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Is AYAZ AMIR a big SOB ??

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    Is AYAZ AMIR a big SOB ??

    Hi there.....
    Anyone here reads Ayaz Amir's columns in THE DAWN. I am bit of a regular.Lately I have realised that this guy is one regular cribber. All the time sobbing.He was disgusted with Nawaz Sharif,depressed with the military takeover,thoroughly disappointed with the performance of the Army in the past few months.Infact he seems to know the cause and solution to every evil facing Pakistan . Shouldn't he be made the CEO. Weeks after weeks Amir weeps through the pages of the DAWN, criticising everything that the Govt. does or doesn't do.As an Indian he flatters me by comparing India favourably with Pakistan on issues like corruption, socio-economic policies and the "well-intentioned" initiatives of the Indian Govt. I think the Indian Govt. should make Ayaz Amir's column recommended reading for govt. bashers in India.

    Or is it time we ban arm-chair columnists from the face of the world?

    In general, reading Dawn, Anees Jilani, Ayaz Amir, Mazdak, aredesir (even retired airr martials, Noor khan and asgar khan) and so on should give quite a superiority complex to Indians. They are often full of praise for India, some of which is not really valid. Actually Dawn and News can not be said to be anti-India. 'Nation' sometimes is. 'Friday Times' is bit intellectual so the analysis is like essays, something like Indian 'Frontline'. But more entertaining than 'Frontline'.

    But I have heard that Urdu press in Pakistan is rabidly anti-Indian and vernacular press is one that shapes opinions.

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      kudos to you for being so on-the-ball about Pakistani press. You have to bear in mind that media in any country is about making money first and foremost. That's why the top selling tabloids in UK are not about news at all.

      English language newspapers in Pakistan are also slanted towards those who are percieved to have colonised mindsets. They don't really represent the average Pakistani as you so astutely pointed out.


        I agree that Ayaz Amir is a criber. He criticises every thing without giving any solutions. He has read a few books and wants to show off his 'knowledge'. He failed as a soldier, he couldn't cope with politics and has been exposed as a writer. Its high time he quit and "Dawn" should stop publishing his meaningless articles.


          I find Ayaz amir's writing very interesting. He is always sobbing , cause country has given him many reasons to sob..we have been consistently going down hill.
          Pointing out the problem is a very important part of the solution ..You dont need to present a problem only if you are giving solutions, some ppl are good at one but not the other...
          He is annoyed by the way military rule is going , and says it.
          I appreciate the guy for what he does.