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Hezbollah Brought Israel Down On Its Knees

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    Hezbollah Brought Israel Down On Its Knees

    Yes, after eighteen years of illegitimate brutal and unethical occupation of Southern Lebanon, Israel gave up against handful mujahideens of Hezbollah. Israel could no longer afford to bury its countless teen soldiers cut down in their prime, every month. It'll withdraw all the forces out of Southern Lebanon by the end of July 2000.
    "Hezbollah", army of Allah , emerged as a sole winner. It's a humungous boost for all the mujahideens fighting around the world.
    Clear message to all the 'Forces of Darkness' , that,' Forces of Righteousness' will never be supressed.

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    Naw, I wouldn't celebrate until all of these
    jews are pushed into the red sea. Assad of
    Syria should be congratulated. He trained men
    and put his money, where his mouth was, took
    the International isolation like a Mujahid,
    and when US put the pressure on him(declaring
    his state, along with Iraq and Iran as the
    terrorist countries, ineligible for any sort
    of aid, etc)instead of bowing to it, he gave
    them a slap on their face.

    Now its Albright and Clinton, who are rubbing
    thier noses, trying to appease Assad for a
    deal with Israel. In the last talks, Clinton
    himself attended the talks with the delegates
    of the two countries, but when Israel wouldn't
    budge on pre-conditions, the Foreign Minister
    of Syria instead of backing down, and letting
    Clinton have a photo-op deal breakthrough to
    show for his attempts, he walked outta there.

    If there is any gherut-mand, and tough man of
    war left in the middle-east, its Assad. He
    always gives the US, the big finger, when it
    tries to manhandle the Syrians, thinking that
    they too, are like the rest of the boozing,
    illiterate, got-jelly-for-a-spine sheikh's.
    Way to go Assad!.

    These Hizboullah soldiers, trained and equip-
    ped by Assad, had suicide squads, that would
    suit up in their 'kafan's and then blow them-
    selves up, next to an Israeli post. If you
    sit down and start counting the unbeliveable
    acts of bravey and self-sacrifice by these
    men, it would take up volumes to record them

    The pain, the torture, the humiliations (preg
    women dragged by their hair, on the dirt, out
    of their houses and shot, their houses blown
    up as retribution, when any of their relatives
    was found to have ties with Hizboullah. The
    scars of decades of this kind of treatment
    from the Israeli "soldiers"[butchers] will
    take a long time to heal.

    The battle has been won. But the war goes on.


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      Hezbollah, the Lebanese people and Syria should be congratulated for being the first group of Arab Muslims in defeating the state of Israel. For 23 years Israel has occupied this 10% of Lebanon, and in that time it has never come close to defeating Hezbollah or the will of the Lebanese people.

      Good on Syria for hitting Israel where it hurts, and good on it for not compromising on the Golan Heights. Unlike the PLO, Syria has said that Israel must withdraw from ALL the Golan Heights - and all at once. This means that Syria does not have to go through the humiliating spectacle of Israel withdrawing piece by piece from occupied territory (after numerous delays, threats and changes along the way).

      I bet soon Israel will announce that it will agree to Syria's terms for withdrawal, and then finally accept a Palestinian state - and the end of the 'Greater Israel dream.

      Let this also be a good encouragement for the Kashmiri and Chechen movements liberation. For it may be true that your enemy (India or China) is far superior in military terms, but fight long and wear down your enemy and inflict as many casualties as you can on your enemy. i.e guerilla warfare



        >>...your enemy (India or China)<<




          if india why not china? after all china holds 1/4th of kashmir, but then, who cares... china routinely executes muslim separatist leaders in Xinjiang (what they call their part of kashmir) and Uingir on "drug peddling" charges, but then again, who cares...
          Simple ain't easy.


            Don't forget that the Israels are withdrawing voluntarily and not running like the militants did in Kargil.

            Remember what the foreign minister of Israel has said that if any part of Israel is attacked whole of Lebanon will burn, don't take the jews for granted they are capable of finishing the whole of Islamic community, and if need be they will do it with or without outside support.


              Queer, please be more precise in describing the geographical dimensions of Chineese 1/4 part of Kashmir.
              During my last visit to Sinkiang , I didn't notice any hostile attitude of Chineese authorities towards muslims. I prayed freely in the Jamia masjid located in the heart of Turkish neighbourhood in Kashi.
              On my way back I was accompanied by few hundred muslims who were on their way to Saudi Arabia to perform Haj.

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                Israeli young generation are all softies
                who don't want to suit up for the mandatory
                draft service in their army anymore. That
                is whats been driving the political turn-
                about in Tel Aviv. Mothers and fathers are
                frightened sh**less that their son or dau-
                ghter is going to end up blown to smithereens
                in Lebanon. Thus the unilateral withdrawl,
                without a single condition set. They are
                literally turning tail and running out of

                And once they are out of Lebanon, all they
                can do, is through air. Lebanon will make
                sure that the borders are mined, wired and
                booby-trapped, so if any Israeli has any
                clever idea of re-crossing back, he'll pay
                a heavy price for it. Air warfare, is mean-
                ingless against rebels. And I am pretty sure
                that after they leave, the lebanese are going
                to get some stringer missiles, etc to shoot
                down a couple of those 40 million US Cobra's
                if they try to infiltrate in the future.

