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Albright warns Pakistan on border

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    Albright warns Pakistan on border

    Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright, on the eve of President Clinton's visit to South Asia, yesterday warned Pakistan to "respect" the cease-fire line in Kashmir and halt terrorism against India.

    Will Pakistan list and avoid a second Kargil. Pakistan is already preparing for another Kargil this summer. Does Mrs. Albright's statements yesterday mark a shift toward India?

    Mohabbat , I really don't think that Pakistan really gives a hoot about any US hollow threats. On top of that, US also worries about a 'nuclear state' going astray, so it'll never label Pakistan as a terrorist state.
    It's India which is a threat to global security. The same Indian government which commits horrific crimes against humanity in Kashmir under the mask of Secular state, supply arms to the Hindus in Jaffna region of Srilanka who act as suicide bombers on the streets of Colombo killing innocent people.



      Mohabat ?

      Your fellow opinionists told me that India's ecvonomy had no part to play in Clinton's TILT towards India.

      They even went so far as to say that India's economy was not something that the presidency was looking towards opening up for US EXPORTS.


      I think you and your friends should read the article you have pointed to VERY CAREFULLY and see what hints it has to support my view.

      As for the BULLISH nature of the article...... not surprising considering its Ben Barber.


        Why does Ben Barber has a reputation of being pro-Indian and Anti-Pakistan. How about other reporters?


          i dont see any tilt towards india. if there is any, it is because china has done a favour by making a shouting on taiwan. it should be seen in same light as american talking to vietnam or iran. any block of russia and china in which iran, india and similar states join would be dangerous for future games of US. there are two things that prevent it from happening. one is teritorial ambitions of china. secondly all these states are competing each other to gather more of west's attention and investment and have no firm basis to stand on. in fact that makes it unlikely. but china has made few gestures to india in recent past. for example chinese behavior in kargil war was responsible, perhaps through US pressure. but indians do not find it enough to lower the guard, let alone be friendly.


            I dunno but i cant take anything the woman says seriously. Maybe cuz she looks like a toad.
            The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.



              Let me get this right......

              You do not see a shift in American policy towards India, hwoever you do see a shift in the Chinese policy towards India.....

              That is interesting.

              As for India and iRan being part of a GRoup of nations acting as a challenge to American Prospects, that would require India especially to make concrete gestures towards the Chinese.
              Though the Russees could act as mediators in this respect but they seem to be destined to become a buffer state, with Western European investments in companies that will depend on China for demand.
              India can however act in a similar role as France in the post WW2 world. The power that rallies loose support from its allies when taking on individualistic goals and territorial disputes.
              But, it is an interesting notion.

              I know that Putin was said to favoure the socialits group (Russia, China and India as a collaborating entity in world affairs) but with Indias Sprint to become Americanised and China's proven ability to go democratic without revolution or revolt makes that very unlikely.
              India has been very late in realising its potential due to its socialistic ideas and its unfavourable tilt towrads the Russees in the past. Having the infrastructure that it inherited India should have been in teh industrial elite by now, instead of being a prospective challenger. However, India has now realised that its strength is not in elivating its people but in creating an elite that can challenmge in commerce (aka brazil).
              The increasing miliatry musseles will soon get very taxing and unless they can get pay masters for their military (like the American have the Europeans), they will find it hard to become a dominant power.

              The question to be answered in the next 20 years is whether India becomes an American tool for Chinese containment or can it justify its world stature without the Yanks.