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Ms Bhutto says Islamic extremists biggest threat....

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    Ms Bhutto says Islamic extremists biggest threat....

    PARIS: Former prime minister Benazir Bhutto has said the biggest threat Pakistan faces is from extremist Islamic organisations that are gathering in the country.

    "Pakistan's economy, society and institutions are all under tremendous pressure due to increasing Talibanisation of the country, and the biggest threat to Pakistan comes from extremist Islamic forces that are gathering in Pakistan," she said in an interview with India Abroad News Service in an interview. She was here to meet French Human Rights organisations.

    "Pakistan is in a very delicate position right now and the country's territorial integrity is under serious threat." She said the large number of 'madrasas', or religious schools, that have sprung up all over Pakistan are the biggest threat "since they train terrorists and extremists" who would do anything in the name of Islam.

    Thank you Mada'am! Pls answer the following questions:
    1)How do we get rid of these groups without endangering civil war?
    2)If there is a civil war which I think is very likely because these groups have ignored govts. before and will likely push their luck again; if there is a civil war - will Pakistan survive?

    Hey Wow,

    Allow me to add a third question:

    3) If Pakistan survives - what will it look like?