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    Lets suppose....

    Where would we stand if at some point in time( I know this isnt within the realm of logic ) Pakistan manages to militarily defeat india, and by force effects seperation of kashmir ( like india did with Bangladesh)...
    Would we be happy and satisfied nation then..A nation with no education , health , freedom , individual satisfaction ( we all would have to sacrifice all those things and single mindedly use all our resourses in military build up)...
    Are we so consumed by our sense of impotance, that we are willing to sacrifice ours and our children's lives for the hope of achieving that?

    and that has been my point to many people. Fine we have our views about Kashmir..and whatever happens..whether status quo remains or Kashmir becomes an independent state, or it becomes 100% pakistan or 100% India or I decide to take my super soaker and conquer it.. The problems of common desis remain. poor infrastructure, health, education, etc

    Lasting peace is the only way we can begin to work towards initiatives that will mean a better life for our people.
    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


      "We will eat grass but we'll get the Islamic Bomb." -- Zulfiqar Bhutto. Some prophesy - eh!

      The point is : we are where we are today 'cause we chose it or, somebody chose it for us.

      We could change destiny if we got involved, but we mainly choose to keep quiet. Today, what is it, between 60-80% of our budget is spent on military when it could be used on our future. We have chosen to 'eat grass'.

      If Pakistan did 'conquer' Kashmir, then the next focus would be on conquering rest of India. It could never end with Kashmir. We - the people have lost control of our leaders, religious & political.

      Poverty is the biggest crime that can be inflicted upon anybody. We were not born poor - we are a gifted people with many talents and could easily have been a prosperous country, but we chose otherwise.

      Yes, we do need peace to change our destiny; we also need to get more involved and start speaking out.



        Are we supposing that there was no referendum?
        In that case, Pak would have to spent time and money on its military and nukes etc. to be able to protect its borders against India – However is a referendum is held and Kashmiris decides to join Pakistan, and that is accepted by the Indians too, Pak would be a happy nation, not because we will win or our life standard will be better, lekin because we as a nation will be able to look forward, and a common Pakistani wouldn’t have to think about Kashimiris misery. We will be able to concentrate.

        As for education etc. this should develop along with every thing else. Lets say Pak military is supporting Kashmiris, oh well they are. Lekin it was not their responsibility to improve the education, health systems in Pak. If we’re criticizing the resources used on military, with a neighbor like India, when both sides can’t trust each other, and Kashmir is not responsible for that, even if we said ’matti pao’ on Kashmir, we would be spending money on our military.

        Even though it is not and it should not be Pak forces responsibility to improve the health and education system, a common middle class Pakistani will rather go to military’s schools and hospitals, why has the Gov.’s not concentrated on these problems? It’s not because we didn’t have money to work on these projects, dozens of projects have been started all over Pak and the Gov.’s had spend millions on them, and then what? The machinery is rusting, project alive on papers, ppl getting paid for sitting at home? Kashmir problem or Pak forces are not eating Pak, out political leaders are.


          Very Well Said ABDUL