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non-desi i.e. farangi or vilayati politics

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    non-desi i.e. farangi or vilayati politics

    Desis in the west, do they vote conservative or liberal? I am under the impression that they vote liberal based on my talks with numerous people..because they feel that liberal leadership pushes the multicultural agenda and special interest minority groups.

    This presents a slight problem, because froma cultural standpoint there is a conflict of interest because they also have more support for groups that desis in general would not have much affinity for..
    Thus these desis..who by nature are more conservative than liberal have their tax dollars go to agendas they are personally not comfortable with.

    With a large number of desis doing well financially, it is also in their interest to vote conservative because they are less inclined to spend and tax, and tax and spend.

    what do you say?
    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.

    anyone voting or knows anyone who is voting? or is everyone on H1 or assylum here?
    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


      Hi Fraudia,

      I can see your frustration for not getting any responses here.....I think its the dirst and mudd slinging in desi plitics that attracts our bright political minds more to the desi politics

      Anyways, I have voted many times in the last 5 years and always Democratic. I understand the conflict as per being liberal democrat and desi but I think that probably safe guards our interests more as we are minorities than being Republican. Although I know lot of desis who settled here long time ago voting Republican.



        I have always voted for the Labour party in UK. The main reason being their centre left policies as opposed to the right wing policies of the conservative party. I know that quite a few Desi's vote for the conservatives, but I can't bring myself to vote for a right wing political leader like Thatcher or even worse Hague.

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          Thanks CM

          I remember a story where someone said that everyone is a democrat and then they grow up.

          Aside from any party's leaning towards anyone's native country..what are the issues that we are interested in?

          Desis, to my knowledge do not get any significant allowances as other minorities do. Desis use government benefits lesser than other minority groups as well.

          US is different in this aspect. back in UK, majority of deis I know vote Labour because the perception that Labour's liberal views will benefit desis in general. A considerable number of desis are utilizing various sorts of aid and benefits that came about as a result of the labour party.

          My perception is that in US, the average desi is a professional or atleast making a decent living and is not on unemployment etc etc.

          Conservative tax policies almost always hint at releiving tax burden on higher income individuals and corporate entities..the whole trickle down economics ideas, which have had their opponents as well.

          Nyahmadi being an economist can better answer the validity of trickle down theories.

          My view is based on the Democrats add support to low income groups, single parents, inner city programs, special interest groups. This translates directly into higher taxes for ME, and higher taxes for corporations, which then pass the increase in their costs to me in price hikes..

          I am fairly selfish when I vote...

          I dont recall the joke, but I will attempt to put down what I do remember.

          everyone starts out young and broke and at that time is a socialist.
          when they started working and have strong ideals they think they are democrats.
          when they grow up started making money, saving and investing, they became republican...

          Unfortunately I am not a big fan of any candidate this year. Tax wise..Forbes would have been great but there ws no way he was going to win.

          The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


            Channmahi is a good man.

            In terms of fiscal conservatism, I don’t believe that it is any longer a “Republican” phenomenon. Even ultra liberals are now trying to capitalize on the “lower tax” and “smaller government” slogans. In reality, both Dems and Reps are no different when it comes to a national tax policy. Everyone talks about how complex the US tax code is, but any one has yet to offer a real alternative. The process to tax reform is very time consuming with a road very lengthy. It takes 12 years for an average bill to get passed the House, let alone it being enacted into a law. So whatever may be debated in both houses of Congress, may not be implemented as a law before you are retired. When Bush said “read my lips”, all he raised was a few pennies for the middle class, in all honesty only pennies, and him not being re-elected was to the main part was a result of that.

            In addition to Feds, there is State (and sometimes city) tax code, which is lot more sever in intensity and lot easier to change because of the speedy process at State Legislatures, one can see the big swings in their tax returns. That is where most should concentrate if one is to look for reforms.

            The tax picture at fed level (IRS) should not be a detriment to vote either way (Rep or Dem). The deciding factors should be what both parties intend to do with the deficit, with the SS reform, and the Medicare. If you feel that Dems are foolish to invest the surplus to save SS, then don’t vote Democrat. If you feel that you have other means to support yourself and wont be relying on the social security check for your retirement, Vote whomever you want, if you don’t care about Debt service, then go to hell. Whatever you do, don’t vote Republican.

            Fraudia Yar, I am a registered Democrat and I am very happy to know that my brother Chann is also a Democrat. I am very active at local level and I hope that Chann is also active. If we can take care of both coasts (east and west) that leaves the middle. May be you should give it some thought. You said you live in Chicago? Wana take the middle?


              Hahah sure

              as far as social security goes, you or I are not going to see a single penny from the pace things are going right now.

              I am not impressed by either parties overall platforms or the candidates. They can keep people busy with pro-life pro-choice and censorship and firearms topics. I am more concerned with their fiscal policies which are very under developed.

              Ho hum, such is life.
              The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.