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Clinton's visit marks India's world clout

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    Clinton's visit marks India's world clout
    San Jose Mecury

    According to the report this is the first visit to India by an American President since 1978.

    I guess that means either India has come round to America's way of thinking or that Pakistan has taken a step away from USA. Either way, both are good news. As former allies of US I think I speak for most Pakistanis when I say we don't need this kind of friendship.

    Clinton...please don't come to Pakistan. A friend of jews and hindus is not welcome in Pakistan. Your safety cannot be guaranteed as it will be in sycophantic India.

    Pakistani people stick with their true friends, that's why they name their kids Osama, and won't act against Afghanistan despite all the international pressure.

    India has shown it's weak moral nature by discarding Russia at the first sign of American courtship.

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      Mr. xtreeeme, pass on your comments to those who are in power in yr govt. I believe they are still pressurising US Govt. for a visit, even if it is just a stopover. It seems they have a different view point than yours. Regarding Russia, they are still India's good friends and we still have a special trade, defence and cultural relation with them, and will continue to do so. In fact India trade with Russia at a separate rate of exchange, favourable to Russia, than what their currency is in the world market. Having more friends doesn't mean you leave your earlier ones. It seems Pakistan think differently, or at least you do.


        I think Clinton will visit pakistan.


          I think ZZ is right, unfortunately.


            Clinton will visit Pakistan if it suits American interests. If there is a threat to his life it is because ordinairy Pakistanis don't want Clinton on their soil.

            Musharraf is a different matter.


              As Ardeshir Cowasjee put it so succintly: "We (Pakistanis) have few friends in the world today".

              "However, foreign policies of nations must be forward-looking and cannot depend upon history and forgotten goodwill. The US acts in its own interest, firmly believing that the means justify the ends, as does India. The wise men of India have no wish to annex Pakistan and share borders with countries which are even more unstable, irresponsible and violence-prone. They (Indians) would rather have a lame, deformed and orphaned Pakistan, barely alive, and we (Pakistanis) seem to be doing all we can to help them in this preference. The world accepts India's size and weight, even if we (Pakistanis) do not. But, then, it takes a confident leader to assess correctly his country's weaknesses."