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Pakistan has to recognize KHALISTAN movement?

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    Pakistan has to recognize KHALISTAN movement?

    Is it okay for Pak Govt to help Sikhs fighting for their RIGHTs in India?


    Is it okay for Pak Govt. to solve our problems first?

    And when did they ask Pakistan for help?

    Nadeem, could we concentrate on our own instead? Did you see any Sikh on this site complaining; wouldn’t that be maan na maan meiN tera mehmaan kinda thing?

    This is a lame way to start a debate! Could you for a change write something about developments in Pak? And how we can be helpful?



      no, especially since the "sikhs fighting for their rights" live in Canada and Pakistan.

      it's like asking should the Indian govt support Altaf Hussain and his stupid movement?
      Simple ain't easy.


        yes its not Pakistan's job. but the point is that sardars turned to Pakistan for help.

        saba, dont let these few posters make u change ur opinion. most sikhs dont have computers and even if they do they dont know how to use them. so these few posters dont form the majority of sardars.

        sikh leaders who got killed in that guawardawara a few years ago were the backbones of the separatist movement. i assure u that their families dont have the same opinion as lets say rani who might not be a sikh afterall as she denies all the brutalities being committed against their race. I personally knew quite a lot of sardars who came to Pakistan from india who had nothing but curses for india its govt hindus and their army. And these were religious sardars and not some phony ones.

        I think Pakistan should support sikhs in their quest for a separate homeland. mind u india did the same in bangladesh and is doing the same in other areas of Pakistan.



          How about supporting common Afganistanis so that they don't live in such autrocious conditions imposed on them by their great religious leaders.

          With regards to Sikhs, mind you own business and take a hike.

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            Mr. Nadeem i am a sikh and a proud sikh. But first I am a proud indian and I will never opt for Khalistan and I mean never ever. There are traitors in every country and we have too and if few Sadars have asked Pakistan to help them it does not mean that the whole sikh community is asking Pakistan for help. Let me tell you a little bit of sikh history. The sikhism started with Guru Nanak Dev ji. The meaning of Guru in Sanakrit is the holy teacher. We have ten Gurus and the last being the Guru Granth Sahib our holy book. Our first nine Gurus have all hindu names like Guru Amar Das Guru Arjun Dev and so on. We used to live in harmony with the muslim rulers of the then Mougal India kings. The trouble started with the Mougal king Aurangzeb. He started forcible converting hindus to islam at that time our nineth Guru Teg Bahadur had a war with Aurangzeb and he was beheaded in Delhi thats where we have Grurdawara Sisganj and then our tenth Guru Gobind carry on the fight and ask the sikh community to add the Singh in their name. Gobind in hinduism is the name of Lord Krishna.

            So you see sikhs are basically hindus. We only became sikh with a seprate identities that is adding a Singh to our name and not to cut our hair was the direct result of the muslim in India resorting to terror actvities
            killing hindus or forcing them to accept Islam.

            To me religion has never been important I am a human being and humanity is my religion and as a human being I love you and all the other human beings no matter what is their religion or their nationality. But if any one try to exploit the religion like you are doing then that is not a good human being. I think instead trying to be a good muslim you should try to be a good human being that will bring more peace within you


              Its nice to know that after bad-mouthing Sikhism and Sikhs, Mundyaa has discovered a new found love them ! With friends like Mundyaa, the Sikhs don't need enemies

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                well it isnt me who is shooting them down in punjab... and definitely im not the one who wants shoot your prime ministers in the back like a coward. if thats the result of this friendship between sikhs and hindus, then sikhs already have found the worst enemy.

                deewana those few traitors also happen to be the most religious sardars... for them you are a traitor who is licking the same hindu boot which they have shoved in ur behinds over and over again. u must be used to it by now... but they arent. they consider ur types to be another hindu whose grand mother or great grand mother got screwed by a sardar thus explaining ur slouch. if u guys feel so close to hindus then why dont u call urself one?



                  here we go again! mundyaa's got no sensible arguments left, so he badmouths all his opponents female relatives! Nadeem, hope you've got enough blood up your penis with this one.
                  Simple ain't easy.


                    I Gem. Mushraf, stupid C.E.O of Pakistan here by declare that we recognized New Country Name Khalistan ( United Punjab ) with its capital located at Lahore.

                    Now happy guyes, that is you want?


                      Mundyaa are you mentally retarded


                        Well Sikhs if they think that Indians are there friends they should remember what happened inside Golden temple, Indira Gandhi didnt even care that there were children and women in the temple and slaughtered everyone.

                        Meanwhile Pakistan has always been respecting the sikhs, there Gurd Wara in Hassan Abdaal is well taken care of and every year despite the enemousity with India has welcomed Sikhs. So who do you think is the real friend of Sikhs? We were the ones who provided Sikhs arms and ammunation against India when they asked for it? We were the ones and if you blame us for this, why wasnt India blamed for training Bengladashi gorrillas against Pakistan. A part of our country was lost thanks to Indira Gandhi, a leader who every Indian knows killed her own child.

                        And India calls itself a secular state, haha! if it was a true secular state there wouldnt have been quotas for Muslims and Sikhs in every Institution there is in India, if it was a secular state, the rights of Muslims had been respected and Babri Masjid wouldnt have been brought down infront of the eyes of Muslims.

                        I know even alot of Muslims who say that they are pround Indians but I just feel sorry for them, there own country, there loved India doesn't care about them and neither does for the Sikhs and still if there are people saying I am proud to be an Indian I am just sorry friend then that you dont have any self respect. I know that for a fact that Sikhs in the Armed forces of India were harrased to shave of there beards. This for protecting your own loved country, I dont think so. Always it is the Punjab regiment of the Indian Army sent to the war front saying that they are shers of India.

                        I have nothing against Sikhs, I have many sikh friends but all I have to say is you just have to think with your minds, if you guys were in your senses you wouldnt have killed innocent women and children who just wanted to migrate to another land, it was Hindu minds behind you and all they do is use you.


                          And as for you Sabah, you must be a non resident Pakistani who loves to complain about Pakistan living outside Pakistan, well my friend all I have to say it is very easy to complain and very difficult to do something about it. We have our problems and the biggest one is an enemy five times bigger than us, who has always been aggressive and has seen us with hatred. Would you rather live poorly spending alot on your defense or live under Indian rule?


                            well.. alibeta, u pity muslims and sikhs who consider themselves proud indians. i too pity anyone who considers himself proud pakistani.


                              Alibeta, right on buddy. as tipu sultan once said living a day like a lion is better than living thousands of years like a slaved coward.

                              zz, hindus have lived thousands of years as slaves.... u should thank brits who freed u from slavery as hindus wouldnt have the guts or the spirit to fight for their own freedom.