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India on "red alert" .

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    India on "red alert" .

    India on "red alert" against Pakistan agents
    NEW DELHI, Feb 11 (AFP) -

    India has sounded a "red alert" for Pakistani agents along its borders with Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka, Deputy Foreign Minister Ajit Panja said Friday.

    Speaking at the southern temple town of Tirupati, Panja accused the Pakistan Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency of sponsoring cross-border terrorism and pumping fake currency into India to destabilise the economy, the United News of India reported.

    "The central government is on a red alert to arrest ISI activities in areas bordering Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka," Panja said.

    India recently ordered a crackdown against counterfeiting operations after large sums of fake currency were seized from a train that travels weekly across the Pakistan-India border.

    New Delhi also accuses Islamabad of fomenting Muslim secessionism in Kashmir. Pakistan denies the charge but extends diplomatic and moral support to the separatist drive.