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Pakistan - a much wronged nation?

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    Pakistan - a much wronged nation?

    Born amidst tremendous bloodshed, violence and human suffering, Pakistan certainly didn't have a flying start. In its past 52 years of existence this nation has seen itself move from crisis to crisis, fought 3 wars and lost a good part of its territory which broke off to form Bangladesh. Indians routinely dismiss Pakistan for its "nuisance value". But there is an untold story that Pakistan hides in its belly. A story of gigantic failures, unacceptable letdowns, unexpected betrayals and a national sense of trauma that only a Pakistani can relate on this forum. As an Indian, I can only request my Pakistani freinds to fill in the list below with what they know better than me. What I am putting down here is only what I know of the betrayals that Pakistan has faced since its inception :

    - At the time of partition itself and indeed to this day, India hasn't paid off the monies that were rightfully Pakistan's share. A couple of crores of rupees I guess, but substantial amount in those days.

    - During the 1962 war with China, India was supplied shiploads of arms and ammunitions from USA - with which Pakistan had closely allied, ostensibly to fight China. India lost the war. However, Pakistan became deeply suspicious of America's real intentions. These weapons were to be used by India much more effectively against Pakistan in the 1965 war. So what exactly was USA - freind or foe?

    - In the 1971 war, Pakistan appealed to its close ally USA for help against India in East Pakistan. America shot off USS Enterprise - a battleship, to the bay of bengal presumably to intimidate the Indians. However, it stood anchored off Chittagong port all the time doing nothing at all, right up to the time Pakistan had to surrender to the Indians. Some ally that!

    - In spite of these let downs, the cold war brought out Pakistan's loyalty to USA a step further. It waged America's battle against Soviet Union in Afghanistan at tremendous human cost to itself. America helped it arm guerillas and rebels to fight against the soviet occupation forces. Today, the soviets are out. And the mess that America made Pakistan create in Afghanistan has been left for Pakistan to clean up! Kalashnikovs and drugs abound in Pakistan as a direct fallout of its involvement in the Afghan war. The USA now hounds Pakistan asking it to reign in the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden. The very Frankestein it helped create!

    - India tested its first bomb in 1974 saying it was a peaceful explosion. An angry USA imposed sanctions which were soon withdrawn and forgotten. On the other hand, as soon as the Afghan war ended, America denied arms supplies to Pakistan via the Pressler amendment, on "suspicion" that it was developing Nuclear weapons. In the same breath, it claimed that Pakistan was an important ally!

    The above is only a brief summary of all that this nation has been through. I expect others to add to this list. This is not an exercise to make Pakistanis wallow in self pity. It is for them as well as us Indians to learn and appreciate the true lessons of geopolitik. Its a harsh world out there. Something a newly born nation like Pakistan learnt the hard way.

    In nutshell it was futile to break up a country based on religion uproot millions of people and cause so much misery.

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      I think, Indians, Pakistanis and Bengladeshis would have been best served if the Brits never left and kept the colony going. Probably would have better economy, better infrastructure, education, industry and financial markets.

      But they are just my thoughts.
      The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


        Or if they had never come in..political growth would have cleared things up...
        But they did come and they did leave, so we have what we have and the responsibility to make it better.


          Better will we make inshaAlah.
          But with the help of Allah swt, we, the next generation, will work to implement Islam, inshaAlah.
          Sooner or later, Allah swt is going to put the people on earth who care about Islam and His deen, if it's not us, then we'll be replaced by those who do. History repeats itself.



            Would you say I am too much of the mark by saying that your post might be felt as patronizing....


              If some Indian posts a pro-Pak article, he's seen as "patronising", if not then it's anti-Pak propoganda....we can't seem to win !


                Bombaykid... umm no thats only in cricket. j/k

                I say anyone with a voice of reason has to continue trying to promote better understanding regardless of what others have to say. Mumbai-chokray and agni..please continue.
                The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                  I admit it guys, I do have a soft corner for Pakistan But not enough to be categorized as a patron. Simply put I am not a rabid Pak-hater. And it doesn't put a question mark over my patriotism towards India.


                    The fact is that Pakistan don't have much thinking power to see things through into the future. We still are a YES man! The foreigners want us to see things through their eyes. And of course, mostly for their own benefits.

                    >US wants us to sign CTBT, arrest terrorists, help them to hand over Osama, ban Kashmiri freedom-fighter's organizations, fair trail of Nawaz & his cronies, time-frame for democracy - And what we get: SANCTIONS - LOL

                    >Britian has more or less the same demands as the US. In return for sanctions!

                    >Japan wants us to sign CTBT too in return for sanctions & suspension of aids.

                    >Russia is accusing Pak that its helping Chechens. But recently it has written off some 5 million dollar Pak debt. What a wonderful thing and strategy!

                    >India is also desparate to subdue Pak.

                    >EU is also asking for the democracy time-frame. They cancelled the trade agreement with Pak.

                    >IMF has also dozens of demands. And what we get: Loan suspension.

                    >Same goes for the World Bank. What a wonder! LOL

                    Yeah,all the foreigner are always demanding something from us. They think we are crazy. I think we are crazy! LOL

                    Sure, if you make youself of an ASS, everybody will try to ride you.

                    Fata Morgana

                    PS. The question is, do our leaders and people see things behind those demands?


                      The fact is that Pakistan don't have much thinking power to see things through into the future. We still are a YES man! The foreigners want us to see things through their eyes. And of course, mostly for their own benefits.

                      Any idea why all those world bank economists from Pakistan keep away from their countries affairs? Certainly, they can do a lot more good than Sartaj Aziz or the current what's-his-name.


                        Bombay kid..
                        Do you know the meaning of patronizing....Its when you assume the position of being superior..and I dont want that..I can use a friend , but have't had a need for a dad since my 18th birthday......


                          Yes Nova ---- I do understand the meaning of patronising....just wanted to say that just give us the benefit of doubt every once in a while !