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Creation Of Pakistan

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    Creation Of Pakistan

    Creation of Pakistan without consulting people was a grave mistake. This mistake cost life of Mahatma Gandhi.

    Over the centuries Indian freedom fighters fought for independence from Briton. They did not gave ther lives to create new kingdoms.

    A nation belong to its citizens. Creation of provinces is merely for administration purposes.

    During 1947 these politiciyans without consulting citizens of India decided to create separate state of Pakistan. They should have put this question before the citizens, there should be public discussions,and then referendum, but this was not happened.

    As I said before Nation belong to its citizens and entire population must be consulted.

    Creation of Pakistan was a grave mistake and we are paying price for it.

    Do we need to make the same mistake again with Kashmir Issue? Kashmir belong to all indians not just Kashmiri People at the same time all india belong to Kashmiri people.

    In future any one including U.N. want to conduct referundum then they must ask every indian about their opeinon and then decide the fathe of of Kashmir.

    How to correct what went wrong in the past?

    Consider 1947 situation ie Akhand India, then ask all the people of India,Pakistan,Bangledesh whether they want to be separate or united? and make the decision.

    Re. Kashmir, If there is referendum then one must ask each and every town city,even every street in the city and town where they want to stay? It sound rediculus but for argument sake think complication of it?

    If any one want peace in this region then Kashmir is not the real issue, but issue is creation of Pakistan itself.

    Ordinary citizen of Pakistan wants to unite with India. If you don't agree then put this question before them , have a public discussion, take a vote in national referendum and truth will come.

    Who will object such referendum ?
    History shows that most of the land lords will object for it because thwy will loose their land holding ( Ref Indian land reform system ) Top brass in the military, because they will loose their positions and controll over internal matters of the nation.

    Who will benefit? majority app 95% will benefit from it. Land tenants will become small land owners. No threat of military ( dictatorship) govt. Freedom of religion, freedom to join any political parties,rule of law and order, justice for all, prosparity for all

    Just think about it


    As far I know from the history people were consulted before partition took place. Provinces which were in favor of the partition gave votes as follows:

    East Bengal 100%
    Sindh 80%
    Panjab 60%
    Balochistan 70%
    NWFP 60%

    According to agreement Kashmir and Hyderabad Dakkan were also to be part of Pakistan. But later on India did not allow the two areas to be merged with Pakistan.

    If you read the history, had Nehru (Head of Congress party) not opted for the separation, perhaps there would have been no Pakistan. Nehru was one of the key actor in its creation.


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      People were absolutely not consulted at all. There must be a nationwide referendum for such a spliting the nation. In India on practically every dtreet you will find hindus,muslims are living generations and generations, No body want to go to live in gheto type state.

      We are paying price for their mistake


        I suggest that a national voting should have taken place in Britain before they gave up the Subcontinent as well. I doubt that most brits wanted to give it up. Politicians decided it and now look at the whole damn region. if only they had consulted all Brits to see whether they had popular and public support to give up their rule in the sub continent.
        The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


          Briton and India are two different nations, having two diff. races,culture

          Briton has its own history and India has its own.

          Between India & Pakistan, we havr same culture,same roots,same history

          Religious beliefs are private matter. For example sex between husband and wife, is non of anybodys business. But when the same act become public, we called it prostitution.

          To day when we say religious faith is a private matter, but in pakistan it is on the board all the time. If Pakistan or Paki people start separating religion from politic then we have all the similarities with India. We have no reason to be separated from main stream. I think once we join this main stream, our 90% problema will be solved.

          We have seen in last 52 years of separation what we have achived? practically nothing.
          Let us give a chance and find out what can we achive by uniting with main source.


            for the first time i agree with real... Pakistan and india should be united and muslim rule should be restored like the past.

            if hindus have succeeded in separating politics from religion then they shouldnt mind Princes of Pakistan ruling their former slaves.

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              get ur facts straighten up before u go on and talk about '47 partition. It just didn't happen out of the blues in a whim, there's long, steady political process behind it.

              Over the centuries Indian freedom fighters fought for independence from Briton
              where'd u pick this line from??

              It was only the muslims who fought for independence (hence Pakistan), hindus were willing to be docile & obedient servants of their english masters, as they were of Muslims!

              Your post just tells one thing rite up front.... even to this day, creation of Pakistan makes waves of cramps sweepin' thr. ur stomach.......just can't digest it......or can u????

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                I think it is just a waste of time for people to continue to discuss whether the creation of Pakistan was right or wrong. Pakistan is a fact ! it is now in to its 53rd year and it is hear to stay. Whether there should have been a vote or not back in 1947 is imaterial. If you ask the people of Pakistan today - Punjabi's, Sindhi's, Pathans, Balochi's and others if they would prefer to be in a united India (which would only be 32% Muslim) or an Independent Pakistan (which is 97% Muslim) - they would say despite all the frustrations of the last 52 years - Pakistan !

                Let us move onto really discussing what kind of Pakistan we should have. Should it be Secular or Theocratic? should it have more provinces to satisfy the smaller groups (Seraiki, Mohajir, Hindko, Brahui etc)? should it be a true federation/conferation or a centralised state and what kind of constitution should we have.

                These are the issues we should be discussing. Pakistan, with over 145 million people is now the 6th biggest nation in the world - its here to stay ! despite the wishes of ourneighbours and detractors - there is no other alternative.


                  Your concerns are quite right but how can you discuss when we have Gheto type dictator ship mentallity.

                  Look at this GUPSHUP FORUM, Adm and Mod dictates what you should you right or express and what not.

                  To achive what you arw saying need vwery liberal mind which we pakistani do not have