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    Who Am I?

    Hi everyone,

    I've been reading everything on this board for almost 2 years now without giving myself a proper introduction. I guess it's time to let the cat out of the bag!

    I'm American, yes, a true gora. I lived in Pakistan for 5 years, and my parents still live there. I'm proud to say that I have some desi in me. Right now I'm a college freshman and I enjoy it. I miss Pakistan, though.

    Hopefully I can give a "foreign perspective" on the issues you guys discuss. I really enjoy it when you guys have meaningful debates, but sometimes these debates turn into nothing more tha mudslinging matches. Can't wait to get involved and "dirty" my hands!

    Oh yeah, if you have any questions about me, ask away!

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    Hi GHill

    Let me be first to welcome you on this forum. Hope you’ll share your knowledge and views with us on topics related to Pakistani politics and about new possibilities for Pak’s development



      And all this time I thought you were a Punjabi Car Mechanic. Welcome, and please share your experiences of Pakistan. Where did you live, and did you learn to speak the local language?

      We will appreciate a post by you in the Culture section, about, “experiences of a foreigner native” Yes, there is such a term as “foreigner native”.


        Thanks for the warm reception! I'll definately give my views in the future about Pakistani politics and what not.

        NYA (as I notice you are called by), i lived in Lahore. Lahore is great. It's actually more of a home for me than the US is. In fact, I'd rather go for some Bundu Khan than McDonalds! My knowledge of Urdu is actually decent and I cn pretty much get the gist of most conversations.

        I'll post my experiences in the Cultural section a little bit later today. Got class now, see ya!