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India compromises on Kashmir !

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    India compromises on Kashmir !

    For 52 years India has gone about how every single inch of Kashmir (including those parts in the hands of Pakistan and China) are integral parts of the Indian union, and that there will never be any compromise on this principal. India has been especially strong about making any compromises that would divide Kashmir along religious lines - as this would make a mockery of India's so-called secularlism.

    But it seems that India did, or was close to making such a compromise with the former Pakistani P.M Nawaz Sharif (long may he rot in jail!). According to recent reports in Pakistani newspapers the compromise on Kashmir was to be the following:-

    - Pakistan to annex the Gilgit Agency and Baltistan.

    - India to annex Jammu and Ladakh.

    - Azad Kashmir and the Indian-Held Vale of Kashmir to be jointly administered by Pakistan and India for a period of ten years. After ten years there would have been a referendum in the valley with the choice of India, Pakistan or independence. But even if the vale of Kashmir chose independence after these ten year period, its foreign policy and defence would still be the joint resposibilty of India and Pakistan ( i.e like tiny Andorra in Europe).

    This sort of agreement would have left all three sides disullusioned, because Pakistan would in effect accept the line of control as its international border, with only India (untrustworthy) promise of a referendum in the valley.

    India to would have sold on some its major principles, but it would have come out the better of the three parties, because it would be able to keep a great chunk of Kashmir (including the muslims of Jammu and Ladakh) for itself.

    The poor Kashmiri's would have come out worse - with its homeland divided three ways, between India, Pakistan and a small and weak Kashmiri-speaking state.