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    VERDICT AT 11:00 A.M

    The Anti Terrorist Court trying former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and others in the October 12th 1999 PIA Hijacking case is expected to deliver its verdict around 11:00 PST (06:00 GMT, 02:00 US East Coast) tomorrow, Thursday. We will be giving up-to-the-minute coverage of events as they unfold.

    dil...dilseee...dil to akhir dil hai na

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    What is your guess?
    Saza-e-maut or life sentence?



      it is 10:08 in Pakistan right now a friend from Karachi just told me that alot of clashes have happened in Karachi and many PML leaders have been arrested in Karachi. Still no news what is the ruling going to be.

      I think Nawaz Shareef should be hung right next to Javed Iqbal infront of Minar e Pakistan and set an example for all political leaders. He should be hung in lahore, where Nawaz Shareef used to say that yahan meri badshahat hay. Allah politics say bachaye, akhir main anjam bura he hota hay

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        11:06 in Pakistan, and just got the news that the verdict is delayed till 2 pm. This might be something to do with our Lord America, I think they have interfered.

        But still I have my fingers corssed. Capital punishment for Nawaz! Thats what I am for!


          just heard the news that Nawaz Sharee f has been given two life senences, and all his assets are being taken away. Well I hoped for more, but now when Musharaf will go away this guy is going to return as a hero, this is not a good day in Pakistan's history.

          What I dont get is that why was the verdict delayed and then al of a sudden announced in 40 mins. Strange...


            Well the bad day for the chief is comming, and this guy will be the hero like late shaikh mujuib rahman of bangladesh..may be the next father of the nation,i think it is a wrong verdict.......2 life sentance has no meaning,when a person like late murtaza bhutto,after hijacking and killing few people
            can become the minister,sari ghalti mafi ho gayee,so after few years new prime minister will take oath of office and nawaz babu will be spared,and again become the king and take his revenge from the chief...
            Well just wait and see his brother will become the next PM of pakistan and take his brother out and the game will start ..yes

            dil..dilsee..dil to akhir dil hai na