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Nawaz Sharif sentenced to LIFE imprisonment!

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    Nawaz Sharif sentenced to LIFE imprisonment!

    Nawaz Sharif sentenced to Life Imprisonment: Others Acquitted
    Karachi: Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has been found guilty of attempted hijacking and terrorism and has been awarded two life imprisonment sentences (25 years each) that will run concurrently. The court also ordered seizure of all his assets and property. The other accused in the case, including Shabaz Sharif, were acquitted.

    He was found not guilty of attempted murder and kidnapping. As the judgment was announced, there were gasps in the courtroom as well as cries of "long live Nawaz Sharif". Mr Sharif heard the judgment without any reaction. (Bureau Report by Idrees Bakthiar) (Posted @ 11:50 PST)

    Sarfraz Khan

    so he stays in jail as long as Musharraf is in saddle.


      A fair verdict to a fair trial. The verdict proves that Musharraf is no Zia - if he was there would have been no fair trial, all would have been convicted, and sentanced to die.

      Nawaz Sharif is now a convicted terrorist and hijacker, and his political career is finished. Now what will be interesting to watch is the PML crumble into pieces - this verdict actually makes it far more difficult for the Sharif family and the PML.

      There will be TWO persons trying to keep the leadership in the Sharif family - Kulsoom Nawaz AND Shabaz Sharif. It is said that Shahbaz Sharif had offered to become PML leader and Prime Minister on 5 October (one week before the coup) to save the PML government - BUT HIS FATHER 'ABBAAJEE' HAD ACCUSED HIM OF BEING A BACK STABBING, AMBITIOUS AND POWER HUNGRY TRAITOR ! Can you imagine the 'super-confident' Kulsoom (with backing from Nawaz's other female friend Tehmina Daultana)giving the leadership to Shahbaz!

      Then of course there is the anti-Nawaz league - Ejaz, Mian Azhar, Malik Majeed, Abida and husband etc.

      And then don't leave out the other high-caste Punjabi twits - Raja Zafarul Haq, Sheikh Rasheed, Chaudry Shujaat etc



        The verdict was fair. Despite my dislike of Nawaz I am glad he was not given a death sentence. However, one very interesting point to note keeping ZZ point of view above is that on CNN the defence counsel said the trial was fair, the CNN correspondent from Karachi said that all the foreign observers stated that the trial was fair. No prizes for guessing which country's media and people and government think that the trial was unfair. Of course India. Watch ZEE, they are displaying the same symptons of hysteria which were evident during the hijacking drama. Wonder why, maybe ZZ can enlighten.
        Overall a sad day for Pakistan, not because Nawaz was convicted but due to the fact that the Pakistani nation was cheated by the very leaders it elected and placed their trust to run the affairs of the country.

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          Ehsan it's like we are twins ! Agree with you totally, but a little addition - ZEE t.v., the Indian government AND Kulsoom are all going to say the trial was unfair ... (and Benazir??)


            and Bill Clinton... Just look at cnn news on web..


              kmailik wrote:
              >> A fair verdict to a fair trial. The verdict proves that Musharraf is no Zia - if he was there would have been no fair trial, all would have been convicted, and sentanced to die. <<

              Only the fact that Nawaz Sharif got life imprisonment & not death sentence proves that the trial was unfair, eah?

              Guys, now you are saying that Musharraf is not as bad as Zia. It's interesting. After a few years, when there will be no Musharraf & some other General will overthrow some other elected government, you will definitely say that the new ruler is after all not as bad as Musharraf!!!!

              Man the one on the throne is always a fair one ; at least in Pak.


                The fact that only Nawaz was convicted proves that all the others were only following his orders (and in the case of Shahbaz sleeping!) and only circumstantial proof was provided to prove their crimes.

                Nawaz was the Prime Minister and he was the one who ultimately gave the orders, as he feared that Musharraf would overthrow him on his return. And in his greed to remain in power at all costs he endangered the lives of nearly 200 persons - a fact the judge has wisely recognised, and asked Nawaz to pay compensation to them.

                I would ask those who defend Nawaz to think how they would feel if they were passengers on an international flight, and their plane was being refused lading for no good technical reason, and the runway was being blocked by vehicles, and the airport communications taken over by party hoodlums. AND THEN THEIR PLANE WAS RUNNING OUT OF FUEL, AND WAS AT RISK OF CRASHING!

