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Whats the matter Sabah

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    Whats the matter Sabah

    So you deleted my letter, but please tell me who did you accuse of using multiple log ins, and also I would like to know is it a rule not to use multiple log ins?

    Mr. Gul
    Now you read this very carefully as I will not repeat this ever again, I didnít even bothered to check your IP, I couldnít care less, that was to Thakur. I also told you that I do not explain unless there is a need for that.

    As for multi nicks, no policy, however if any of the members uses more then one nick to spread hatred or post propaganda or any other gand, it is the other members right to know who is playing with them, as most members invest their time and brain here, which I respect very much.

    Ps. No one cares enough to accuse you, so get out of this paranoia.