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    Gandhi or Gadsay

    Gopal Gadsay, an accomplice in the murder plot of Mahatama Gandhi has recently revealed in an interview, published in 'Times' magazine, that Gandhi was a biggest hypocrite and an enemy of Hindu cause. And that he does not shed even one tear on the death of Gandhi, rather he says that he is so much full of pride.

    Gopal Gadsay is brother of Nathu Ram Gadsay, the actual murderer of Gandhi. Nathu Ram was sent to gallows while Gopal, his brother has recently concluded his 18 years in prison. Gopal now resides in Puna.

    As per him, both of the brothers accused Gandhi of eye wash of harmony between Muslims and Hindus. Gandhi, did sometimes, uttered some consoling slogan for the plight of Muslims, although it was to grind his political axes, but these fundamentalist Hindus, never allowed a leader to issue such statements, knowing that they are under the pretence of deception.

    Gandhi was a Congressi leader, thus Congress declared Gandhi a 'Father of Nation' and hung his pictures in every office and city intersection. This is true till today.

    How is Janta party taking it??

    They will be absolutely within their rights to replace the picture of Gandhi by that of Nathu Ram Gadsay, as the real architect of Hindu nation is Nathu Ram and not Gandhi.

    why are you interested in India's internal matter in this paki forum? or you just want to shoot some ****? What's the purpose of this thread?


      Real Indian why are you so upset??


        Baykhatr..."Gandhi was a Congressi leader, thus Congress declared Gandhi a 'Father of Nation'..."

        Correction 1: The Congress did not give Gandhi the title of 'Father of the Nation', it was Subhash Chandra Bose who inspite of disagreeing with Gandhi's views, gave him that title.

        Correction 2: Gandhi was NOT a member of the Congress party !!

        Its become fashionable to ridicule Gandhi these days, so every good or bad thing can be attributed to him. Its also safe as there wont be any violent demonstrations against the people who insult him. In that respect, I admire Pakistanis who hold Jinnah in high esteem inspite of his faults. Some Indians on the other hand seem to be unforgiving of Gandhi's faults.


          >>Some Indians on the other hand seem to be unforgiving of Gandhi's faults.<<

          Nobody is perfect to make somebody God and worship them is a worst mistake a nation can make. We have made saint out of Gandhi and nobody has ever analyzed him. He had many faults and it is okay to discuss them. There are always two sides to story, congress the government of the day did not allow Godse to tell his side of the story. His trial was all shrouded in secrecy. Congress has always benefited by building up Gandhi (the perfect human being, which he was not) and taking credit for his sacrifices.

          Godse had a great love for India and he didn't kill Gandhi for any personnel benefit, he and his family have right to tell their side of the story.

          We should learn from Americans they have analyzed (good and bad) their great leaders such as Kennedy etc and have never tried to muzzle the truth or stopped various point of views to be published or discussed.

          It is sign of maturity for a nation to allow all kinds of debates to take place so that we can learn from it. Not to do that is to stop growing and learning from our mistakes.

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            Please could you let us know the source and date for this information. Thanks


              Rani...Even the American's tried to muzzle the truth as far as the Kennedy assasination is concerned.
              I am a Maharashtrian myself but I feel what Godse did was wrong legally, ethically and morally. The ban on his books was lifted a long time back and his brother personally sells them in Pune for a mere Rs.40 per book, so it's not as though his views are not being published. There are also lots of websites on his views. Although I must say that the way our history books describe him --- as a madman, is unfair !!



                Nobody can condone killing of anybody regardless of who it is, having said that I have to add that very little is known about the trial of Godse I think it was a closed trail. Public needs to know and has right to know both the sides so that they can make up their mind without any official propaganda and brainwashing.

                Similarly, the trail of Sikh bodyguards (for murder of Indira Gandhi) was shrouded in secrecy and many people have expressed doubts as to who the real killer were.

                Gandhi had a deep impact (good and bad) over the destiny of all Indians. Over the years he had become very rigid in his ideas and didn't seek any consensus. Everybody has right to express their views but no one person has right to impose his views on others by adopting tactics such as fasting unto death etc.
                His arrogance and rigidity was his downfall, ultimately we all had to pay for it.

                P.S. Although US government tried to muzzle the truth it has come out but in India we are still trying to muzzle it by banning plays and books which show Gandhi anything other than a saint.

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                  Gandhi murder was a big boon for secularism in some sense. Riots stopped with that shock coming in. Gandhi, when alive was becoming less and less efficient and people were increasing ignoring the old man, particularly after his successful pleading of giving 55 crores to Pakistan. But when dead, he was effective.