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The "P" Syndrome

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    The "P" Syndrome

    There is a new game sweeping Delhi with Clinton's visit to South Asia imminent: Spot the number of ways in which Indian officials can avoid mentioning the "P" word. After weeks of failed lobbying in which the bogeyman Pakistan has never been far from their lips - Clinton shouldn't go, wouldn't go, couldn't go - the unpleasant reality has dawned on the Indians. Clinton who arrives in India on sunday, will follow his stay with a stop in Islamabad, despite the overthrow of the government that brought General Pervaiz Musharraf to power five months ago.

    The erstwhile breifers are now shrugging and saying that they expected it all along. "It was always up to the Americans. We made our views known but we wouldn't interfere," is the new line. TUT TUT, my heart bleeds. How embarrasing for the Indians, but than they don't have any shame anyway. Diplomatic skill is being stretched to the limit by strenuous efforts not to mention India's long term enemy and nuclear rival in briefings on the Clinton itinerary.
    In the briefings when the Indians are asked that come Saturday Clinton heads to Pakistan, the answer is "He goes off to what we are told is a western destination". Pathetic

    OH DEAR!!!!! the desperation of the Indians knows no bounds.

    Indian diplomacy
    Indian failed clumsy efforts

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    psst... ehsan, dont say hurrah yet, it's just an ingenuous ploy by the CIA and RAW to assure Clinton a good welcome in the western country. CIA reports indicated that Clinton's visit to the destination West 15 degrees North of new delhi would be met by huge protest rallies and demonstrations unless some face-saving action was taken. the task fell on RAW, and hence the lobbying drama. the result is just splendid! Clinton gets a red carpet welcome to time zone +0500 GMT for his lecture on good nuclear manners and achhe bachhe proliferation naheen karte talk.

    Everyone's happy! three cheers to RAW for maintaining everyone's puffed-up egos right from the White House to the north-western part of the sindhu valley.

    hip-hip-hurrah!! long live raw!!
    Simple ain't easy.


      Hmmmm!!!!!!! Queer, you mean that Raw actually manage to do something positive at last.