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    Why should india give in at all...
    Indian armed forces are thrice the size of pakistan , she has a stronger economy , she has much better standing in international circuits, Why should they compromise on Kashmir and give in to teh demands of a weaker neighbour...
    I am not discussing teh legitimacy of either paki or indian claim on kashmir....its a futile debate Pakis can talk about the muslim majority factor , and right of self determination....indians can talk about hindu raja, geopolitocal situation ( which , by the way was an important factor for The boundry commisiion)and pakistani propoganda , as being teh major factor of kashmiri uprising.....point is that both parties arestubborn in their stand, ,,,,,
    so what should make india come to negotiations, which means compromise on their position...if pakis were in their shoes , would they have done taht...( Lets not forget , we didnt give bangladeshis the right of self determination , it was only when we were crushed that we agve up....and in bhottos time, similar uprising was forcefully crushed in NWFP....So what right do we have to criticise india when they are exercising teh same policies that we have, where we could....
    will we ever be mature enuff to look at ourselves , or will we continue to be blinded by our meotions and increasing need to hang on to straws to maintain our pseudoself esteem...

    why will pakistani rulers compromise?

    kashmir provides an emotive agenda for rulers. pakistani army is not raised to fight iran or china. pak has not spent so much money on defence (or offence) to capitulate in end. in fact even nuclear weapons are developed when pak knows using them is certain suicide. they are willing to threaten that.

    debt eats 80% and defence 40% of revenue, these two alone causing -20% deficit. forget education, roads, water, electricity. Karachi and Islamabad have them. That is where ruling elite live.

    loans are difficult to come by now. world is not ready to subsidize nuclear program. unlike two years ago, when asian crisis was also there, international economy will not be hurt much if pak goes bankrupt.

    just wait few more years down this road, india will not have to fire a single shot to get rid of menance.


      what would it take to get your comments on the topic at hand....And without the very strong emotional overload,,,,
      You used the word menance, for my country , which I find very offensive and distastefull.
      I am here to discuss issues of murual interest and in the process make friends..
      I dont appreciate and need any abuse from anyone...
      Hope you will see what i mean to say..


        What ZZ said was his own opinion.
        You can talk what you like.
        And for God's sake, 'menace' is not the first offensive word used on gupshup; neither is it the strongest one!

        If you are so disgusted with the one particular word from ZZ, just see some of the posts from some other members!!

        As for the topic, compromise doesn't sound a probable thing. I agree with ZZ on that account.
        If the Kashmir issue is solved, what excuse will the Paki rulers have to keep so big an army unnecessarily & to spend so large part of national revenue on it?!


          I am going to say this only once that in next 50 yrs. I can see Pak/India unites as one country and not because of force or desperation from any of the country involved but ... great leader (of course from new generation) coming out of both countries. Whose hearts are open enough to realize human being as human being even they are from across the border. And of course whom are “true” believer in their faith and realizes the basic values --- human dignity, honesty, respect for each other, hard work, equal opportunity… I can see it coming so my friend do not look from the window in your house but from the top of the tower from where you can see through the sky & beyond.
          Refuse to change. Peace.


            You are right, it isnt the worst of teh words used...I myself try to refrain from using ppl to vent my negative emotions..
            ZZ is more then his occassional choice of wrong words, and I want to make sure I let my resentment show, so that we can continue to talk maturely..



              It's really a great virtue to be able to see from the top of the tower than through the window.
              But...still, the nearer things do matter!
              And as long as the people from both sides do not start believing in democracy (particularly Pak), the sweet dream that you showed still remains a dream.

              Thanx for the clarification. Let's we all begin talk with maturity!

              There is no way to happiness.
              Happiness is the way....