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Top Pakistan judge out for shunning new oath

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    Top Pakistan judge out for shunning new oath

    Pakistan's chief justice has been replaced after he refused an order to swear an oath of allegiance to emergency provisions underpinning military rule.

    The official APP news agency said Said-uz Zaman Siddiqi did not heed the overnight decree and was replaced by Justice Irshad Hassan Khan.

    Court sources said six of the 13 Supreme Court judges, including Siddiqi, had refused to swear the new oath, barring them from operating under the military government which seized power in a bloodless October 12 coup.

    Army ruler General Pervez Musharraf defended the order in brief remarks to the official APP news agency.

    "Whatever has happened is in the interests of the country," he said, in his first remarks on the order.

    Law Minister and Attorney-General Aziz Munshi played down the refusal of Siddiqi and an unknown number of other judges to heed the order. "It is their own choice," he told APP.

    The military issued instructions that all Supreme and High court judges should declare a new oath under the Provisional Constitutional Order (PCO) they issued after seizing power.

    The order appeared aimed at reinforcing the legitimacy of military rule, which is being contested in the Supreme Court by ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif.

    Legal sources said the new oath amounted to swearing allegiance to the army-led administration which suspended parliament and issued emergency constitutional provisions after it came to power.

    Musharraf, who declared himself chief executive after the coup, has promised to revive the economy and build a new democracy but has been harried by Sharif's Pakistan Muslim League party.


    He also faces a challenge from the Pakistan People's Party of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto, who has not returned to Pakistan since being convicted of corruption last year during Sharif's tenure. She has called from exile for democracy's return.

    Western governments have taken a wait-and-see attitude towards military rule but have called in vain on Musharraf to announce a timetable for the restoration of democracy.

    The trial of Sharif, his brother and five others on charges of hijacking and attempted murder was due to start in Karachi on Wednesday but their defence asked for an adjournment.

    Sharif's backers are trying to get the Supreme Court to rule that the army takeover was illegal in an attempt to get Sharif's administration reinstated.

    Court sources in Sharif's hometown Lahore, capital of the powerful Punjab province, said 25 High Court judges there had heeded the government order and swore new oaths but two had failed to appear.

    The oaths were administered in Islamabad by President Rafiq Tarar, who stayed on at the army's bidding after it toppled Sharif accusing him of wrecking state institutions and the economy.

    Provincial governors were due to administer the oaths in the Sindh and the North West Frontier Province, while all the five judges in Balochistan took the oath, officials said.

    Failure to take the new oath would amount to disqualification, legal sources said.

    The situation recalled a similar confrontation between the previous military ruler General Zia- ul-Haq and the legal system.

    Several judges refused to take a new oath to his government, which ruled from 1977 until 1988, and lost their jobs.

    Is this the start of the "unacceptable" face of this government. I feel that everybody should condemn this and make their feelings known, otherwise the press will be next.

    Good riddance to this Chief Justice - this will root out th corrupt judges of the Supreme Court, who played some part in the humiliation of the Supreme Court in Dec 1997. The court then idly stood by while it was invaded by PML mobs and then (probably on the PML's payroll) ignoring its so-called independence dismissed the case that arose out of the storming of the Supreme Court - the corrupt justices (including Siddiqui) did not provide any justice for the Supreme Court, so why should we weep over their fall.

    The Supreme Court and the other courts should be thoroughly cleansed of these corrupt elements.


      Looks like same old bull**** but with new faces at the top. Why can't this secular admirer of Ataturk stop giving secularism a bad name?

      Anyway, we will see by results whether military rule has good effect or bad on Pakistan. Time will tell.



        now, there's come yet another blunder from this dorkhead musharaf........he's making a laughing stock of himself!


          KK I would not go that far. Musharraf is doing a lot of good work as well, which is more than can be said of our beloved democratic leaders.


            I don't see as to whatever good he has done, how does it relate to the betterment of common people.......the case against nawaz has already been reduced to a crapped out political vendata thing...something that was supposed to be over in 10 days, 3 months later, not even the formal hearing has been started Ayaz Amir has put it so rightly in his latest column, this will only make a hero out of that potatoe nawaz
            The so called accountability drive and nabbing the defaulters has met its natural death.
            People in Pakistan don't need over 3 months of an impending case against nawaz, they don't need NAB, exported teams of financial managers, monitoring teams and all other boards that this goofhead has created.
            This is all to prolong his stay in the power, whatever was left after his kargil blunder, he's out now to makeup for that!

            Most probably, we'r going to see yet another "Ameer ul Mo'meneen" comin' out soon......this time, a secular one though!!

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            [This message has been edited by KK (edited January 26, 2000).]


              As far as incompetency goes nobody can even come light years close to our noble leader the Amir ul Momeneen. However as far as Musharraf is concerned, things take time and the mess in Pakistan cannot be put right in three months. Give the guy some time and maybe we will judge him in a year's time.



                well, i guess u r rite, we'v wasted past 50 yrs bearing with all kinds of jokers, so yet another one is not goin' to hurt that much, plus we don't have much of a choice or do we????......let him live all his fantasies till Uncle Sam's temper runs out, then we'll have the stage set for another savior of us!, we'll clap, we'll dance, we'll distribute sweets, we'll raise high hopes, and then every thing will go back to normal, a vicious cycle with no ending!


                  I agree with kmailik. Let the military rule Pakistan for at least 100 years.

                  Fata Morgana


                    Re: Top Pakistan judge out for shunning new oath

                    Originally posted by ehsan
                    KK I would not go that far. Musharraf is doing a lot of good work as well, which is more than can be said of our beloved democratic leaders.ehsan
                    ek aor 8 sala purana panna. Badalta hay rang aasman kaisay kaisay.


                      Re: Top Pakistan judge out for shunning new oath

                      hahaha yaar kya shandaar find. rangon kay shajar may hona chihiyay yeh topic tau ahhah
                      make this go away


                        Re: Top Pakistan judge out for shunning new oath

                        Please read old threads at your convenience, if you want to refer to old threads in new threads/context that is okay.