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Will Putin visit India and Pakistan?

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    Will Putin visit India and Pakistan?

    When Russian President-elect Vladimir Putin won elections both India and Pakistan extended invitations to him. Will be visiting both countries or just India? Pakistan would like Putin to visit Islamabad when he visits Delhi. Let's see.

    Vladimir Putin will visit India in early October to sign a strategic partnership agreement between the old Cold War allies, India's national security adviser said on Friday.

    India and Russian Security Council Secretary Sergei Ivanov signed a protocol on cooperation between their security councils to work towards the agreement.

    The protocol seeks to build cooperation in the defence sector and in tackling terrorism that both nations face.

    Ivanov handed over a letter by Putin to Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee emphasising the importance of relations between the two countries.

    ``It calls for cooperation in combating international terrorism, drug trafficking and religious and political extremism.

    India and Russia also discussed cooperation in the defence sector and civilian nuclear energy.

    Russia supports India's entry as a permanent member to UN Security Council.

    India played host to U.S. President Bill Clinton last month, putting behind decades of strained relations which were partly the result of ties that New Delhi -- a leader of the Non-Aligned Movement -- maintained with Moscow during the Cold War.

    Since the end of the Cold War, India and Russia have kept up cooperation on military and defence matters. Russia is a key supplier of military hardware to India.

    Whats the use of Putin visiting Pakistan? Will he get a visa to visit Pakistan? Answer these questions first before I could go further....

    Sarfraz Khan


      Why was he invited if his visa was going to be rejected?