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US elections.. what u guess?

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    US elections.. what u guess?

    Gore vs Bush? or some other combination?
    will it have any effect on south asia? actually they have demonstrated that they can not even name the premiers of India and Pakistan. but of course, it matters.

    I think that George Bush will win. Only stumbling block on his way to the white house is John McCain. Gore will not win.

    What it entails for the sub continent? I dont know and dont particularly care...I do care about what it means for desi-americans.

    Which is a subject that is of little interest in this group.
    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


      That does it Fraudia. That’s it.

      Republicans stink. The choice among Democrats (Gore, Bradley) is not that appealing either. I don’t understand why Democrats couldn’t find someone other than these two losers. Gore believes that he “invented” Internet, and Bradley thinks that being a Rhodes Scholars means higher electability. I find him very patronizing and infuriating when he addresses African Americans and tries to make it sound like the country has not recovered from its ugly past. I know things are not the best, but what he makes them sound is no more than a political gimmick. In my opinion, he is not a presidential material. Most don’t know that the reason he did not seek another term in Senate was that he knew that NJ was not going to send him back.

      Bush is very unintelligent. He would get a C minus in everything he does. Like father like son.
      McCain is a certified idiot. He is trying to capitalize on his POW/MIA record.

      Democrats should have put a New York or even a New England Liberal (e.g., Barney Frank) on their ticket. Oh Well. May be in 2006.

      No matter who wins, it wont affect US Policy towards India and Pakistan. It is not the President of the US who decides the direction of US foreign Policy, but a very strong Arms lobby, and even stronger House Foreign Relations Committees (now controlled by Republican, but hopefully will have a bigger say by the democrats after the Elections, as Helms is about to retire, and a couple of others Republicans are surely going to loose).


        It should be either Jessy Ventura or Hulk Hogan, I think they will be the best presidents and also have a nice approach towards the Pak India conflict.