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Message to Clinton : Take a ***HIKE***

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    Message to Clinton : Take a ***HIKE***

    I wouuld like to say that the average Pakistani does not want Bill Cliton to visit Pakistan. Pakistan has gained nothing and given everything in this unequal 'partnership'.

    Of course I know that you will come, because one of your paid monkeys in the top echelons of Pak Govt will probably make a last ditch appeal which you will 'surprise, surprise' - accept.

    Plus of course, you want Pakistan to sign the CTBT so you can send your spies to snoop around under the guise of UN monitors. Apparently the US has already moved some highly sophisticated monitoring equipment into it's embassy in Islamabad ready for the green light.

    This is just to let you know that while you might get some US approved politicians jumping through the hoop for you, the ordinairy citizens of Pakistan have about as much regard for you as they have for their politicians. Stay away. We don't want you on our soil.

    Besides...we already had an official US visit when your missiles violated Pakistani airspace on their journey to Afghanistan.

    You better sweat the day when Pak missile technology means Shaheen can travel those sort of distances

    Yours sincerely,
    Mr Xtreme
    The average Pakistani Joe

    Badtazeem bande, baRe logoN se khat-o-kitabat kerte waqt Qibla, Mohtaram ya Sir waghairah to saath laga liya karo, kya kaheiN ge tehzeeb nahiN sikhai.

    Back to the topic, I think you’re right in saying that an average Pakistani doesn’t want Clinton to visit Pak, as most will rather suffer the last ‘jhatka’ and start fresh then keep begging for help and keep selling our pride over an’ over again.

    While Mr. Clinton & Co. are making up their minds, others are investing in our homeland. But that is not the main point for Clinton’s visit, he’s more concerned about Pakistan’s relations with the Muslim world or fundamentalists, I guess.