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Our slave mentality is still alive and kicking :(

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    Our slave mentality is still alive and kicking :(


    It is really really sad to see how delirious Pakistan's rulers and editors etc. seem to be getting just becoz clinton has decided to come there for a few shows, more than anything else, ke humaaray zehnon se ghulaami abhi tak nahin gayee...

    look. We are a sovereign country right (are we?!). ab if someone comes he is welcome if he doesn't, then so what. The way we have been almost begging him to come just shows how much even the current regime is under the sway of US influence and is also a puppet regime. More than that it shows ke abhi kashkool humaare haathon mein hai...

    (okay it might be satisfying that Indian efforts to get him not to come have been sort-off upset, but the reality is that this is more or less a trip to India and the ONLY reason he is coming to pakistan is to lecture Musharraf et al. on the need to return to a secular democratic system AND TO CRACK DOWN ON THE ISLAMISTS. If he hadn't come, the washington planners were worried it might lend support to the ulama and the religious parties.

    It is sad that they are the only ones who understand the US properly--

    here is a country which uses us and abuses us at will and we keep on going back like spineless dogs saying 'please sar, maai baap, aap naaraaz na hoN, aap PLEASSSSEE humaare mulk mein aakar humein zyaarat ka sharf haasil karne dein.." Such crawling from the so called 'rulers' is sickening and degrading...

    (Don't you see that the kuffaar--and esp. the ingrez--only respect you if you RESPECT YOURSELVES?)

    Ay Khaas-e-Khaasaan-e-Rusul, waqt e dua hai
    Ummat pe teri aaj ajab waqt paRa hai
    jo qawm baRee dhoom se niklee thi watan se
    Aaj pardes mein woh ghareeb ul ghuraba hai

    (sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam)

    Ya Allah is qawm ko khud-mukhtaari aur khud-daari ataa farma. ameen.

    Oye hoye hoye…inna ghussa

    This is all a part of the game Asif bhai. If ppl are jumping of joy cuz he is visiting us, it’s not because we are expecting business – I haven’t read money and his visit in one sentence in any news paper, but I could’ve missed details. Ppl are hoping for a solution to the Kashmir dispute, which is disturbing, as the man couldn’t care less about Kashmiris.

    As for crack down, how much ’action’ have you seen in this regard? And re puppet leaders, if I’m not mistaken, then the last US team left empty handed. Let’s see what happens after the visit. However I do agree that we need to be ’khud mukhtar’ nation and we need to respect our selves for being Pakistanis also, that means that we have to concentrate on our developments rather then stinky issues that spread hatred among us Pakistanis. Learn from others, correct the mistakes instead of making fun of them, criticize the leaders don’t hate them. Respect your bazurg, and help others understand them too.