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    News from Times of India

    Pak cyber terrorists on the prowl
    By Yashwant Raj

    NEW DELHI: Cross-border terrorism you can fight. But what can you possibly do about cyber-terrorists, who merrily hack Indian websites and deface them, leaving behind a calling card and a sign-off tune.

    Over the past few months Pakistani hackers, or hackers claiming to be Pakistanis, have broken into several Indian sites - of the government and others - and defaced them, leaving behind messages that amount to nothing less than name-calling.

    The list of hacked sites include (owned by Sony Entertainment Television India), (Zee television), (department of electronics) and (Indian Science Congress).

    Among these, the latest victim is the Sony site, which suffered cyber terror on February 5. The credit for has been claimed by an outfit called Harkat-ul-mOs, that describes itself as ``a Pakistan based terrorist organisation that wants India to....''

    Its avowed mission: ``We will keep `terrorising' you, defacing sites until there are no more Indian sites left that have yet to be defaced by the mOs.''

    But for all the menace in their posturing, these chaps also have a sense of humour. The two messages left by them on the defaced sites end with the same sign-off line - Zor ka jhatka, dheeray se lagay, a punch line pinched from an Indian soft-drinks company ad.

    Sample another: ``This defacement is brought to you by Bajaj Autos in collaboration with Jaswanth Singh.'' Foreign minister Jaswant Singh may forgive them for misspelling his name.

    mOs is not the only one stalking Indian in cyberspace, according to, a website that keeps track of hackings all over the world. The other frequent India-hacker is a group that calls itself Pakistan hackerz club (Phc), which lists among its achievements.

    But this one, unlike mOs, is quite Catholic about its devastation. It has targeted all kinds of sites, among them some that may have nothing to do with India - but the parting shot has always been an anti-India message.

    They also have the gall to leave behind their e-mail address and the cyber-name of the hacker. So meet doctornucker, who claims to be one of the two founder-members of the club. To an e-mail request for information about the Phc, doctornucker says: ``We are students studying in Pakistan and are in computers just for the sake of hacking.''

    True, because they haven't spared Pakistani sites too. Victims include (Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation) and (Pakistan television).

    Pakistan Zindabad