                Well done Musharraf, well done Judge Rehmat, and well done to the brave passengers - this is a proud day for Pakistan, as the days of vindictivness are over, and we rebuilding national confidence.


                  bull ****!! this fat potatoe is gonna around our neck. Why can't we export him to India? send him to kala pani or something.


                    nein. but the man made his biggest mistake in kargil. that was treason and he should have gotten smoked for it.

                    but this hijacking stuff was b.s. We have had politicians like murtaza bhutto who hijacked a plane at gunpoint and had gotten away with it. this was mere refusal to land a plane in Pakistan. It was wrong still but it was no hijacking.

                    its not fair to the man who atleast performed and did more for the country (motor way, nukes etc. ) than lets say benazir. while she gets to enjoy life in u.s he gets to sit in prison. life is a Bitc$.


                      Clarification - this is what the American's have said about the verdict:-

                      U.S. pleased Sharif spared the death penalty

                      The White House today said it was pleased ousted Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was spared the death penalty and called for a fair appeals process for his conviction. "It's not for us to evaluate the verdict or its fairness," said P.J. Crowley, spokesman for the White House National Security Council. "But certainly we are pleased that the death penalty has apparently been taken off the table." Sharif's political party, the Pakistan Moslem League, plans to appeal the verdict. "We hope that the appeals process will be fair and transparent. The Pakistani government should continue to allow open access and open reporting of the proceeding, and provide due process to Mr. Sharif," Crowley said. "He should be allowed access to the counsel of his choice. And we will continue to monitor the proceedings closely," he said.


                      And now look at what that other thief had to say:-

                      Bhutto party says Sharif verdict setback for military

                      Pakistan Peoples Party voiced sympathy for Nawaz Sharif today after he was jailed for life and said the verdict was a setback for the military government. The Pakistan People's Party (PPP), in a welcomed ousted premier Sharif's escape from a death sentence demanded by prosecutors and said the acquittal of all six co-accused would strengthen any appeal.


                      Thank God for today's good verdict - the days of revolving chairs and backroom deals are finally over...


                        This was your country's trial. There was no need to bring to India into it. People will have different views. We don't care two hoots who is the "Chief Executive" of Pakistan. We care what kind of attitude the guy adopts towards India. Musharraf tried to act tough in the beginning, so the Indian govt. has merely shown him that if he tries to act tough, India will adopt a pro-active and extreme hardline position like it has done now. So now he's back to the "lets talk" mode. He's free to do what he wants with the Pakistani public and its politicians, but we won't take any bull**** from him....he'll be replied in the language he understands. For us he's just another dictator.

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                          Bombay Kid - take any BS from Musharraf ! Was it not Musharraf who kicked your asses so hard at Kargil, that even though you call it a victory, YOU STILL FEEL THE PAIN IN YOUR BACKSIDE.



                            I dont think you should pay any attention to Benazir Bhutto's statements since the woman
                            is a liar, a cheat, a thief and a self serving *****.

                            As for in prison is what he deserves. He has the right to appeal but I hope the judgement stands.

                            Finally should remember that
                            Musharaff is not a politician. He's a
                            soldier. He cannot be manipulated nor is
                            he the type of person who would take any crap
                            from anyone. Be it the USA or India.
                            The offer for talks was made in good faith.
                            The fact that your govt refused to talk showed that they do not want peace in the
                            region because it serves the interest of
                            your hardline politicians who use their
                            anti-Pakistan position to swing votes in the
                            elections. Sad but true. Either way - Pakistan is a peace loving country. We
                            dont want open hostilities with anyone.
                            However, if thats the way it has to be..then so be it. We wont be losing any sleep mate!

                            Believe In Angels.



                              Bombay Kid I am merely referring to the instance of your media and all appearing on it insisting that Nawaz is a saint and Musharraf is wrong on all accounts. One guy on Zee tv said that Musharraf should be tried for hijacking the plane because he went in to the cockpit and ordered the plane to land. He obviously would have preferred the plane to crash. Does your media have no shame, exposing their bias in such a manner. Just as you have said that you will take no bull**** from Musharraf, likewise we will not take any bull**** from your media or any of the so called experts who come on it.