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Russia accuses Pakistan of fostering terrorism

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    Russia accuses Pakistan of fostering terrorism

    Russia accuses Pakistan of fostering terrorism

    MOSCOW, Jan 27 (Reuters) - Russia's Foreign Ministry accused Pakistan on Thursday of encouraging international terrorism and sharply criticised Islamabad's failure to condemn the Afghan Taleban movement's diplomatic recognition of breakaway Chechnya.

    ``In spite of Pakistan's official condemnation of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, the unhindered activity of a whole array of extremist organisations openly calling for jihad (holy war) against sovereign states continues on Pakistani territory,'' the ministry said in an unusually tough statement.

    ``In the absence of a clear official reaction from Pakistan to the opening of a Chechen 'embassy' in Kabul, we are ever less inclined to take on trust the assertions that extremist and terrorist groups based in Pakistan are outside the control of the authorities or the assertions of the so-called 'full independence' of the Taleban,'' the Russian statement said.

    The ministry said India's claims linking Pakistan to international terrorism sounded increasingly credible and said Islamabad should stamp down firmly on extremist groups.

    ``The rapid growth in Pakistan of inter-ethnic, inter-confessional radicalism, separatism and terrorism may have the most serious consequences for the stability of all countries in the region without exception as indeed for Pakistan's own statehood,'' the Foreign Ministry statement said.

    JANUARY 27, 14:56 EST
    U.S. Warns Pakistan on Terrorism

    AP Diplomatic Writer

    WASHINGTON (AP) The United States warned Pakistan on Thursday that it could be branded a sponsor of terrorism making it ineligible for virtually all U.S. aid if it gave direct support to a terrorist group that operates in Kashmir.

    In issuing the warning the State Department was also sharply critical of the military-run government of Gen. Pervez Musharraf for requiring judges to take a loyalty oath.

    ``This move by General Musharraf undermines the integrity and independence of the judiciary in Pakistan,'' spokesman James P. Rubin said.

    On Wednesday, six Supreme Court justices refused to take the oath, which would shield the military from legal action.

    ``Gen. Musharraf needs to make clear in a comprehensive fashion how he intends to return Pakistan to an elected government with a functioning legislature and an independent judiciary under a democratic constitution,'' Rubin said.

    President Clinton is expected to decide soon whether he will include Pakistan in a March trip to India and Bangladesh.

    Earlier this week, Clinton and the State Department said there was no evidence Pakistan supported the hijacking of an Indian Airlines plane in December.

    However, Rubin said at the time the hijackers may have been linked to a terrorist group that operates in Kashmir.

    The group, known as Harkat ul-Mujahedeen, was placed on the department's list of terrorist organizations in 1997 when it was called Harkat ul-Ansar.

    Rubin also said there has long been concern that agencies of the Pakistani government provided ``general support'' to a number of groups operating in the territory disputed by India and Pakistan.

    On Thursday, the U.S. official said ``that is a matter of extreme concern to us'' and that senior administration officials had taken it up with top Pakistani officials.

    ``If the secretary of state determines that a government has repeatedly provided support of international terrorism directly, then she would be prepared to designate that country as a state sponsor of terrorism,'' Rubin said.

    He said that was not a threat, but rather ``a comment about the realities.''

    Assistant Secretary of State Karl Inderfurth and Michael Sheehan, the coordinator of the department's office to counter terrorism, conveyed U.S. concerns about terrorism and anti-democratic tendencies in talks last week in Pakistan, Rubin said.

    The hijacking incident ended with 155 hostages freed in exchange for the Indian government's release of three members of the group.

    The seven countries listed by the State Department as sponsors of terrorism are ineligible, under federal law, for virtually all U.S. assistance and for U.S. support in international lending institutions. They are Syria, Iran, Iraq, Cuba, Sudan, North Korea and Libya.

    ``Let me be clear,'' Rubin said, ``we are not conducting business as usual with Pakistan, in light of the October coup there.''


      James Rubin, the poor guy should learn some geography. Pak is NOT in the US.

      Fata Morgana



        It may be easier to just post the URL for the story here.
        The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


          Cut and paste can serve it's purpose but once in a while it is nice to hear a personal point of view.


            Xtreme, personal view and mohabbat are two opposite things, its cut and paste all the way. It is ironic that a nation involved in one of the worst genocide at the moment has got the nerve to lecture others. Russia should stop butchering the people of Chechneya before opening its mouth. Russia will not criticise India for its state sponsored terrorism because they are both involved in the same thing, one in Chechnya the other in Kashmir.


              Just face the reality

              At one side India ( worlds 3rd largest military and 5th economic power) on the head Russia ( India's friend right from indepence)

              Isreal whose missels are already pointed at
              Pakistan( extended arm of USA & Europe and cutter enemy of islam)

              What do you think, Pakistan will survive?

              I heard that most of the people in Pakistan now a days carries white flags, in case!!!!!


                Now it's Kazakhstan's turn to point finger at Pakistan.

                Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev has warned that drugs, terrorism and scarce water resources are the main threats to stability in Central Asia, state media reported on Friday.

                ``Our region has become part of huge, global-scale drug trafficking,'' Nazarbayev said. He urged the OSCE to support economic and political integration to limit tensions.

                The newspaper quoted United Nations figures showing that up to 65 percent of opium and heroin from Afghanistan, the world's largest source of both, passed through the vast, oil-rich region. Afghanistan borders three of five Central Asian states.

                Nazarbayev said it was no coincidence that terrorism and drug trafficking via Central Asia to Europe were on the rise.

                He shares the view of regional leaders and Russian Acting President Vladimir Putin that bases in Afghanistan and Pakistan are used to train whom they call ``international terrorists'' who often have links with extremist Islamic groups.

                Khabar state television quoted Nazarbayev as saying he had evidence that rebels who crossed into southern Kyrgyzstan from bases in Tajikistan last summer were preparing to launch a another raid as early as in the spring.

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                  Originally posted by realpaki:
                  [B]Isreal whose missels are already pointed at Pakistan[B]
                  Whats a missel?

                  The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.