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Qazi Ahmed says Referndum shows public against Pakistan signing CTBT

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    Qazi Ahmed says Referndum shows public against Pakistan signing CTBT

    Pakistan's main Islamic party has urged U.S. President Bill Clinton not to press Islamabad to sign the nuclear test ban treaty during his weekend visit.

    Jamaat-i-Islami party leader Qazi Hussain Ahmed told a news conference that Clinton should not push Islamabad on the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) as a majority of Pakistanis were against the treaty.

    Clinton, who is due on Saturday to make a few hours' stopover in Islamabad on the last leg of a six-day South Asian tour, is expected to discuss with Pakistani military rulers nuclear non-proliferation, Pakistan's dispute with India over the Kashmir region, terrorism and restoration of democracy.

    Ahmed, whose is Pakistan's largest Islamic group, said more than 15 million Pakistanis had rejected the CTBT in a week-long referendum the Jamaat had organised ahead of Clinton's visit.

    "The public opinion (on CTBT) has come forward in an organised manner. If Clinton says something against this opinion, it will not be democracy," Ahmed said.

    Ahmed also urged military ruler General Pervez Musharraf to decline to sign the CTBT.

    Musharraf told a news conference on Thursday that his government was trying to build a national consensus on whether to sign the CTBT and he was in no hurry to take a decision.

    Ahmed said 15.22 million out of 15.45 million people who voted in the referendum opposed the CTBT. "Only 167,708 people voted in favour of signing it."

    Does anyone have any details of this refrendum or has anybody from this board taken part in this refrendum?

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    Public is also against, rishwat khooree, against napotism , against illegal detentions, against taxes, against attrocities by police, against the lack of justice, against the lack of health care...and so much more...
    Why should CTBT be the only thing done according to public opinion...


      >>Why should CTBT be the only thing done according to public opinion...<<

      Here, Here.

      I thought the public had elected Mr. Sharif to rule for a full term; at least untill been overthrown by a democratic 'no-confidence motion!

      Will Gen. Musharraf arrange a poll on whwther he should remain the CE? & more important, will he act according to the judgement given by the public????

      Baat karte hein........

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