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A Clean Ganga...or is it really??...for Rani

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    A Clean Ganga...or is it really??...for Rani

    The joke about the Bug (titled: Just an Insect) in the Jokes Section has become more of a political jiggling with the obvious gutter mouthing first initiated by Rani. That'd have been not of a big deal, a sense of humour & maturity would be too much to ask from her kind!! But looks like she's blissfully unaware of the hygienic conditions of the "flowing rivers" back home. Here's a fruit pie for stinks, but iam sure she can gulp it all in one bite cuz she's tasted the "melted snow" coming down from Himalayas!!


    First phase of Ganga Plan washout: panel


    VARANASI, May 30: The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Forests and Environment has expressed dissatisfaction over the outcome of the first phase of the Ganga Action Plan and has pleaded for a thorough review of the whole exercise.

    The preliminary assessment of the committee is that owing to various shortcomings in planning and implementation, the Ganga
    Action Plan has not achieved the objective of cleaning the Ganga to a satisfactory extent.

    In the second phase of the action plan,more effort and vigilance is needed, committee chairman Guman Mal Lodha told reporters at a press conference here on Thursday.

    Expressing surprise, Lodha said the aim of the Ganga Action Plan had been to make the river fit for bathing. In fact, the aim should have been to make the river water clean enough to be used for drinking. Millions of people living near the river as well as scores of pilgrims consumed the water assuming it was pure and safe. They should be informed of the real condition of the river, he added.

    Lodha said it was unfortunate that municipal sewage was still flowing into the Ganga at the Dashashwamedha Ghat -- the most famous ghat of this holy city.

    He said the area used by millions of pilgrims was in a miserable condition with raw sewage pouring into the river. The pumping station constructed there was incapable of diverting the entire discharge.

    Lodha, along with another committee member R R Pramanik visited the various sites of the Ganga Action Plan on Thursday and enquired about the functioning of pumping stations and sewage treatment plants.

    They were told that even after spending Rs 50 crore on the first phase of the Ganga Action Plan in the city, the quality of water had not improved. On the contrary, the pollution in the river had increased. Members of the committee opined that the objectives,
    strategies and implementation mechanism of the second phase of the plan should be reset, keeping in view the shortcomings and failures of the first phase.

    Residents of villages around the Dinapaur treatment plant, which treats waste water told the standing committee that wells and
    water sources in many villages were polluted by the discharge of half-treated water from the plant. The villagers also complained that the incidence of infectious diseases had increased in these villages and crops and vegetables were badly affected by the polluted water.

    Pramanik said almost all the rivers of the country were polluted and needed attention and care.

    The committee showed its displeasure over the failure of the officials of the action plan to inform the media and the people at large about the progress of the schemes. It said the cooperation of Non-Governmental Organisations should be ensured while
    implementing various schemes.

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    I think you are aware that I was responding to the following post (full of racial slurs) from Mundyaa, which shows all the sense humor and maturity of your kind.


    a sardar found himself in a similar situation. the insect died on the spot not because of drowning but becuase of the odor coming from the sardar.
    this made the rest of the bees very mad and they took the case to brahmans court. brahman had the bee shoved in sardar's rear end... deepressed the sardar turned to Pakistanies who took the bee out and replaced it with a sand paper dildo.


    My idea of mature fun is very different then yours. No self respecting person will allow somebody to hurl racial abuses at them and not respond. Please don't whine if you throw mud at others and it lands on you.

    P.S. It is interesting to note that you didn't have say a word against Mundyaa's post (innocent fun eh?) but got sooo angry at my reply ... double standards.

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      ahh....finally the entire joke has been taken thats cool......we'v managed to make a joke of a joke itself!!

      Rani, mind that in that thread, slurring was first initiated by U....others came later and mostly as a reaction to ur rattlings!



        I disagree, the joke posted by you was intended to put Indians down I merely responded keeping in mind the spirit of the Joke.

        P.S. Good attempt to justify the low level racial slurs hurled by the mature people of your own kind.

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          kk, u r right rani started the below the belt stuff first. now she needs a feeder.

          hahahha this is funny.