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India and Pakistan - Basically same

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    India and Pakistan - Basically same

    A tale of two siblings -DAWN
    REPORTS from New Delhi say the government there does not quite fancy the idea of 'direct to home' (DTH) television beaming. In the largest democracy of the world, individuals are not allowed to savour satellite broadcasts except the stuff available via government-licensed cable operators. No doubt it is always advisable to be cautious. And to make assurance doubly sure is even better.

    A cabinet minister has been helpfully candid. "India is NOT prepared for pornography." That is India's endearing modesty. "Not prepared for pornography" must be the under-statement of the new millennium. It is not very different from our religious parties insisting Pakistan is not prepared for democracy or the Taliban in Afghanistan prescribing the length of men's beard and women's shuttlecock burqa measurements. Freedom has its frontiers.

    Despite all that we hear, read and see with horror, we in Pakistan and they in India have so much in common. We have a remarkable similarity that only natural siblings have. We have our Jamaats if they have their Mahasabhas. No confusion here. The two are interchangeable. Only the labels are different, not the content.

    Both cultures share a blistering aversion to seeing the people trying to please themselves with entirely innocent diversions. Quite as we have enlightened barristers defending 'honour killing' of girls, they are going back to the suttee which is just about the same. In 'honour killing', firearms are used; in suttee only fire.

    How very straight and short is the path to salvation for both of us! In Pakistan, we have goons going about closing down ordinary eateries on Christmas eve; in India, they would have absolutely nothing to do with a little Valentine fun. Neither of us has any use for alien things. Both are consumed by the concern for the Hereafter. In India they are busy building the highway to Swarg and we to Jannat. Why fret about today if tomorrow be sweet?

    In India, they are happy leading the good people to erase a mosque they had been living in peace with for no less than five hundred years. Our pious have led their flock to return the compliment. While they had a target ready, our pious people had to search for one. After much scouring they did find some abandoned ruins to make do for the needed target. It was great fun on both sides.

    'Honour killing' with us and widow-baiting with them is the 'in' thing. But no pornography, please. Both of us are determined to root out pornography, regardless of the cost. They say they are not "prepared" for it. We are after uryani and fahashi - that is, if you like, the Pakistani equivalent of the Bharati 'pornography'. Both of us have benignly left these terms undefined. This is for the convenience of the monitors of morals and the piety police.

    When they say they are not "prepared" for pornography they are being modest. When we say we shun uryani and fahashi, we are just a touch more specific. For us, what the world calls the finer arts - like dancing - is the pornography to be eliminated. This mission has been accomplished. Our good neighbours, too, see pornography in purely carnal terms. And there the matter happily ends for them.

    Who are we to suggest that 'pornography', like other problems, be viewed in a realistic frame? All of us have heard about 'singing in the rain'. Anti-pornography missionaries in India have invented 'dancing in the rain'. Many Indian TV channels offer this fare as, to borrow a Shakespearean phrase, "Sweet nature's second course". Starlets by the score are presented in a dancing fury, driving rain pouring upon them from nowhere. If you do not find this pious viewing, it's your fault - or funeral.

    In our films, too, we have similar fare, prepared according to our very own recipe. We have tailors produce exactly the cutting edge effect for what the Indians contrive rain to highlight. In India, dance once was an offering to the deities. Today, it is entirely for the vilification of the commonest of the common men. The most populous democracy has the most common people too. That's simple arithmetic.

    While all this is simply divine, what is one to do about some cranks both of us have around? Haven't you heard people insisting that pornography comes in various shapes and forms? Not necessarily in the kind of playful stuff like dancing in the rain? For instance, it is suggested that the use of weapons where words should do is a form of political pornography. What about invading places of worship? Killing people who do not believe as we do? Scandalizing people's views, beliefs and faiths? For some people, these represent the pornography of head and heart.

    We have heard people say diplomatic tit-for-tat is pornography in diplomatic genre. Racist discrimination is considered by some as one of the more reprehensible versions of pornography, genocide is seen as pornography in human interaction. Calling names, casting aspersions on the intentions and motives of others, is increasingly viewed as pure pornography in the social domain.

