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Taliban want British authorities to storm the plane.

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    Taliban want British authorities to storm the plane.

    here we go. Taliban did not agree to storm the plane when the paki terrorists arrived in kandahar

    british have secured release of a few passengers in return of fuel while Taliban made the person who was released for being sick to go back to the plane.

    Zee Tv propaganda is on again, their spokesman as usual, without any proof is shouting his mouth off again that the hijackers were Pak terrorists.


      I don't think the Taliban will have any problem in dealing with the situation ! They are not a democratically elected government and they're not answerable to anyone. There won't be any public pressure on them to get the hostages released. So whats a few hundred people for them. They can afford to act tough even at the cost of the people's lives. It's a golden opportunity for them to become "heroes" by acting tough. I am pretty sure they won't negotiate !


        >>Taliban did not agree to storm the plane when the paki terrorists arrived in kandahar<<

        It almost sounds stupid to ask for proof before you start typing, lekin Iíll try again. I can give you just as many reasons for Indiaís involvement in that IA drama, and your history proves that your government will not for one second think about your own civilian if it can get a few Muslims or enemies down by killing a few hundred Indians.

        Taliban made whom do what? dear your RAW agents were controlling the whole stupidity, every thing going in or out from the plane was controlled by them. Why blame Taliban for something that was planed by your own ppl?

        Re acting though, according to members on this and others BBís Indians did not want the Gov. to release those prisoners, your minister said that they should kill them instead of handing them over, so was India under pressure on home front? I believe that India was putted under pressure by other countries, not only Taliban to solve the issue.
        India did what it did to save itís face and not because any minister or democratically elected head was worried about those passengers.
        Taliban can not be put under pressure, as they are already facing all the sanctions and other fancy stuff the modern wold can think of, so they got nothing to loose, hence no reason to bow.

        Just outta curiosity, how would India have reacted if the plane had landed in Delhi? Allowed commando action? or lets start from beginning would India allow the plane to land?


          okay....sitting a about three miles from Stansted airport and watching the news every half hour I think I can shed some light on what's going on here.

          Not a few....several passengers have been released from the aircraft. Stansted security and special services are specifically trained for handling hi-jacked planes....they are not regular security staff that patrols every international airport. Negotiations are continuing with much more than just fuel being supplied to the hi-jackers.

          Food was supplied throughout the day yesterday and a hot breakfast was served this morning.

          About 22 minutes ago another man alleged to be a passenger walked down the rear stairs of the plane with arms in the air....assumed to be another hostage released.

          More as things develop....