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    Dear moderator

    I have a idea....Please create another folde or topic in this forum called" We hate india/and we want free kashmir" then most of the topics in the politics forum would comforatably fit in there...and as a result we wil have room for some mature disscusions

    yup.. i would like to listen about WTO, liberalization, internal policies of Pakistan and so on..
    But all that is discussed is Kashmir. The flames and insults may be innovative at times. But arguments are the same.
    I would also say that 'Indo-Pak relation' (if u dont like such blunt name), 'South Asian Affairs' can be a forum leaving behind another forum where everything else can be discussed,


      Hi Anant

      This partition idea has been up before, and ’upper wale’ might be discussing it right now. There is this tiny problem though, do we have enough audience to cut this forum up in two separate nations…ehhh fora.

      As said before lets discuses the idea, so far Ehsan and ZZ are pro the idea, and now you (I don’t count yet). If ppl don’t speak up I guess we’ll keep running like this.

      Another thing, I read you comment in another post ’what do I tell them?’ About Pak-India relationship. First of all it’s nice to see that one more person is tired of this stupidity. Second only yesterday I was in this embarrassing situation as you mentioned. Yeah what do we tell them? I used to say, with a lot of confidence no we do not hate each other on personal level. Now I don’t know. However it’s not one-sided thing, I did not learn to hate you, I still do not hate you, I hate what your jawans are doing in Kashmir. And Kashmir is the only dispute today rest is history. Can you mention anything else?

      As for mature discussions, we are pro this idea, however we can’t do this without your help, backing out is no solution. If you have any thing in mind lets hear it, and we’ll start working on it.


      Ps. I’ll ignore the ’tanz’ in your post Let’s prove that we are mature ppl.


        I don't like Indians, because they are
        pagans and should all be converted to
        Islam, so their soul's can be saved.

        According to the Koran, we are obligated
        as Muslims to strike down ANYONE, who is
        oppressing our Muslim bretherens. It is
        mandated, that we do so and whoever tries
        to run away from his/her duty is going
        to see Hell's fire up-close and personal.
        I can quote the specific ayats, if it has
        been sometime, since the moderator opened
        her copy of the Koran.

        Our moderator may choose to sit in your
        lap, but any Muslim Pakistani will keep
        his distance. I don't like your culture,
        I don't like Indian values, I don't like
        your religion(but I am asked to tolerate
        different religions) and frankly, we can
        do without any kind of interaction b/w
        the two countries. Period. Tum Wahan, hum
        Yahan. Busssss!.




          What is my copy of Quran? Oh never mind I’m not interested in an answer anyway, khair your are welcome to post any ayyat from Quran, just not on this forum, use the religious forum.

          As for rest of your comment about me, hmmm…chalo yooN hi sahi – aik Mulim aur Pakistani ki nishani uski ’ghairat’ bhi hoti hai, aur kio ghairat mand insaan in alfaaz meiN kisi muslim behen se baat nahiN kerta!

          [This message has been edited by sabah (edited March 03, 2000).]


            Thakur, if I remember right, 'Tum wahaan, hum yahaan' is a famous quote of Bhutto to Mujib after they declined to to make Mujib PM.


              Dear Moderator,

              I agree with anant and ZZ. Another forum for Kashmir be opened perhaps with the heading "Kashmir Affairs". Let people who are keen in Kashmir should satisfy their ego of “cut and paste” and create more hate theories. I am more interested in dealing with the violation of human rights and chronic problems in my home land rather than to poke my nose in affairs of other country. Never the less Kashmir is pain in the @$$, we already lost our major portion of the country without any solution to the problem, God knows what will happen to remaining portion if that so called problem is continued by vicious circle.



                Sabah ,My dear!!

