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    in the House of Representatives


    Mr. TOWNS. Mr. Speaker, I rise today with yet another example of how India violates the basic
    human rights of its minorities and ignores the rule of law.

    Sukhbir Singh Osan is a journalist in Punjab. He has exposed many scandals and acts of tyranny
    on the part of the Indian government and the government of Punjab. His family suffered losses in
    the 1984 massacre in Delhi, which were organized by government-inspired mobs while the Sikh
    police were locked in their barracks and the state-run TV and radio called for more Sikh blood.
    He has now filed suit for his rights as a 1984 riot victim.

    Sukhbir Singh Osan earned an LL.B. degree from Punjab University seven years ago but it is
    being withheld from him because he has exposed corruption and brutality. For his aggressive
    reporting, the Indian government has damaged his career in an arbitrary and vindictive manner.

    Mr. Osan's situation proves that in `democratic' India the law is subservient to the wishes of
    those in power. The people in power routinely violate the law for their own benefit. How can a
    country be a democracy when the government routinely subverts the rule of law?

    It is clear from the treatment of Mr. Osan and from so many other incidents involving the abuse
    of Sikhs , Christians, Muslims, and other minorities that the only way these minorities will secure
    their freedom to live in peace, dignity, and security is by achieving their freedom from India . In
    this light, it is appropriate for the United States to take action to protect the rights of the minority
    peoples of the subcontinent.

    If India cannot observe the rule of law even for a victim of the 1984 Delhi massacres, then why
    should it receive any aid from the American taxpayers? We should stop that aid, subject India to
    the sanctions that their terrorist rule deserves, and throw the full weight of the U.S. Congress
    behind a free and fair, internationally-supervised plebiscite to decide the question of independence
    for Khalistan , Kashmir, Nagaland, and the other nations of South Asia.

    Until these things are done, there will continue to be others mistreated like Sukhbir Singh Osan,
    and worse. America is the beacon of freedom. How can we accept this?

    Mr. Speaker, I submit the Burning Punjab article on Mr. Osan's plight into the Record for the
    information of my colleagues.


    Chandigarh--Sukhbir Singh Osan in a Civil Writ petition No. 14940 of 1999 filed in the Punjab &
    Haryana High Court has pleaded that--`he became a `November 84 riot victim' neither by his own act
    nor by birth since he was just 14 years old when riots took place. He further pleaded that the failure of
    the executive and the law & order situation and also the failure of various provisions incorporated in
    the Indian Constitution, after the assassination of the then Indian Premier Indira Gandhi was the reason
    which placed him under the category of `Sikh Migrant Family & Riot affected person'. The petition
    has been fixed for hearing on November 15, 1999 before the Chief Justice Arun B. Saharia and Mr.
    Justice Swatantar Kumar. Osan has demanded `justice' in this petition.

    `Punishing those who were responsible for riots in November, 1984 and to grant certain concessions to
    the victims of these riots are two different things?', Sukhbir Singh Osan has questioned the division
    bench of the High Court. The petition elaborates, how a riot victim in Sukhbir Singh Osan was
    harassed, his career was ruined in an arbitrary and vindictive manner and that too right under the nose
    of judiciary shows that justice in India is not a virtue which transcends all barriers. It also proves that
    law never bends before justice on the land of Sri Guru Nanak Dev, Sri Guru Teg Bahadar and Sri Guru
    Gobind Singh.

    Why Sukhbir Singh Osan's result/degree of LL.B. course is being withheld by the Panjab University
    for the past about seven years is a apathetic story because he in the capacity of a journalist tried to
    expose corruption, high-handedness and other irregularities at different levels in the University affairs
    through his dispatches in a leading daily during 1991.

    Narrating chronology of his `ordeal' Sukhbir Singh Osan in a writ petition filed by him `in-person' in the
    Punjab and Haryana High Court has said that in August, 1990 he was granted admission in LL.B.
    course under the Riot affected (November, 1984) category in the Department of Laws, Panjab
    University, Chandigarh. Being a journalist he in good faith published certain news items pertaining to
    nefarious activities including corruption, high-handedness, moral turpitude and other irregularities at
    different levels in the university affairs. Smitten by a news-item, Sukhbir Singh was asked by Dr. R.K.
    Bangia, Prof. & Chairman, Department of Laws in a written communication on May 29, 1991 `to
    furnish some authentic proof as evidence of the facts as stated by you' in the news-item `Teen Hazaar
    Mein Uttirne Karva Date Hain Kanoon Ki Pariksha' otherwise strict action would be taken against him.
    On September 30, 1991 in an arbitrary and illegal manner his admission was cancelled when he was
    studying in the 3rd semester of the LL.B. course, since Dr. J.M. Jairath, Dr. R.K. Bangia and Dr. R.S.
    Grewal were got annoyed due to news reports filed by S.S. Osan. Sukhbir Singh Osan approached the
    Punjah & Haryana High Court against the Panjab University, but the High Court relegate him for his
    remedy to Civil Court. The Civil Court of Chandigarh after four years of hectic activities of examining
    evidence and witnesses termed the admission of Sukhbir Singh Osan as genuine and according to law.
    The judge in his 27 page order also declared Sukhbir Singh Osan as `November 84 riot victim'. It was
    perhaps the first ever case in the history of India and Indian judiciary, that a riot victim was asked to
    prove that he is a `November 1984 Riot affected person' and Sukhbir Singh Osan has proved the same
    in the civil court. Here it is pertinent to mention that Sukhbir Singh Osan along with his family migrated
    from Madhya Pradesh to Punjab in the year 1985 after November 1984 anti-Sikh riot which broke
    through out India after the assassination of the then Indian premier Indira Gandhi. Such was the agony
    of Sukhbir Singh Osan that he has to recall all those days, which his family has suffered during 1984.

    The miserable plight of Sukhbir Singh Osan proves that in India law and judiciary are not meant for
    those who obey them but are subservient to those who outrage the modesty of the very concept of law
    & justice and that too, in connivance of those who are considered to be the custodian of law & justice.
    Will the law of India be able to punish those who have ruined the life of Sukhbir Singh Osan? Whither
    Indian Judiciary?

    Since Sabah wants me to put my viewpoint on this article, here it is:
    Hmmm, India is still the world's largest democracy.

    Had the same person been a hindu reporter he too would have got the same treatement.
    Looks like you see everything in a religious angle.
    When your own "Prime minister" constitutional rights are violated I am not sure why you are wasting time on such matters.
    We have a much better track record than yours but the biggest problem which we face is "Goondaism" epecially from the politicians. This "Goondaism" does not distinguish between colors/religions. Every common man who wants to expose the truth is persecuted.
    Atleast we know what our problems are and we don't brush it under the carpet under the name of religion.



      Senators Towns and Dolittle constitute the anti-indian lobby in the US senate. 2pak, check out some of Pallone's speeches for effects.

      India is a developing country, it has a lot of problems, one of them happen to be corruption at high levels and the infliction of harm on those who try to expose the guilty. But I refuse to believe that Towns or Doolittle are motivated by genuine concern. I never saw a single speech by Towns or Doolittle on the curtail of freedom of expression in China....
      Simple ain't easy.