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PML says RAW is involved

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    PML says RAW is involved

    As a great admirer of General Musharraf and a hater of Nawaz Sharif it greatly warms my heart that finally the PML has come to its senses, and dropped its treasonable statements and backed the government.

    PML says RAW is involved

    ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Muslim League said on Friday that the murder of chief defence counsel of Nawaz Sharif in the plane conspiracy case was a handiwork of Indian secret agency RAW.
    The aim of killing Raad is to sabotage the upcoming visit of US President Bill Clinton, said an official statement of the PML. Top PML leaders Raja Zafarul Haq and Khalid Anwar termed the murder of Raad a "great tragedy". Raja Zafarul Haq demanded establishment of an independent judicial commission under a judge of the Supreme Court to probe the matter and fix the responsibility.
    "He was a dedicated, sincere and selfless lawyer working for Nawaz Sharif," said former law minister Khalid Anwar. Anwar said: "Its a tragic situation that a noble person has been killed. I express grief and deep sorrow over the murder of Raad."
    The PML spokesman said at a time when the plane conspiracy case has entered into a decisive phase, India has masterminded the murder of Iqbal Raad not only to sabotage President Clinton's visit but also tear apart the stability and integrity of Pakistan by creating
    misunderstanding between the PML and the military regime.
    He said the PML will never fall prey to this bait of India and will continue its fight for restoration of democracy through peaceful means. The spokesman said if Clinton postponed his visit to Pakistan it will be a gigantic success of India.
    He said the murder of Raad is nothing but a prodigy of the military government's failure in protecting the life, honour and property of citizens. Raja Zafarul Haq said the government is providing security to all the prosecution witnesses and lawyers, but it did not ensure safety to the lives of Nawaz's counsels.
    He said the case will be tremendously affected by this murder because the deceased was not only defence counsel but he had established liaison between Nawaz Sharif and other counsels. He was also briefing the national and world media on the case, he added.
    He said earlier Justice Shabbir Ahmad withdrew from hearing of the plane case and later Ijaz Batalvi, head of the defence team, took back his name. Now defence counsel Iqbal Raad has been murdered which is ample proof of failure on the part of government, he added.
    NNI adds: Raja Zafarul Haq said: "We will meet on March 14 and discuss this ghastly killing." The PML leader asked if the government could bring the accused in armored vehicles, why it did not take security measures for the lawyers.
    He said: "The government is only interested in getting Nawaz Sharif punished and character assassination of politicians". Reuters quotes Zafarul Haq as saying: "For the past some days Raad was complaining that he was receiving threats." Haq said he did not know from whom the threats came.
    The head of the legal team, Khawaja Sultan, defending former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, said on Friday that the defence team was terrified after the murder of Iqbal Raad. "We are terrified at the killing and would like know the motives behind it," Sultan said.
    The trial proceedings were expected to resume on Monday but Khawaja said the defence would be evaluating its strategy in the wake of the murder. "We haven't decided anything, but will evaluate the situation in a day or two," he said. The prosecution is expected to present its final arguments from Monday to Wednesday. Sultan bemoaned at the lack of security for the defence team.
    NNI adds: Pakistan People's Party denounced the murder of Iqbal Raad. A PPP's spokesman said the murder of the defence counsel is reflective of deteriorating law and order situation in the country.
    Governor Punjab Lt Gen (R) Muhammad Safdar has said the murder of personality associated with Nawaz Sharif is a naked terrorism and result of pre-conceived conspiracy to harm peace in Sindh. In a press statement he said Sindh government will make all efforts to arrest the culprits.


    Beauty Lies In The Eyes Of The BeerHolder


      ya RAW. that's why i was away for the last 10 days. here's the full story right from the horse's mouth.

      it happened on the monday before last, our supercomputer at Agra, "deepsaffron", had generated the ultimate solution to the kashmir problem - all we had to do was kill Nawaz ganja's wakeel. of course, we all were damn excited, the comp was a genius, no human could ever work out how this would solve india's troubles, but we knew the comp was right as usual. after all, all the previous jobs too had appeared equally irrelevant and without sufficient motive...

      the chief assigned the task to my close friend popat lal and me, prolly coz we were the only two bearded guys. we didnt like it coz being on an assignment meant eating RAW food until the case was over. after a few meals of raw carrots, raw cabbage, raw mooli, and a dozen raw eggs, we crossed over to attari. there we had a few raw kebabs and raw buffalo milk. we needed a couple of AK-47s and some ammo for the job, so we decided to try our regular at chammo bazar, peshawar. next day, we reached peshawar, i was keen on visiting HumSa, and after a lot of chaan-been, managed to locate her house. But i changed my mind when i saw her abbu twirling his heyooge mooch on the porch of the house. and anyway, as my pal popatlal was telling me, i would certainly be offered some fried snacks if i were to go in, couldnt compromise on the raw diet part. probably next time, when i'm on unofficial duty,( and when her abbu has shaved his mooch...) we managed to purchase the kalashnikovs without any trouble, popat even managed to pick up a stinger at what he called a raw deal for the russis. we got a phut-phut motorbike, rode to karachi, munching some raw ghosth on the way. anxious to eat some spicy (and cooked) sindhi-biryani, next day we rode to nawaz's laywer's place, and got it over in a big hurry, grabbed a bucket of "captain gulsher khan's speshal" biryani and fled to kutch border, where we crossed over to gujarat at dusk.

      would certainly luv to go back for another raw job, rumor is next one is to plant a bomb in a cow-shed at multan next month. i'm all set to volunteer, any guppoo who would be in Pakistan around that time can send me an email, maybe we could meet, and HumSa, ask your abbujaan to lose that scary moosh of his, he'll look damn dashing and handsome cleanshaven..

      Simple ain't easy.


        RAW is sensible enough not to kill civilians unlike ISI militants who are desperately killing the civilians in J&K for their evil motives.



          I am so proud of you and your friend Popat Lal. All we need is to kill a few lawyers in Pakistan and our problems will be over. Just a friendly suggestion please cook your Kababs before you eat them. Please keep up the good work and say my 'hi' to Popat.

          P.S. Please make sure that your super computer is secure.




            the comp is damn secure. without it's powerful motive-randomizer capability all of RAWs actions would appear as conspiracies with genuine reason and would spoil the secrecy and absurdness of it's actions. and popat here sends you his love and also wonders if your second name is mukherjee, in which case he's send you even more love.
            Simple ain't easy.




              what do ya know,queer finally said something funny.someone go get his better half -extreme and we can celebrate.