                A little disappointed ,I am, that you being a Muslim just said that Thakur can post any Quranic Ayaat but not in this section.... I wish you hadn't said that!! That was rude attitude on his part and you have every reason to object!! But let's not forget that our logics stand nowhere in front of Allah's words!!And since everyone is allowed to speak their minds and quote any wise words from any wise men ... why not quote from Allah... since He is the Wisest!!
                About the real issue in view ... The Air on this forum is definitely poisoned with this never seem to be ending hatred and disgust for eachother on the Issue of Kashmir But I think there is a reason behind it... Catharsis!! While the so called "mature intra-Pakistan issues" are being discussed everyday in every house this seems to be the place where actually people from both sides come to speak!! When I visited this site for the first time a few days back, I expected to find our Pakistani guys discussing the recent inside issues but i was surprised to read SO MANY indians on the forum... and WOW I said 'Cause I don't see why any Pakistani would miss the chance to say something in return to all the Ugly Crap that we hear on Zee News everyday.... not to mention the filthy Indian propaganda on every level by their Govt: GOD THAT MAKES YOU SICK!!! It sounds mature to me to fulfil a basic desire for expression where you know it is at least gonna have an impact on Some level,at least!! Or Should we create a Special Childish News Channel like "Zee News" to Vomit out our nations point of view upon the matter???AT LEAST WE WOULD HAVE SOME HARD AND FAST FACTS TO PROVE OUR POINT!! Hmmmm ... but that would be "IMMATURE" ,don't you think? "Immature" to bring up a generation listening to such poison everyday on a news channel!!! If that Is not feeding hatred to indians and Off course to us in return... I don't know what is!!!!!
                Though I appriciate the good hearted fellows for showing interest in Pakistani matters!! But you know what... We hear enough on ZEE NEWS on most of our internal issues to know what is the openion on the other side of the pond!

                And Sabah.... that aside... I think you could create a positive wave by introducing a new forum for discussing the matter of Our multiple Social Problems how we are handling them out of the world of mere words!! Though that wouldn't be to much into politics but it just might take us a step away from this continuous flow of anger towards a positive and more creative side!! what do you think??


                  gooni.. most of the distinctions in life are not rigid and are bit artificial but still it is difficult to do witjout classification. religion is related to politics. religion is even related to music. politics is often related to sports. sports can be a good way of meeting people and so on. but still classification makes things easy.


                    I think there is enough audience for division. This forum seems to have total number of posts more than 'religion' forum, though most of them are one liners.



                      By that I meant ’Do not discuss religion on this forum’, we have a separate forum for that. However if Quranic aya’ are relevant in a discussion everyone can use them. A Muslim should also be able to respect Quranic aaya’.

                      As for this discussion, I’ll ask Admin to read it - jab tak aap log sabr kareiN


                        Sabah, you are such a...argh!, nevermind. I
                        think anyone can read my post and then yours
                        and then make up his/her own mind, as to what
                        you meant then, and what you have back-tracked
                        to, in the face of gooni's apropo outrage.

                        Gooni, I don't know why we patronize so many
                        Indians and their ludicrious, ignorant and
                        fantastical postings. They can call the Maulana
                        of the biggest Masjid in New Dehli bas****
                        and there is no 'choon' from our lovely mod.
                        But Gulsheer Khan tries to put out some news
                        facts and he is manhandled and threatened.

                        Iss daal mein kuch kala nahi, sarey ki saari
                        daal hi kaali key.




                          >>Iss daal mein kuch kala nahi, sarey ki saari daal hi kaali key.<<

                          You are complaining that Pakistanis are not allowed to show hatred and abuse towards Indians, go back and read yours, mundyaa's Xtreme's (other participants posts) full of racial slurs and abuses. I feel sorry for anybody who has to deal with people like you, it is not surprising to see why Pakistan is in such a mess.


                            don't try to act innocent and Ms.Nice.
                            When it comes to racial slurs & religious hatred, u r always few steps ahead of all others put together. See ur own devious face in the mirror before pointing finger at others.

                            [This message has been edited by KK (edited March 06, 2000).]



                              i've been waiting for a chance to ask for an exclusive "kicks forum" within the "politics and religion" section. the kicks forum is to be exclusively for poorly disguised flame-baits and reply flames, with religion and politics thrown in to keep the discussions to a fiery level. Fraudia and Nova are to be permanently banned from the forum as their flame-throwing skills are really pathetic; also, they tend to pour water on existing flames thereby creating intense trouble with the daily bowel movements of most other non-trivial participants. And the moderator is got to stick to Roman's golden rule of moderation -close your eyes, use the mouse- so that we can ***** and moan about admin policies when we get bored of more traditional topics.

                              we should hold a plebiscite right NOW to determine the future of this forum. all moderators and admins are to withdraw from the forum while the referendum is being held.

                              Chief RAW Agent
                              GuP ShuP
                              Simple ain't easy.