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India blamed for Sharif's lawyer's murder

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    India blamed for Sharif's lawyer's murder

    A government spokesman, on Friday, hinted at conspiracy from one of two possible sources, behind the murder of former Advocate General of Sindh and Nawaz Sharif's defence attorney, Iqbal Raad.

    Giving the government's reaction to the murder, the spokesman said that the possibility of Indian involvement in the murder to discredit Pakistan ahead of US President Clinton's visit is to be explored. Moreover, the other possibility of the murder being a ploy of political opponents, as was traditional in third world countries including Pakistan, could not also be discounted.

    However, he said, it was a very tragic event and the government would make all possible efforts to round up the murderers and inflict the heaviest punishment on them.

    Blame it on RAW.............


    1) Who (apart from Nawaz Sharif and his co-accused) would benefit from disrupting or delaying this trial?

    2)Whose interests would be damaged if Nawaz Sharif and his co-accused were convicted of the charges facing them... and then face execution or life imprisonement?

    3) Who would benefit (internationally) from the reaction to these horrible murders at this very critical time i.e so close to the conclusion of the trial and with the upcoming visit of President Clinton to South Asia.



      It just reminds what Zia told before hanging Bhutto. 'It is either him or me.'
      After Americans are told what they would like to listen, General is back to his ways.
      Now judges know where they stand. After Clinton visit is over, Nawaz will be hanged. US and other international agencies may shout. But that do not have an iota of control. They need pakistan for geopoltical reasons and still believe that Pak may help them in big game. General knows it.


        The punishment should fit the crime, and the laws of another country should be respected regardless of whether they are not acceptable in your country.

        Nawaz Sharif should hang for merely thinking of endangering the hundreds of persons on that fateful flight on October 12. He should hang for all those his hoodlums murdered in Sindh i.e Hakim Mohammed Saeed, and other Mohajirs. He should hang for invading the Supreme Court and demolishing constitutional rule in Pakistan. And he should hang most of all for the betrayel and treason he committed at Kargil.

        Despit the tragic events that led the lawyers killings, nobody in Pakistan will weep when Nawaz Sharif is hanged - and that is what counts NOT international opinion.


          What would have happened if plane was diverted and Musharraf was arrested?

          In fact it is Musharraf who put people's life in danger by not allowing plane to be diverted.

          And if Nawaz messed up with democratic process, Musharrf is upholding it via coup.


            Hmmm has their been a single sincere leader in recent years in either country, or the entire region. I am sure Jinnah would be as ashamed of recent pakistan leadership as Nehru with current indian leadership and mujeeb with current bengali leadership.

            The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


              I think the murderers were out to create chaos, otherwise why would they kill two other people who were in the wrong place at teh wrong time. If they just wanted to kill the lawyer only than they could have spared the life of the other two people. Points to some involvement by third parties, so come to your own conclusion Mohabbat. You say blame it on RAW, well why not after all every thing which happens in India is the fault of ISI. But than ISI is a class act, way above RAW.

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                Mohabbat what has this Bangladesh story got to do with the murder of Nawaz's lawyers.


                  No it's not just India that is blaming ISI but Bangladesh has also pointed fingers on ISI.


                    of course, this assasination makes things tougher for pakistan. but musharrf's interests need not coincide with pakistani interests. he is following an old Mughal tradition to be safe than sorry.


                      ZZ ,

                      Old Mughal tradition ?

                      Guys, where do you dig up your logic from ?

                      Why is it so hard for everyone to understand that political parties love blwming enemies.

                      Regan's replty to a tornado was that "the evil empire (Russee) was to blame.

                      Indira Gandhi was willing to blame even her colds on the ISI and successfully too. (sub sequent governments have not broken the tradition). Having spent much time in some Indian states, its a tradition that is kept well and truly in preactice.

                      Pakistani politicians are quick to blame the Hindu state for a tyre puncture

                      So, no love lost there ?
                      Its unusual that the only people who have not pointed towards India is the state spokesman.
                      Maybe there is a change ?
                      If so it is delightfull.

                      And please do explain to me what the Mughal Tradition is that you are talking about ?
                      (At least it makes a chnage, most Indians I know try to explain to me that the mughals were NOT MUSLIMS, but INDIAN FIRST and Muslims later. Just what they are trying to talk the indian muslims into). Atleast you equate being a muslim as a seperate identity.
                      Or are you just taking advantage of a situation ?

                      It would be nice to know, would it not ?


                        ZZ do you want to explain this ......

                        What would have happened if plane was diverted and Musharraf was arrested?

                        In fact it is Musharraf who put people's life in danger by not allowing plane to be diverted.

                        And if Nawaz messed up with democratic process, Musharrf is upholding it via coup.

                        Lets treat them one by one, ok

                        What if the CinC of Pakistan lands and is arrested in India (a country that is an enemy and whose politicians, noww, foe popularity, are challenging the existance of Pakistan).

                        Let me guess!

                        What would have been the orders to the pilot if the same was to happen in any other nation ?

                        I presume that only the BJP would turn around and argue that the Indian CinC should land in Pakistan and expect the pilot to agree and the CinC to sit down and take it.

                        Remember, in situations where the political establishment is threatening the interests of the nation or country, the armed forces have responded by either ignoring or bluntly refusing. (aka Rajiv Gandhi orders an ssault on Pakistan and the CinC refuses on the argument that any aggression might turn into a nuclear showdown. November 1989).
                        So, when the greater good is considered, Nawaz was obviously very confident about the support his friends were going to give him. (be they hindu or american).

                        Now, to the lives of the passengers. Refusing the CinC to direct the plane to Nawabshah airport and declaring that the pilot fly to Ahmadabad (where surprisingly, ground crew were expececting the plane Hmmmmmm, either reconacence in India is at the speed of light or some thing is missing in the story, something incriminating that can not be said in open court ?)
                        None the less, the pilot had stipulated he will not be able to make Ahmadabad, even on vapours. So, the lives were under threat if a Nawabshah landing was refused, which it was. I guess Indian papers do not like to publish the parts of the deputations that are not so glorious in reading.

                        Lastly, democracy. What an idea. Get a bunch of liers and allow them to lie for a specific period and then choose other liers to replace them at some time. Interesting is it not ?

                        Anyway, considering most of the world wants to be AMERICAN now, it is the standard for government at present.

                        However, even under such auspicious standards, ignoring pleas from a pilot (who might know more about a plane's FCRA (Fuel Comsumption Rate by Altitude according to the RAF) than Mr Sharif, was an act of a dictator, not a democratic (Peoples') leader.
                        There was no catastrophe that warranted the sacrifice or risk of sacrifice of so many lives.

                        I guess that does not matter too, because lets face it. Whatever teh military does in Pakistan, India's interest is served in blaming it and ridiculing its steps.

                        So, the offensive is i=on....lets play


                          bit in hurry. i will be back in few days and reply.
                          you can look at replies to article on on 'is new CE any different'. They give an interesting perspective.