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Who faught for freedom?

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    Who faught for freedom?

    People who faught for freedom were all Indians (hindu,muslim,sikh,parsis,christians and all other Indians)

    They fought to free India and never thought of Pakistan.Only selfish and corrupt muslims came forward to grab the fruit of the freedom struggle

    Can you mention any freedom fighter muslim in pakistani politic? Because these people never ever dreamed of creating Pakistan.

    You look even to day political leaders and ask them wher were you at the time of struggle?

    Pakistani living in Usa,canada and Briton are thinking and discussing about Pakistan then why they don't go to Pakistan?

    Should we really take your words serious?
    My father was one of the freedom fighters, so be real careful bout what you're sayin.

    There are still people around who love Pakistan unconditionally.



      sheesh! i know my nick aint all that sexy, but realpaki, please, please, get a different nick.

      about the freedom fighter stuff >>> even i know that peshawar and lahore were crucial bases in the independence struggle.
      Simple ain't easy.


        I am talking people not plaxes. Look how Pakistan treated Sarhad Gandhi and his son.

        Till today they feel sorry for separation.

        Where are these freedom fighters or their successors today?

        My grand father was a commissioner of Karachi

        1902-1906, He resigned this high profile post, became follower of Lokmanya Tilak went behind bar for few years and lost everything. How many so called nationalist can say that today.

        What you see to day in Pakistan is gang of thiefs and nothing else.

        Look at gen. Musharaf, his brother stays instates, his son stays in states,Do you think he took over the ruins of this country for betterment of the nation? Absolutely not
        He will be another looter> One day he will flee the country just like Papa Doc of Haity did


          whats the big fuss about being a freedom fighter? brits were going to leave subcontinent anywayz regardless of how many times gandhi went to jail or starved his skinny bones.

          if u look back at hindu history i dont see one positive point... something hindus can be proud of. slave after slave after slave.... thats the history of hindus. if ur grandfather was a commissioner of Karachi it was NOT because he was a talented hindu, it was because he was the best boot kisser of the british boots... so stop whining about it.

          As far as Pakistani leaders being corrupt.... well who cares about leaders? Pakistani people still make more money and live a better life than indians do. Thats why they look better cos they eat better..... as far as hindus are concerned u have to be one ugly pos to to call a ugly pos like vajpayee ur pm. and thats exactly what u r. if india is broken down to many pieces they will enjoy better economy as well. if nothing else atleast they can produce a better cricket team than a losing hindu eleven.

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            I think these lyrics apply to how Pakistan and Indians (at least on this forum) feel about each other:

            "...I can't walk down the street without my gun

            I can't trust these fools, fool..."