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Occupied Kashmir puppet chief bangs war drums against Pakistan - again

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    Occupied Kashmir puppet chief bangs war drums against Pakistan - again

    Farooq Abdullah warns of war with Pakistan

    HELD JAMMU: The head of held Jammu and Kashmir said on Saturday there could be a "limited war" with Pakistan if it continued to support a 10-year struggle in the region. "If they don't heed to our repeated requests to stop cross-border terrorism, next stage will be a limited war," Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah told Reuters in an interview in held Jammu.

    "India has talked of peace with Pakistan, but also demands they give up cross-LoC terrorism," said Abdullah, who is at the centre of India's effort to quell the freedom struggle. New Delhi could be pushed into waging a war against Pakistan to bring a decisive end to the Kashmir insurgency that has killed or maimed thousands, said Abdullah, whose regional National Conference party is part of India's federal coalition government.

    "This time it (conflict) will solve the problem. India will have to take decisive action, destroy their military hardware," the chief minister said. "This time the conflict will be more extensive," Abdullah said, insisting that a nuclear-armed Pakistan would not deter a much larger and more powerful India. "I wonder if they can use nuclear weapons, they will be destroyed, there will not be anything left of them," he said. Abdullah said: "The wound of Kargil continues to bleed Pakistan, they feel by doing these suicide attacks they can recover."

    Same old garbage from the puppet who is told what to say on a daily basis.