    Some people would say that confining the perception of pornography to mere lascivious or lustful gyrations is itself pornography, even if in the reverse.

    A.B.S. JAFRI



    You know, all these traits are true of the American Republicans and the British Conservative parties...... but, I don't think you can call the Pakistanis, Indian, Americans and teh British the same.........

    or would you ?

    Khudai pa amaan
    Saeed Afridi


      This is a letter to DAWN, I believe. The
      poster above has posted it, to appear to be
      an editorial from that publication. That
      alone puts the whole matter in dubious terms.

      India and Pakistan are like water and oil. We
      cannot stand to be with another. By Indians,
      I mean Hindus, ofcourse. They are seperated
      from us, in their whole view on life. For us,
      the Muslims, Koran provides a Zabta-e-Hayaat.
      Hamara uthna bethna is guided by the good
      book. Only people who have been gobbling up
      Indian movies since their birth, the culture,
      their traditions can stand up and brazenly
      suggest that all the god fearing pakistanis
      are like them, who would gladly agree to open
      borders with India.

      These people need to see some,
      not of Kajol and Shahrukh, but of those 2+
      million people who were butchered during Pak
      partition. They were set on fire alive, the
      women had their breats removed by the blade
      of the kerpaan. The trains who reached the
      lahore and Karachi railway stations, had an
      inch of blood standing, munjamind on its
      floors. The corpses were piled one on the
      other, while the children who has escaped
      the Hindu barbarians, lay underneathh them.

      To understand why the idea of fighting so
      hard for Pakistan, people putting their jaan
      on their hathelis and going out to march in
      open, inviting retribution. Why a sea of
      humanity said LAB-BIEK to Quaid-e-Azam and
      moved to Pakistan, with barely the shirt of
      their backs, leaving everything behined....
      you have to go back and read the history of
      these two people. It may not be as interesting
      as the Hindi movies, but its necessary, in
      order to have a clue.

      Mr. Afridi and his ilk, are welcome to migrate
      back, if he thinks his parents made a mistake.
      After he gets a taste of the Hindu treatment
      his hosh, will come back to thikaney. I know
      of families in Northern India, whose girls
      stay at home, because if a Hindu corners them
      on the street, they have no recourse. Girls,
      have been found, with their bodies mutilated
      there. Authorities are Hindus, who turn a
      blind eye, when a Musalmaan shows up with his
      girl in his arms.

      People like Afridi, who are hailing in porn,
      on the circular logic of: Well we have violence
      and rain dance, lets get X-rated porn too,
      are out of touch with their deen and Imaan.
      Not only that, they have no shame, and no
      decency for the place of women in a Muslim
      society. Let me just say this, that there
      are plenty of men in Pakistan, whose blood
      still runs red and they are not going to
      hesistate in spilling it, to maintain their
      borders with India and keep filth out of
      their homes and general society.



        Well the wisdom in above post can be summarized as
        a) all the people who were killed in partition riots were muslims. All the Hindus in Pakistani Punjab just flew in the air.
        b)muslim refugess came with no property while hindu refugees perhaps brought their houses alongwith.
        c)in india muslim women will not go out of house since hindus are standing in each corner to vandalize them.
        continue to enlighten us with such pearls of wisdom
        BTW, this thakur does not even realize that original article is a sarcastic commentary on what the author thought to be bad practices in India and Pak.


          >>Mr. Afridi and his ilk, are welcome to migrate back, if he thinks his parents made a mistake. After he gets a taste of the Hindu treatment his hosh, will come back to thikaney. I know of families in Northern India, whose girls stay at home, because if a Hindu corners them on the street, they have no recourse. Girls, have been found, with their bodies mutilated there. Authorities are Hindus, who turn a
          blind eye, when a Musalmaan shows up with his
          girl in his arms<<

          Bunch of garbage I think you are looking at everybody through your lenses. This is how you treat your minorities and think India also treats them like this.

          Ask any Indian muslims about your comments re. India and they will tell you that you are Hallucinating.