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    We all see the degree of hatred and intolerance expressed in this forum against each other...indians or pkistanis, hindus and muslims, shias, ahmedis and what not.......
    This seems so strong that it completely overpowers any capacity of ratonal thinking ,,,i have seen many ppl who i admire for being smart , using phrases like ,,,,oh but we do our part but they dont,,,,,,without any insight into their own distortions...
    Up till now , I took some comfort , thinking that its a sample bias..i.e ppl who are more aggressive have more need to make time to come to teh forum and write, but i am not too sure anymore...
    We might have a much greater problem at hand then appears on the surface...

    You are 100% right

    Please see who originated such hateradge?



      i've got a theory...

      no one likes to admit that he/she is wrong.. or that the institutions he/she is associated with is not all that perfect. its basic human nature.. everyone wants to be the best, no one likes a guy who points out his mistake, especially if he does it pretty brusquely, as happens on net fora. retaliation and revenge follow and it leads to a vicious cycle. most often, the person involved will feel sick after a while and will settle down... newcomers are much more aggresive compared to oldies ... it's all just a clash of egos, nothing deeper than that...
      Simple ain't easy.


        Thats true....But it isnt somehting to be taken lightly...It has kept us where we are for past 50 yrs..
        And by the way , this is the difference between someone who has his personal issues resolved and someone who is stuck within himself...
        If i feel good about myself , my need to constantly put others down , is not that great...and on the other hand..
        One of the many reasons for ppl from subcontinent being so primitive in this respect is our authoritarian culture....
        The strict are teh rules that we need to adhere to , in order to be "good" ..the more are the chances that we wont be able to, leaving us with a negative self evaluation( at an unconscious level) and giving us the need to find someone that we can make out to be even worst ...




          what can be done about it? emotional maturity is a very very difficult thing to achieve, especially when it pays in real life to be a rowdy.

          >If i feel good about myself , my need to constantly put others down , is not that great.<

          that's it. we guys ought to get more fresh air, play a few non-comp games, and talk to real people.

          perhaps, a desi in a foreign land might find indulging in such indo-pak or hindu-muslim fights a great way of resolving his identity crisis...a kind of intense, confused patriotism ..just a conjecture. we dont have many people from their native countries fighting here. would it be being too optimistic to take it that the common man isnt really all that full of hatred?

          mmm... interesting theory you got there about rules in our culture... thinking material..

          Simple ain't easy.


            I am surprised at the naive remarks of Queer; emphathising or sucking up to bigots/extremists of any race, creed & colors will get you nowhere but to more hatred & intolerance.

            Hindus & Muslims will have to control & check their bigots and the biggest one on this Forum is Mr. Xtreme. Muslims cajole Mr. Xtreme and he is encouraged in his spread of hate. Others on this Forum tend to emulate him thinking that to degrade/discriminate against the hindus, shias, ahmedias, etc. is the Islamic thing to do. As Pakrose implores me " we muslims must stick together" . Stick together in hate and to hate others! No thanks Pakrose, I don't think so!

            My faith is clear; there is no room in it for people like Mr. Xtreme or bigotry & extremism.


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              3 cheers Abdul,

              We certainly can do with folks like you around. As for the cheapos (bigots, hatemongers etc.) please make yourselves scarce. We need fresh air here!



                I come to this forum because of People like you, thanks for raising voice aganist hatemonger and for your tolerant spirit.

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                  aDbulmaliCk quacks:

                  My faith is clear; there is no room in it for people like Mr. Xtreme or bigotry & extremism.
                  tut tut. That doesn't sound very tolerant now does it?

                  The first lesson of tolerance is:

                  Learn to tolerate the intolerant.

                  Otherwise you are living in a state of delusion.


                    Good topic

                    I have voiced similar concerns, thoughts, ideas in several posts. It seems however that those who aim to fight will continue to do so. Others will become "tolerant" and "noble" when the occassion suits them.

                    It was for that reason that I never even checked into the politics and religion forums. Lately I figured that there has to be some voice of reason.

                    The trend is that any thread that may be going in some positive direction and have some constructive element to it.. gets bombarded with negativity.

                    But the voice of reason is growing.
                    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.