hijacking) and has refused to close the organization down despite pressure from Washington. But adding Pakistan to the list would mean closing the door on an already unstable nuclear power, and that remains an unlikely scenario. While castigating its record on terrorism, State Department counterterrorism coordinator Michael A. Sheehan made clear that Pakistan "is a friendly state that is trying to tackle the problem." Washington would simply like Pakistan to try a little harder.

                              Tony Karon