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We must Declare US, India & Russia terrorist States!

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  • Nadeem
    FM: Your point is VALID. So the Real situation is that:

    USA: A country where there is NO LAW & ORDER.

    Russia: A land where you can kill Muslims easily.

    India: A land with no HUMAN RIGHTS. Even they can take out women colths for FREEDOM of SPEECH only. 'am speechless!


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  • Fata Morgana
    We don't need loans from anybody!

    Its been the US who always sought support of Pakistan and not the other way around.

    Iam sure, we can let them feel the heat.

    Fata Morgana

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  • BombayKid
    Hmmm...actually I don't think the Americans will be very impressed the next time you go to them for a loan. They might charge a high interest rate

    But I can almost see the headlines...
    "Pakistan declares US a terrorist state"
    and on the next page....
    "Musharraf seeks more aid from US"

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  • We must Declare US, India & Russia terrorist States!

    Considering the roles of the US in Iraq, Russians in Chechnya and India's in occupied Jammu & Kashmir. I think we should declare these countries terrorist states!

    Fata Morgana