                Ofcourse you would expect such vacuous and
                blustry rhetoric from Israelis. Thats all
                they got left now. They have been chewed out
                and spat back into their borders, by the
                Hizboullah. No doubt about it, this is a
                clear victory for them.

                The Israeli majority are just tired of
                living in fear of the Mujahideens. They
                don't know when they might be caught in a
                bomb explosion, while shopping in the market.
                The nerves of the whole nation are shot. The
                Mujahideens have brought their fight to the
                Israeli doorstep. Its not with cluster bombs,
                or US supplied smart weaponry...its simply
                men: who are willing to die. The most form-
                iddable weapon of all. Even the generals and
                counter-terrorist experts agree that a
                mobile, smartest of them all a
                human being, esp a suicide bomber.

                Same thing, is and should be carried out, in
                Kashmir. Death by a thousand cuts to the enemy.
                Mujahideens don't have the numbers, they dont
                match up well with the well-supplied Indian
                forces. But they have one thing, no Indian
                officer has...willingness to die for their
                cause. Since 1989, the Indian army has been
                recruiting like mad in the northern provinces
                and people are running away from them. They
                want no part of it. Thats fear...which has
                got them sh**ing all over themselves.

                Mujahideens need to accelerate their efforts.
                No peace, for the wicked.



                  Sorry guys I meant India and Russia as enemies NOT China. Though China does have a lot to answer for in its treatment of Muslims as well.

                  To state the prpoer facts about China and its occupation of Kashmiri territory and Sinkiag:-

                  1) China occupies about 18% of the historical territory of the former princely state of Jammu and Kashmir. This region includes the Aksai Chin area which was seized from India in the 1960's and a small slither of territory north of Gilgit/Baltistan which Pakistan ceded to China in the 1950's. Both areas have very small populations - less than 20 or 30,000 people I think (mostly Bhuddists). SO THERE IS NO REPRESSION OF KASHMIRI'S BY CHINA AT ALL - THOUGH CHINA LIKE INDIA DOES OPPOSE. KASHMIRI INDEPENDENCE.

                  2) China has a Northwestern province (s) known as Sinkiang, where the majority of the population (75%) is Muslim. The main ethnic group in this province is the Turkic-speaking Uighurs who are also Muslims and form a clear majority of the overall poulation (52%). The Uighurs call Sinkiang 'EAST TURKESTAN', and a great deal of them are struggling for independence. Other Muslims in this province include the Turkic-speaking Kazakhs and Kirghiz, but also ethnic-Chinese Muslims.

                  3) In total there are between 20-25 million Muslims in China anf they are a repressed people.


                    It's true that the drop in morale of the Zionist soldiers was reported some time back and lo it has come to pass. So now the jews will resort to air warfare to save their cowardly hides but how long can that continue? Already Hizbollah are hitting targets inside Palestine with katyusha rockets and sadly for the zionists advances in missile technology will filter down the mujahids sooner or later.

                    Then the Zionist nation will be paid in the same coin it has dealt in with others.

                    Worth noting also that in the last couple of days a lightening raid by the Chechens has seen over a hundred Russian soldiers killed by the 'defeated' freedom fighters. Food for thought for the Ram Raj indians currently liiving in their hindutva dreamworld. Next time vote for Sonya. It's your only hope.


                      I beg to differ, sadly.

                      Lebenon, as a pro active launch pad for teh invasion of North Israel, was effectively dessolute and spine less, well into the 1980s.

                      Holding onto teh territory was a grave mistake by the Israelis. A mistake of arrogance and pride, rather than that of strategy.

                      By the late 80s, any real threat from the north had been nuetralised. The Lebenese, felt betrayed by the rest of the muslims and their plight was so dire that they would have signed almost any reasonable peace accord with Israel.

                      I believe that was the time for Israel to shake hands and pull out triamphantly.

                      Instead, they hang on, fighting an expensive and draining gurrilla war with a few gruops that managed to restore Syrian and Iranian prestige aongst the largelly Shia Lebenese.

                      I think Israel has now realise something that they should have done in teh 1988/89 period had been delayed for some time.

                      Remeber, Ah'ud was the main proponant of the GO-IN, COME-OUT doctrine. So, now he pushes it along through a demoralised force.

                      Its not much of a victory for the hizbullah, as it is the realisation of Israel that a prolonged military presence (no matter how resiliant the media backing) is not able to quell a resolute revolt.

                      As for Russia and India, well deifferent situations and very different attitudes.
                      Russia was more than happy to bomb a bunch of muslim rebels and their entire fellow countrymen, because, lets face it, how can they effect any change in Russia.

                      While in India, a prolonged bombing campaign is not financially feasible nor is it healthy politically.

                      I mean how do you differentiate between Freedom fighters and Non-freedom fighters. Unless you use the Russian doctrine (Chachnya without Chechans).

                      So, lets not get too happy.

                      Israel leaving Lebenon

                      Its just a delayed withdrawl from an otherwise Victor (in all respects).


                        I wish I was still living in Beirut and watching the Hezbollah channel on TV. The Hezbollah killed more Israelis in one day than the PLO killed in five years. These Shias know how how to kick ass.