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    Its time for action indeed because we are now surrounded by enemies - domestically, regionally and globally. These forces all have one thing in common - their complete dread of a strong Pakistan under General Pervaiz Musharraf. Ever since 12 October 1999 they have all been conspiring to defame, discredit and destroy Pakistan. Just look at the events since 12 October:-

    1) The PML and PPP are moving closer to a political alliance, mainly on the PPP's terms. The desperate and unpricincipled PML is so hungry to regain power and get revenge against General Musharraf it has given into almost all of the PPP's demands. This is what the PML is poised to promise the PPP:-

    a) Zulfikar Bhutto was wrongly hanged in 1979 'judicial murder'.
    b) Admit that corruption cases brought against BB and spouse were politically motivated, and wrong.
    c) Call for restoration of democracy not revival of assemblies.
    d) no criticism of PPP publicly

    etc etc etc. This coming pact proves that these two parties are only interested in power and not the long term survival of Pakistan.

    2)The recent judicial shake-up, which has been accompanied by stories of corrupt judges i.e Shakil ur-Rehman conspiring with the Sharif's to force the General to declare martial law - So Pakistan loses support at home and abroad. What traitors !

    3) The MQM now on the verge of declaring an independent state in Sindh, and threatening to call in neighbouring countries to help. This is clearly India's doing - it can no longer say the Mohajirs of Sindh are being persecuted, because now the leader of Pakistan and a third of the people around him are Mohajirs. Hence it is takind desperate measures to push the Mohajirs to secession from Pakistan. If it does this then India will lose - it will face a Chechnya like situation if it dares invade Sindh!

    4)India has been working overtime in defaming Pakistan in the international arena since Oct 12. Is it not a shame (and a sense of Pride for Paki's) that India is so fearful of General Musharraf's Pakistan.

    5) International opinion especially USA, which is scared that Pakistan, along with Afganistan will become a regional power.

    These are just five examples of enemies conspiring against Pakistan. If the armed forces stay united, General Musharraf is not pushed into announcing a timetable for democracy and the economy improves and that traitor Sharif is convicted Pakistan will come through this difficult time.

    Long Live Musharraf's Pakistan...!!!


      I dont know what democracy you are talking about. A democracy elcted by only 20% of the people. What about the other 80%. These 80% are mostly the poor ones. Did you ever think of them. I am not saying that Army rule is better but atlest it is better than so called Democracy. Did any of the military ruler made Palaces like the civil rulers did. I think that Nawaz Sharif and Benazir are the most corrupt people in Pakistan. And if we have election in which we ban Nawaz Sharif then he will not be the PM but it might be Shahbaaz Sharif or Hassan Nawaz or Abbas Sharif or who knows may be Kulsoon Nawaz. Same family and same ugly minds.....just different faces.
      As far as real paki is concerned.
      We are proud as we kicked some ones ass in 1947 ( by getting an independant country)
      We repeated the same feat in 1948 and 1965.
      We lost a part in 1971 but we hanged the ones responsible for it.
      We defeatd a super power in Afghanistan.
      just recently 200 of our men kicked ass of army of the worlds largest democracy. Remember your PM and Presedent putting their heads under the feet of Clinton.
      And then remember your PM claiming victory.
      I think that you should have said all these things about your country "India".
      We just hanged a PM
      you killed yor founder called Gandhi
      Not even that you killed two otehr PM's later
      Your X PM called Rao is also in prison.
      We are the representatives of all the Islamic world by having a Nuclear bomb.
      Name one thing that you should be proud of in India.
      Would you say Religious Independance.
      Or situatiuoin in Assam and Kashmir.
      Or bad relations with most of the world.

      I heard that any thing that Hindus were scared from in the past is now their God.
      I think that soon Pervez Musharif willl be replacing your Krishna.
      Wow it will be awsom...
      Hari Perwez Hari Perwez.
      Of course you will not like Musharrif. He was the Man behind Kargil.
      I think that you are fearing your life right now.
      I heard that there is no more load shedding in Pakistan since military took over . And if there is then Fata Morgana explained to you why.
      Democracy is just a drama. We do not need leaders like Nawaz Sharif to support punjab, or leaders like Benazir to just support Sindh or Indian agents like Altaf Hussain into reign.
      Real paki, how is that you know more about rights of Pathans. I am not a pahtan but i am from that area. There is nothing wrong there. We are fine.

      unity, faith, discipline
      Pakistan Zindabad



        I am talking about simple democratic process, which exit in civilized world today. It is not correct that only 20% participate in party based elections. Even if your 20% figure is taken as correct, do you know that how many participated in Canada’s last elections? According to your analogy since present Canadian government is not elected by a large %age then military should take over and kick out the elected government. Please give me a break!

        I 100% agree with you that 80% are poor in Pakistan. Unfortunately those 80% have been ruled by corrupt, dishonest and cunning people most of the time since partition. Those 80% have always been made subservient to 20% who consider themselves elite and born rulers of Pakistan. They think that they have full right to rule over those poor people. I do not know about you, but I have lived in every part of Pakistan. Believe me those 80% poor are more honest sincere than yours 20% elite class. Those poor people have absolutely no basic rights except to elect government of their choice. Why do you want to snatch the only right from them? Why do you want them to be your slaves forever? Giving them right of vote would give them feeling that they are part of the country. What’s wrong with that idea?

        What has infrastructure to do with the load shedding? Do you understand what load shedding is? If not, let me tell you that load shedding means availability of infrastructure with no electricity. It means that power generation is not enough to meet the requirement of demand and hence load shedding. In winter time the water levels in Tarbela, Warsak Dam come to lowest level and not enough head is produced to run all the turbines. In view of doubling of population in the last 35 years, with no increase in the electric power commensurate with the demand, resulted in the short supply. On paper you can produce 2000000MW electricity that doesn’t mean any thing. If there is surplus electricity to export to India (Ha!) then what is the need of making Kala Bagh Dam in view of solid opposition from all the three provinces?

        I am not fan of Altaf Hussain. But his last statement is quite thought provoking when he said that Sindh has become a colony of Punjab and he wanted Sindhi’s also to join his effort to liberate Sindh, even he has to take help from another country. If his plan gets some momentum I am afraid that what Americans are talking about may become reality.

        At present different communities in Pakistan are fragmented on the lines of sect,
        religion, ethnicity etc, It is not like a one nation once united in 1965 against India. If war breaks out now between Pakistan and India, please do not expect miracles. I can see the end reult will be no different than 1971.


        [This message has been edited by Farid (edited January 28, 2000).]


          Democracy and public representation in theory is the best way to govern a country. Unfortunately, our elected representatives have not distinguished themselves when in power, especially messrs Nawaz and BB. In the circumstances what choice do we have if the elections are held. People will be forced to vote for the same two parties due to the lack of choice. The only other alternative is Imran Khan. We should move back towards democracy but not at the cost of having looters and plunderers of the nation back in power. As for Altaf and his statement, he did say that he feels that the ordinary Punjabi is as exploited as anyone else. The fight is against the exclusive elite who have been sucking Pakistan dry, whether they are Punjabis or anybody else. Let's think as Pakistanis.