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Taliban want British govt. to punish hijackers.

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    Your own journalist Ardeshir Cowasjee claims that the 65 war was a disaster where Pakistan lost land !! Hmmmmm !! As far as Kargil is concerned I am only quoting what the foreign press were saying not the Indian press. Too bad Mr. Xtreme, the foreign press obviously doesn't buy your stories !


      okay hindu army is the best. after all it has had a lot of experience shooting minorities. but i'm afraid they r getting killed in kashmir everyday and there is nothing u can do about it. as far as 65 war is concerned india lost the war and land. and u also lost in 71 as far as the real west Pakistan is concerned.

      and let me assure u, if hindu dares to fight another war u will lose that war too. now u hindus r good with numbers lets see 800 million hindus at the cost of Pakistanies. I say muslims win afterall. And the world would be thankful to us Pakistanies cos we would get rid of the only clan who worships animals and calls themselves humans who preach discrimination in their religion yet claim to be secular.

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        Who is calling you Muslim, you are a monkey just blackface monkey not even gorila.

        If you don't agree, then just look in to mirror, you know what I mean