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Reforms in Pakistan Police

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    Reforms in Pakistan Police

    I think the most corrupt intitiution in Pakistan right now is the police. The petheticness of our Police department can be seen by the fact that when the parents of missing children filed cases against for there missing children, not even the trace of a single child was found by lahore police, till Javed Iqbal himself send his iary to Lahore police.

    Then another failure was when they kept on looking for his body in Ravi and was unable to find him till he gave himself in, in the lahore jang office. Killing of his partner "Billa", harrasing of Javed's former wife and daughter and other family members were the major achievments of the Lahore police.

    What I am thinking what changes can be brought in within the police structure that the police becomes more useful to the public. According to me the first thing what needs to be done is increase the minimum education requirments. All the police personals I have delt till now are under Matric and look like "badmashs" themselves. A police station is known as a Dur ul Aman, but I dont even think haha! even men are safe in there. Well coming back to the point education is the first thing needed to improve the police.

    What do you guys think?


    First of all..Great topic.

    You`re right about the education requirements being raised. That would certainly help.

    But I think whats more important, is proper training. Police force needs to be trained in proper training camps, with latest technology and equiptment. One word - Specialization.
    The police force needs experts in the field
    of forensics, criminology, profiling, etc.

    And these men and women need to be given the best facilities..meaning we need proper police stations..computerized records of all citizens living in a residential area. Records of criminals available at the click of a button. All that is not that difficult anymore folks.

    You can elliminate corruption by increasing
    job satisfaction. And you can get job satisfaction if you feel you`re not being treated like a 'low class ******' or 'thulla' which unfortnately all police officers in Pakistan are known as - for good reason too.


      well you are right Gulsher and Mania X, but one thing our police are one of the most intelligent police, they know everything what is going on. Another thing iis they know that nobody listens to them. they get into rouble for everything. If they catch someone they are usually bailed in a few hours as every person in Pakistan has a politician as a relative.

      I was once with a Police officer who had been involved in encounters in Karachi. He was telling me that when we raid, we usually use bullets bought by our own expense, which totally surprised and confused me. He told me when we use the "asallah" provided by the govenment we usually get into trouble and have very long inquiries so we have to use our own which is not registered by the goverment. Another thing I see is that the policemen are the most underpain people. But I just found out in PAkistan all of government employees are paid by there BPS ( basic Pay Scale), if this is so, a police officer makes as much as an army Jawaan, why isnt then corruption in the Army? That is because of the fact that our army is systemized unlike the police,

      I would like to congratulate Gen. Musharaf for trying to bring reforms to the Police, this indeed will be a great step for a better Pakistan!


        I also thought alot about this topic. Once my uncle's car got stolen. My brother and my uncle went to the police station and made a report. But the police officer started asking questions to my brother; like where were you at the time of incedent? and many other questions. Finally he told my uncle that looks like the theif is some one related to you, pointing diretly to my brother. My uncle got pissed off(he wanted my uncle to make an FIR against my brother) After a few days an officer came to my uncle and said that he can try to get the car if we pay him 50,000. We didnt do that but we never found the car either.
        ANy ways i agree that just like PMA(paksitan military academy) we should have an academy that should train all the officers properly. Any one involved in misconduct should be court marshalled like army. We also need to increase their pay. i think that would make a difference too.
        And ofcoarce we need to change ourselves too. I have seen that if police kill some one; even though if he is a killer or what ever every pakistani gets against police and claim that they have killed innocent people. On the other hand if a police officer who gets paid only few hundred rupess gets killed then no one comes on the street to sympathise them.

        unity, faith, discipline
        Pakistan Zindabad