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Do I hate Pakistan?

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    Do I hate Pakistan?

    Do I hate Pakistan? absolutely not. I consider Pakistan is a part of Indian body.
    and any one part of your body do not hate another part of the same body.

    Indian sub-continent is a big family represent 45% of the world population and India has to perform his role as a big brother some time giving awards such as ( 800 million $ grant to overcome currency and foreighn exchange shortage) to a slap on face like Kargil crises, but internal love is still there

    You are right fakepaki, India and Pakistan is one body. It was made one body by the muslim conquerors; before that it was a bunch of smaller states like Rajasthan and Kashmir. We need to be made one body again under muslim rule so your people can practice the passive non-violence that your Mahatma taught you. It is ideal if you think about it. Hindus don't believe in rule and muslims do. Ideal combination.

    You can keep watching the Indian films b/c they are all in urdu anyway. And according to your hindu bros on Bharat Rakshak forum the actors are all Paki.

    Now repeat after me

    "Phir bhi dil hai hindustani"


      Rule in India is a democratic one. People elect their own representative reggardless his cast or religion. In India religion has no importance in politics. All Indian citizens are very strong nationalistic.

      Look at A. R. Rehman, at the age of 30, he received highest award " PADMASHREE" not because he is muslim but because his service to the nation through his music

      Indias past two president were muslims

      In India national interest first, religion, regional etc, are secondary.

      That is why every one sings " Hum hai Hindustani"