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Jihad in Kashmir

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    Jihad in Kashmir

    Columnist ALI ASHRAF KHAN writes about the on-going conflict along the Line of Control (LoC) in Kashmir

    Today Pakistan is faced more with adamant Hindu chauvinism riding on the election campaign of Bharatiya Janta Party to retain power at all cost even if it comes to ruling the graves and 'shamshans'. India at the moment is a state without a statesman who can lead the people by the hand to serve the country and the nation.

    Ground realities do not demand a war or a war-like situation for the third time of the fifty years of the existence of the country, the powers that are in India would sadly be mistaken if they think that war is always a solution to the problem. Bullying tactics and that too on the advice of a so-called friend whose track record is that he has never been a friend in need to his professed ally will be the greatest mistake of India - 'DUSHMAN RA NA TAMA HAQEER BECHARA SHAMURD' meaning thereby that the enemy should not be taken to be weakling. Pakistan may be a smaller country in size but not in brain, brawn and manpower, the history of Islam for the last fourteen hundred years is full of the deeds of heroes on the battlefields, every able bodied Musalman in Pakistan is a veritable soldier and fighter and takes inspiration from Jang-e-Badar when more than a thousand years ago 313 Musalmans were pitted against 1,000 non-Muslims who were defeated leaving behind a large booty in men and material.

    India at the moment is faced with a lost diplomatic battle in the United Nations in the face which the Indian rulers are trying to consolidate their hold on the Muslim population of Kashmir in the face of a solemn promise given by the first Indian Prime Minister to hold a plebiscite in Kashmir. The Indian Prime Minister could not rise to the level of a statesman to stand by his words and hold the plebiscite. According to the biographers of Pundit Nehru, Kashmir has become an article of faith with him simply because he himself hailed from Kashmir. Kashmir is not the problem of India as such, it is only a problem of the rulers, the legacy of which has been handed down by Pundit Nehru the first Prime Minister who ruled for sixteen years and his daughter ruled for another ten years with his grandson for another couple of years. People in Shillong in Assam and Trevendrum in South are least interested to suffer the devastation and death of wars to retain Kashmir against the will of the Kashmiris. India would be better advised if nothing else to hold a plebiscite on Indian soil on this issue. Surely no Indian would like to face the devastation and death in order to keep a particular set of rulers in power.

    The Nawab of Junagarh signed the accession of its state to Pakistan but the people being Hindu in majority, the state was forcibly taken over by India, should not Kashmir go the same way inspite of the instrument of accession signed by the Hindu Maharaja under Indian coercion and against the will of the people. India has no moral, legal or international right to hold Kashmir simply because United Nations is a weak international body which cannot give effect to its own resolutions.

    The present fight in Kargil, Drass and Batalek sector will prove a waterloo for Hindu chauvinism and military adventurism, the people over there have been dubbed as intruders temporarily though with the successful diplomatic efforts of India, diplomacy is no answer to the spirit of Jihad, where people like Shaheed Major Mohammed Kazim lose their lives but retain the objective. It is a slur to call such persons as intruders, he is the man from Kharmang Baltistan who graduated from Gordon College Rawalpindi and could not be recruited in Pakistan Army and he joined the Azad Kashmir Regular Forces (AKRF) as a commissioned officer, he gallantly fought on different fronts of Kashmir for 11 years and in recognition of his gallantry in 1963-64 Captain Mohammed Kazim was decorated with Sitara-e-Jurat award by President Mohammed Ayub Khan and was also given special commission in Pakistan Army. Major Kazim fought gallantly in 1965 war with India, his devotion to duty and act of bravery and gallantry led him to Behrab Bazaar in East Pakistan in 1971 where he gave his life for the cause of Pakistan, it is not possible to kill the undaunted spirit of man and it will not be possible for India to do so in Kargil and rule over graveyards and 'shamshans' in their own country. Let India not forget that diplomats are always diplomats where spirit of truth and bravery are only bywords and their meaning may be different on different occasions. This is what happened in 1971 and this can happen in 1999. This is how American diplomacy runs, the only interest of USA is to back up India to an extent where it can prove an effective adversary to China and when the American task is done and India will be treated like a used shell as they did with the then policeman of the East, Raza Shah Pahalvi who could not even get an inch of land in USA for his graveyard which President Anwar Saadat condescended to offer for the royal matrimonial alliance between the rulers of Egypt and the fallen ruler of Iran.

    Hindu all over India are advised to understand the spirit of Jihad which has been an article of faith for the Musalmans right from the day the Holy Prophet (SAW) led the battle of Badar in 623 AD. When a Musalman goes for Jihad he carries his coffin with him as a part of his military outfit with the hope of becoming a Shaheed who never dies and goes to heaven and if per chance he returns, he is a Ghazi - the Victorious. It was this spirit with the 313 Mujahideens in the Ghazawa-e-Badar in 623 AD which routed 1,000 non-Muslims, there were the Mujahideens fighting in Afghanistan who defeated another Super Power to ashes and there are the Mujahideens fighting in Kargil, Drass and Batalek and not the Pakistan Army, but when it comes to a war India will have to face 13 crore Mujahideens who are inspired by the spirit of Kalma-e-Tayyaba - LA ILLAHA ILLALAH MOHAMMEDUR RASOOL ALLAH with implicit faith in God and ready to lay down their lives as Shaheed. The Indian rulers must realize that their own caste system is going to pay back in their own coins and fifteen crores of Harijans would take it as an opportunity to get rid of their scheduled place in Indian society with political upheavals in East, West and South. In India, on top of it this is the last chance for Kashmiris and Pakistanis to stand up and rise to the occasion against the military adventurism of India backed by G-8 and led by the sole super power. The great super power is a great champion of human rights, but their conscience is dead when it comes to Kashmir where 60,000 people have been killed by the Indian Army. Were they intruders? World conscience must move to protest against murder, loot and arsons in Kashmir by the armed forces of India. Where the only interest of America is to prop up India as an effective adversary to China and obtain India's signatures on CTBT and NPT and add another feather to its cap before the Presidential Elections in America. This is the time now for Pakistan full of martial races and spirit to fight the followers of Ghandhian philosophy of 'Ahimsa' in India who are being misled by a handful of upper class Hindus and oppose India's main supportter.