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Hindus-Do the Math........

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    Hindus-Do the Math........

    My dear Hindu friends,
    Do the math and you'll see that whenever you raise a topic for discussion that questions or has any hint of 'improper behaviour' of our misled muslims brethren, they at once attack your faith and start diversion by opening different threads attacking your faith; in the confusion - the topic that was started has long been forgotten. It's nothing short of cyber terrorism.

    And, if you observe closely, Mundyaa and Xtreme work in conjunction for they really are one and same.

    Xtreme does that extensively against shias, ahmedias and now, hindus. He is really a champion of Xtremist Islam.

    P.S. This was originally posted in the Religious section, now expanded to allow more hindus to read and understand Xtremist Islam.

    My dear Faceup

    We donít insult pplís religions here, and if anyone does it gets edited. So no need for math here
    Lekin this is my opinion, if members on this forum donít agree then, weíll do something about it, I mean about the problem

    Thanks for your concern, by the way what do you think about Realís behavior?




      Excuse me for saying this, but your Politics forum has been continously condemning Hinduism and/or allowing hinduism to be degraded on the pretext that the hindu forum does the same to Islam!

      You asked what I thought of Realpaki?
      What realpaki says does not even come close to what mundyaa or xtreme say!

      What do you think of Xtreme and Mundyaa?


        >>What realpaki says does not even come close to what mundyaa or xtreme say!<<

        I agree, compare to Xtreme and mundyaa (their extreme hate for Hinduism and racial slurs) realpaki comes out looking like a real gentlemen.


          This forum is becoming useless.

          Fata Morgana


            I thought people were only fighting in the "Politics" section, but it seems to have spread to the "Religious" section as well. Well I got to know a lot of new "facts" about my religion !!



              Look at the post of Realpaki, who is actually Realindi:


              Senior Member posted January 19, 2000 05:44 PM
              You **** eater,pisdrinkar,mother****er,cock suker MUNDYAA, do you know what is the meaning of logic?
              You bastered son of a *****, do you know the meaning of HINDUS OR HINDUSM?

              YOU MUNDYAA, stupid animal, do you know meaning of BHARAT?

              You are talking about Pussy and LIngam, do you know meaning of it?

              If you want to learn details then go to the History site, if you want to learn Hindusm then go and visit mythology site
              If you want to learn cast system then read BHARMSUTRA ( it is in Sanskrit )

              God gave mouth and you ******* wamating every where

              It take no time to kick your ass.

              Moderator, stupid ******* animal named Mundyaa understand this langauge only,

              This ******* doesn't understand this is a Pakistani forum and should be discussing about Pakistan and not India or Hindusm or any other religion.

              We should take whatever good in these religion or nations rather than just wamating on them.

              Indians kicked our ass during Bangladesh crices. Do we want the history to repeat again?

              If these mother****ers do not watch their languase who are regular visitors to this site then guy like me wont stop, doesen't matter even you erase the same. (purpose is already solved)

              Before erasing these messages just who is a cause for it?"

              Rani do you approve this crap? I don't give a damn about what Mundyaa or Xtreme is saying. But approving this nonsense of your collegue shows how low you can go. Please think a number of times before you say some thing like that.



                Iíve said this several times before Ė I do not know much about Hinduism, and thatís why Iíve been ítellingí ppl to stop playing with Islam as it may give ideas to some Muslims too. This forum is not to discuss Hinduism or Islam.

                Re. Xtereme and Mundyaa, Iím not defending anyoneís posts or personality, and Iím not responsible for what ppl post on other fora. When and if anyone posts objectionable stuff here I edit/delete it, without thinking about the posters nationality or religion.
                We can either agree upon that we donít discuss religion unless a reference is needed Ė that is if an issues needs to be judged from an Islamic point of view, or we can say that weíll respect others religions and if we donít understand something or need an explanation weíll ask for it.
                Or we can keep posting gand about each otherís beliefs and see how much we learn from that.

                Come on, this is politics and we Pakistanis and Indians do have problems so we donít agree, thatís why we need to discuss them. Lekin a Ďgentlemaní? I know that thread in religious forum was degrading, however if someone could explain, or tell the truth, may be there wouldnít have been so many pro- this and that posts there. Whether some wyz member posts hateful threads or what ever Ė have you ever noticed that there are other Indians Hindus who are representing India beautifully and none is posting insulting stuff against them, why?

                If/when you see something on this forum about any religion or nation that shouldnít be here, plz let me know. We all need to be careful with what we post.



                  More useless waste of time. When small minded people start losing arguments then the next tactic is character assassination which people like NYA, facedown and aDbulmaliCk regularly indulge in. Best way is to stick to the issues and forget about winding yourselves up about who is who and why they think what.

                  P.S. This was originally posted in the Religious section, now expanded to allow more hindus to read and understand Xtremist Islam.

                  There is no such thing as Xtremist islam. And posting 'diversionary' and false mumbo jumbo about me being mundyaa or maybe your poppa is just sad. But you are right to be worried.

                  nuclear tipped and coming right 'atcha!!

                  You might have read that somewhere before...