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Usamah ibn Ladin/ISI linked to floods in Mozambique...

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    Usamah ibn Ladin/ISI linked to floods in Mozambique...

    ...according to Indian "experts" clear evidence has emerged that the ISI and Usaamah ibn Ladin are behind the recent terrible floods in Africa. A BJP official said that he believed it was a vicious plot by Islamic extremists to cause harm to Indian vital interests. He said that satellite data provided to India by the CIA had clearly shown that Pakistan's ISI were involved...he said that due to national security interests he could not divulge any details. "Our jawaans are ready for any challenge" he quoted Mr. Advani as saying...


    haha! I love Indian policy!

    Why did Plague spread in India,

    why wasnt the crop good this year.

    Why is Atal Buhari Vajpayee single.

    Who caused to Ozone layer hole

    Why is Indian cricket team playing so bad.


      Now this is truly


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        This news has come from Propaganda TV (PTV)


          Add the following to the list:
          Phaaltu T.V., Paagal T.V. or may be in Bumbaiya language Phirela T.V.


            Yes Asif Bhai ZEE TV just reported that they have absolute proof that ISI was behind the floods. They have requested the whole world to declare Pakistan a terrorists state.


              CIA Says Bin Laden Threat Not Diminished
              By Tabassum Zakaria

              WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The chief of U.S. intelligence says he worries every day that Saudi exile Osama bin Laden will strike again and the ``terrorist'' threat by one of America's most wanted men has not diminished.

              ``His ability to launch a terrorist act is as imminent now as it was a year ago,'' CIA Director George Tenet said in a Reuters interview this week.

              The United States has accused bin Laden of leading a ''terrorist'' network and of masterminding the 1998 bombings of two U.S. embassies in Africa that killed more than 220 people.

              Tenet said it was a ``safe bet'' that bin Laden's network was considering violent actions. ``This is an infrastructure that operates on three or four continents, that has the capability to inflict further terrorist acts at the time and place of their choosing,'' he said.

              The United States has put bin Laden on the FBI's 10 most wanted fugitive list and offered a reward up to $5 million for information leading to his capture or conviction.

              The U.N. Security Council last year imposed U.S.-championed aviation and financial sanctions on Afghanistan after the ruling Taliban movement refused to hand over bin Laden to stand trial. The Taliban said he was considered a ``guest'' and would not be forced to leave the country.

              U.S. pressure on Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan to bring bin Laden to justice have so far not succeeded, and terrorist plots as recently as December were linked to the Saudi exile by officials in Jordan and the United States.

              Do Not Underestimate

              In December an Algerian-born man was arrested crossing into the United States from Canada in a rental car filled with alleged bomb making supplies and timing devices. Jordan last month charged 14 alleged bin Laden followers, who were arrested in December, with planning ``terrorist'' attacks.

              Intelligence and law enforcement activities have ``created a tougher security environment for him to operate in,'' Tenet said. ``But you should not underestimate his capability, you should not underestimate the sophistication of his group and his followers, and I constantly worry about additional terrorist acts against Americans and our allies every day,'' he said.

              ``This is one of my principal worries that our ability to stay ahead of the curve deter him from further terrorist acts ... this is something we work on every day,'' Tenet said.

              The United States needs the help of its allies to bring bin Laden to justice and prevent further terrorist acts, he said.

              ``The United States can't do this unilaterally, we need the help of other people ... in denying him and his operatives the freedom to operate, denying him the ability to use any place as a safe haven where they might plan terrorist acts, move money, move explosives, move people,'' Tenet said.

              Interpol, the worldwide police organization, posted a mug shot of bin Laden along with some of the world's most wanted criminals on the Internet last month.

              ``New Phenomenon''

              The CIA believes bin Laden is financing alleged violent activities through his own wealth which some intelligence experts have estimated at $250 million to $300 million.

              ``We generally believe he's a man of independent means and he has his own money and has financed this network through his own means,'' Tenet said.

              Another U.S. intelligence official on condition of anonymity pointed out that ``terrorism is not an expensive business. You could have done the World Trade bombing for less than $20,000.''

              Bin Laden is an example of the new type of threat that has emerged since the end of the Cold War during which the United States saw the Soviet Union as its main adversary, Tenet said.

              ``We have always characterized him as an independent actor of independent means who is not susceptible to the pressures that we would bring on state sponsors, and therefore he is a very difficult and a quite new phenomenon that transcends the concept of a nation state,'' Tenet said.

              ``I think he's working on the basis of his own belief system, the money he's been provided, his own antagonism toward the Saudi government, American interests, peace process,'' he added.

              ``We've always characterized him as this new phenomenon of the independent actor who has the means, the capability, the ideological resonance to attract people to his cause, provide them the training and the authority, direction, control to go perpetrate terrorist acts against either the United States or our friends,'' Tenet said.


                London 29 February 2000

                Dr Imran Farooq, Convenor of MQM Co-ordination Committee, has appealed to the Chief Executive and Chief of Army Staff General Parvez Musharraf and the high-command of the Pakistan Army to take urgent and serious notice of the malicious conspiracies of the Inter Services Intelligence Agency (ISI) against Mohajirs and the MQM. He appealed to put an end to the activities of the ISI against the third largest political party of the country and patriotic Mohajirs. The actions of ISI are not only against its professional and constitutional limitations but a serious violation to the responsibilities of this institutions and also harmful to the interest and integrity of the country.

                Dr Imran Farooq said that according to reports of the MQM Intelligence Wing, on 28 February 2000, at around 11.30 a.m., a secret meeting of the ISI was held at the Station Headquarters in Karachi. This meeting was attended among others by the Chief of ISI Sindh, Brigadier Junaid, ISI Colonel Naeem, Colonel Bhatti, Colonel Abbas of MI (Military Intelligence), Major Raja Asif of ISI and a so-called social worker Ejaz Hussain Kazmi, who was specially called to attend this meeting. Ejaz Hussain Kazmi lives at Nagan Chowrangi in North Karachi and has established a human rights organisation and introduces himself as a social worker. In fact, Ejaz Hussain Kazmi works for the ISI and has been assigned the special task of damaging the MQM.

                During this secret meeting, discussions were held on an ISI plan. This ISI plan was that some important members of the MQM would be murdered near Nine Zero, the MQM Head Office in Azizabad and then MQM would be blamed for this murder. Commenting on this plan, Ejaz Kazmi suggested that instead of murdering these MQM men, they should be utilised for our purposes. He said that if he is given a period of one month then he would buy these people of and would then present them to the ISI. Brigadier Junaid agreed with Ejaz Kazmi and asked him to produce results. According to MQM Intelligence Wing, for this purpose Ejaz Hussain Kazmi has received a huge sum as advance payment from the ISI.

                Dr Imran Farooq has appealed to the Chief Executive and Chief of Army Staff General Parvez Musharraf and the high-command of the Pakistan Army to hold an impartial enquiry into this matter. He said that we have all the details of this meeting, which we can produce before the Chief of Army Staff or if he so wishes then we would release these details through the newspapers.