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Should Pakistanis Welcome the US president

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    Should Pakistanis Welcome the US president

    Hi People, the US president will visit Pakistan on March 25. Durrig his five hour visit Mr. Clinton will address the Pakistani nation on a live TV broadcast. He'll also meet with Pakistan's president Rafiq Tarar and CEO Gen Pervaiz Musharraf.
    Under the current political circumstances in Pakistan ,and US inclination towards endorsing Indian kashmir policy, should we welcome Bill Clinton to Pakistan?

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    My personal opinion is that the question should go beyong this. Let's keep some pieces of reality in mind:
    1) He implements a policy that has killed hundreds of thousands Muslims, if not millions, including the rape of our Muslim sisters in Chechnya and Bosnia; among other places.
    2) He has committed idolatry, and according to Islam, such a act has to be publicly stoned.
    3) He implements a ideology (democracy) that is practically declaring a war with Allah swt by ignoring Allah's rules/commands and instead choosing man made laws.
    4) He is an open enemy to Islam.

    Should we support such a person in any event?

    Why do I feel that our people have a inferiority complex?
    Am I exaggerating that feeling or am I stating reality?


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      Hey do whatever, but please dont bomb the Islamabad Airport,
      I am landing there the same day Clinton is


        I'll try to tell my terrorist buddies not to bomb it..yet


          As he is coming to Pakistan we should welcome him. The question is should we have invited him in the first place.


            I'm not a pakistani & for that matter don't have the right to comment on that; but personally, i don't see any point in not inviting or welcoming him when you have the choice of listening or not listening to him.

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